(i have a thing that makes me not spell good......man that sounds really stupid. anyway there is a name for it but i can't spell it. sorry for spelling errors.)

People have been commenting on my first blog "Random Things i think." And i what to talk about them.

1. Ok I will say that Nessi's is a very VERY uniquie baby. So her name should be the same but the thing is i just don't like the name. but it is growing on me. As i sit right now on my computer i keep saying her name over and over in my head.....yeah i know it's weird but i don't care. But i just wish it would have been a prettier name....again just saying my thought not ment to be mean or make you mad.

2. Ok just because i said i didn't like the way Breaking Dawn played out doesn't mean i didn't like the book.......if you understand that. i spent the whole time waiting for breaking dawn thinking and writing what i think would happen. so when it came out i had what i wrote in my head....and it's kind of hard to get it out. but about half way through the first time i read it i got it out of my head and then i read it again and i was like wow that was good....but i also think it could have been different and better is some ways.

3. Bella and Edwards Love: Yes!!! i totally agree with the two of you who commented on it. The first part of the book was great. the love, the passion! but then jakes part came and poof it disapperd. Me im a hopeless romantic and i loved the beganing of the book i was like freaking out and my mom was like "umm.....calm down or i'll take the book away." so i had to stop scream -_-'. But yeah i wish it would have been that way all through out the movie

if you guys want ask me what i think. i like telling people what i think.....cuz i dont get to do that......or.....no you don't want to hear that. anyway.

Untill next time.

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