Andrea Gabriel (Kebi) Talks About Breaking Dawn

Andrea Gabriel who plays Kebi from the Egyptian Coven talks Breaking Dawn in a new interview.


Let's get to the first Twitter question...

Oh, cool.


  • @Twilightfreak72 wanted to know what it was like on the set of Breaking Dawn - and what was your favorite part of playing a vampire?

[laughs] It's a lot of fun - the vampires are a blast... all of the people who are in this cast... it's a wonderful group, and it's very diverse.  Just like there's not two of any one kind - it's a real bonding experience because we're all in the same boat, we're all on location and our families, our homes and our pets are all [laughs] very far away.  So it does feel like camp.  And then, my favorite part of playing a vampire is... I guess just being a badass. [laughs]


  • Another Twitter question, TwiLifeLover wanted to know: Did you really enjoy working with the cast?  Was it easy?  And were they funny?

[laughs] Yes... yes... and yes.  [laughs] Yeah, I'm having a great time - and everybody is hilarious.  There's some very clever... we laugh a lot... we laugh a lot.  We have little inside vampire jokes, it's a lot of fun. 


  • And most of the cast is a lot younger than you.

Um, it depends.  The main characters are younger, yeah, but as for the vampires they kind of run the gambit.  There are a few in my age range, there are few in their early twenties, and then there are a few that are older.  But the main characters - it's geared towards the kids. 


  • One last Twitter question, _Cammie_ wanted to know what you thought about Mackenzie Foy?

Oh, she's awesome.  She's really... really... really cool.  She's VERY smart, and she's really precocious - and not precocious in a showy kind of way that sometimes kid actors can be - you can tell that she is very wise.  And wise beyond her years.  And she [laughs] complains less than anybody [laughs] on the set... the adults tend to whine more than she does.  She's quite a trooper with a great attitude all of the time.  She's really wonder and really pretty - she's going to be a stunner.


  • Since the cast has been together for a while now, were you worried about being the newcomer?

Well, yeah... they're all pretty well bonded so it's just like showing up at a new job or a new school - and since I've guest starred on a lot of shows I kind of know what it feels like to step into that situation.  And usually people are very welcoming to newcomers.  It's a long process, so it's almost like you've become accustomed to each other - you become part of the gang.


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