I LOVED BREAKING DAWN!! bill condon did an amazing job on this. I was alittle worried that it woundnt turn out the way i pictured i but it was great!!

The wedding was so beautiful, i loved how everything looked and i loved the speeches! emmetts was the best and renee singing hahaha

the honeymoon was to short i was like really your preggers already?? the sex scene waas amazing i love when bella wakes up in this pile of destruction :) i also love when she tryng to siduce Edward that was funny. vampire speed was a little strange though like when they jump off the waterfall that was a little off. And i didnt notice but i was wondering DID EDWARD SPARKLE??? did i just miss it??

anyways the movie started out really happy then it all just went to hell when bella found out her eggo was preggo. i loved the vibe of danger after that.

Kristen did an amazing job!! best performance yet. i was so worried about bella dying and iwas so nervous.

Rob did great i love when edward gets mad at bella for making desions on her own and leaving him in the dark.

Bella is such a strong character... she knows she can make it through when everyone else doubts her. she kind of puts everyone through this hell but still know she will servive. i like when she drank the blood ive been waiting for that part to see how itplays out.

i love the scene were rosalie is getting bellas bath ready and she looks at how weak and small her body is now. she was just skin and bone.

the wolf pack looked so good i really thought the cgi was great in this movie. it was kind of silly when they were talked to each other in wolf form. i liked the seth/jacob brother thing. Booboo is a great seth. \taylor's perfomance was awesome. when he thoought that bella was dead and he broke down crying i really felt for poor jacob.

the scene where edward can read the babies thoughts i really felt that bella and edward came back together.

the birth scene was really violent and the tranformation was amazing i love the music during the transformation and the flash back. the way theyshowed the venom spreading was cool. Edward working overs bellas corpse really got me scared.

imprinting was so sweet. renesmee was cute :)

i love the volturi and aro he is so evil!!!

anyways the movie was great and im gunna see it again and again and again. or untill i run out of money :P

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