An Evening with Catherine Hardwicke and her Guests, a book signing party the Hardwicke way!!! (with 9 videos)

On March 17th, Catherine Hardwicke's Directors Notebook came out and Catherine decided it was time to party! In Santa Monica on Saint Patty's Day, Twilight fans gathered in an auditorium excited to see and hear Catherine Hardwicke first hand.

The evening was planned by Catherine and her publishers for a fun evening of celebrating the wonderful book of behind the scenes making of the movie Twilight. The guest MC was none other that Edi Gathegi who was cast by Catherine as the "olive" skinned Laurent. When the subject of casting came up Laurent was said to be one of Catherine's harder choices. He laughed and kept pronouncing her name all evening "Hard-wick-e". Which made us all laugh.

In the first video Edi Gathegi addresses the crowd and introduces a band from LA, LaMarie.

Part 1

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Here is the first song played by LaMarie. It was really good music and it made me think about the musical choices in Twilight and glad Catherine was the one making the decisions musically. So knowing that you know for her party she chose good music!

Part 2

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In this video Edi was dancing backstage so Catherine pushed him out to dance. Which made us all laugh. And what a good dancer. The lead singer likes his dancing too.

Also this video has the debut of Catherine Hardwicke at the party and the beginning of the Q & A session. She discusses the first script with "Bella Jet skiing and running track". She also answers the question "what doe she love about directing"?

Part 3

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Questions for Catherine were gathered before hand so we didn't get to ask any questions at a mic like normal Q & A sessions but it was still nice to hear her discuss it all live. Videos 1 thru 3 are done with my digital camera. The rest of the videos are with my video camera so they are much better.

More Q & A. Catherine with the help of Edi Gathegi talk movie development. Her "love of Twilight". The hardest casting. She talks Robert Pattinson and it's very funny when she describes Robert coming to her and describing the internet girls calling him "hideous and repulsive" and how she told him to stop "reading his mom's emails" lol. She talks "the magic bed", the casting couch if you will. And how Kristen was all too willing to kiss the 4 narrowed down actors for the part.

Part 4

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Catherine discusses Unit 1 (the real actors) and Unit 2 (stunt doubles) and in detail with diagrams tell us how she did "her most difficult and challenging scene to shoot" the flying through the tree scene and the tree top shots. Catherine says it was "very scary and exciting". A behind the scene clip of wind blowing through Edward and Bella's hair while jumping to the tree from the Cullen house. It made us giggle. The tree top instructions from Catherine and lots of screaming each time we saw Robert. A crane was used with the tree top scene with a camera strapped to it for the "dreamy, dilerious feeling". And how the stunt almost got blown out of the tree!

Part 5

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Catherine next discusses cheese and skin lol. For all the budding directors in the audience Catherine goes through the the ins and outs of shooting a scene on stage with a special guest star Ned "Waylon" Bellamy. Ned tells us of his fear of boats! lol. Then the boat scene is re-enacted with Santa Monica drama students as James, Laurent, and Victoria. I couldn't see well so I moved to get a better shot.

Part 6

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Boat scene from a better angle. And Catherine gives her critique of the first performance like she would if she was really directing.

Part 7

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Edi Gathegi and Catherine give out some prizes to the audience. Some twiguy might "have gotten lucky" that evening by winning a Robert Pattinson luggage tag in a shadow box of items. In this video you will hear me moan...but when you watch, knowing a prop from the movie was going to be given out. I thought the shirt from my angle was Robert Pattinson's shirt and a moan slipped out! lol

Part 8

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So that concluded the Q & A session of the night and the book signing begun. Time was of the essence and she didn't get to personalize the books with the long line but shhhh, Catherine said she liked my shirt and asked where I was from and I said Arizona and she said what is your name. Then said don't tell this is me not telling anyone but I was so excited! Thank you Catherine! The fun didn't end there. We met her assistant that wrote the "snarky comments" about the contents of her bag in Catherine's book.

Patrick said "take a picture of the contents of your purse, make sure it's interesting and I will give you snarky remarks too". With the launch of, Patrick can be found and sent pictures do get a custom made bag remarks page of your own. So check out

The last and final cheery on top of the ice cream was meeting and getting our book signed by Ned "Waylon" Bellamy! He was hysterical and couldn't believe the line that formed behind me for autographs. Yes I was the first to ask! My daughter and her girlfriend made Ned laugh by singing him the Kitty meow song that Waylon sang on the boat. Somehow they talked him into singing it with them on camera. And here is that little gem....

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It was a great night. Thank you Catherine Hardwicke for you love of the fans. You sure know how to party!

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Comment by Cali Twilighter on March 19, 2009 at 12:53am
So Awesome!! Thanks you so much for sharing this with us. I so wish I would have made the drive.


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