Angels Kiss


The love that was never meant to be...





“Drake!” Michael demanded “Listen to me” I ran my fingers through my hair and looked up. “I’m listening” Michael shock his head “Drake” he said sympathetically “I cant help you, you must prove yourself again, you must gain our trust again.” Michael paused “I am sending you down to earth, to be the guardian of a human. You will have to find out who and why you are guarding them.” He put his hand on my shoulder. “Michael how can... I cant do this.” He gave me a scroll with my name imprinted on the pale paper “If you don' will have to fall, you can not disobey the commandments, especially not Lust or Murder.” I nodded and He watch as I curled my wings around body.




Chapter one


The opening


I woke with a start, my vision blurred and then came into focus. This is the worst part of my day. High School. I got up and slipped into my uniform. I went to Horndean technology collage in England. In a small village in Portsmouth, nothing special. I grew up in London and moved here after my dad died when I was 14, I’v been here for 1 year and a bit. I walked down the stairs slowly, as the smell of bacon and eggs wafted up the stair case. “October, are you ready?” Mum called up to me. “Yes mum” I called back, lingering on the last step until I saw mum peering up at me from the kitchen. “sit down, toast?” I walked over and sat at my place, pouring orange juice into a cup. “Erm sure, quickly, I better be going in five.” I spoke quietly knowing she would protest, but then Damien came down the stairs. His shaggy unnatural black hair shaded his face as he bounced down the last few steps. “Hey October!” He patted my head as he walked pass and took his place at the table. He has always been protective over me, as he is older mum said it is expected. I nibbled on the toast not really tasting it.“Bye mum” she kissed me on the cheek as I heard Chance knock impatiently on the door. Chance was my best friend, she was the adventurous one, the fearless one. I’m the one who always questioned things. I took her advise sometimes but normally her ideas were ridiculous. “Bye” I called as Damien shut the front door “Hey babe, what took you so long?” Chance has unnaturally purple hair that was straight and came down to her hips. She didn’t stick with a color more than a month, last month she was red. “Running late I guess” I shrugged, Damien rattled his keys “want a ride” Damien just turned 17 and got his drivers license through the summer holidays. He was proud of himself and so was I. We climbed into the leather seat and sunk deeper. Damien took his seat as the driver one hand on the wheel, a smirk on his face. “Proud of yourself?” I asked him as he shoot a grin at me “maybe...” I laughed. “Hey, you want to go shopping on Thursday, I saw the cutest dress in new look the other day, when I went with mum. She said no, obviously, one of the down sides of going with mum. So you up for it?” We rounded the corner to school. “erm... let me check my schedule.” We both laughed, knowing I didn't have anything planned “Ok, who shall we get to drop us off.” She flicked Damien’s head, “Oh, no I cant I have got...” he pulled into the parking space and cut off the engine as Chance fluttered her eye lashes. “Pwetty pwease” she said in the most babyish voice that could ever come out of her mouth. “Fine” Damien said in a hard voice, Me and chance laughed as we took him by the arms and let him escort us into school.


We climbed the steps to the furthest area, in front of S block. This is where all our friends met. Lucy ran up to us and hugged us tightly “Hello! Have you heard? Louise’s got broken into! window smashed but nothing was stolen but her dads clothes?!” I shock my head, She turned and watched as Dylan slowly slinked up to us. Dylan’s dark brown hair lit up in the sun, “Hello Darling” He said to me as he wound his arms around my waist and placed his lips on mine. “Hello” Chance cut in “I thought you would have done something by now, movie? popcorn?. Well u are boyfriend and girlfriend.” I blushed deeply. “hmm... maybe we should babe, we got nothing to loose.” “hmm” I murmured under my breath. The bell rung, “October we have RS! Wait for me!” Rose called from the bench half way across the school running towards me. She looped her arm round mine when she got to me panting like a dog. Her hair was was a light brown, with brown eyes.

10 minutes later

“Do you believe in God?” Sir called across the room. “Stand, those who do believe to the left. Who don't, right. Who are not sure, middle.” I turned to the middle, 

but then the left. Rose was on the right, no doubt there, she would go on about how he cant be real. Me on the other hand, I wasn't sure, but I was scared, scared that if I don't believe I will be damned to hell, and my loved ones. I stumbled to the middle where most of the class stood. “Raise your hand if u are scared to believe in God” I slowly lifted my hand, Its like he had read my mind. “Do you believe in God sir?” Someone shouted from the Right. “I am in the middle” He answered boldly. The class room was covered with different beliefs on each wall. One wall was pasted with Angels and The cross. The Angels stood out to me, Their wings beautiful, and feathery. Which is probably not what they are like. I could feel myself touching the soft texture and closed my eyes. “October, i would appreciate you not falling asleep in my class thank you.” My eyes flung open. “Sorry sir.”

“What was that?” Rose asked as everyone spilled out the classroom door. “Nothing” she looked at me knowing I was lying but didn't say anything, thats what I liked about Rose she didn’t pry. “What do you have now?” I pulled out my timetable, “English” She laughed “Good luck, don’t you have a test today? First day back and a test how evil is that!?” I nodded in agreement. Chance bounced to my side “Hey babe, you ready for the test?” she bumped her hip against mine “no, not really.” We all trudged through the now hammering rain, there was a long queue leading all the was out the block. “The beauty of hard work” she growned. When the test began the silence deathend my ears, I looked around the hall, everyone had there head bowed hands whizzing across the page. Except me and Chance, she was gazing out the window her eyes clouded which made me wonder what she was thinking about.


After the test

Chance grabbed my arm “That was so-o-o hard” she dragged out the word “It was horrifying, the evilest thing they could ever give us!” she was hyperventilating. “I know” I said, she gasped “That is all you can say! ‘I know’ I’m so disappointed in you” Rose laughed as Chance put her hands on her hips and pouted.

“So this is A block this is where you will go if you need any help, just ask one of the receptionists.” Our year leader Mrs Malian said as she rounded the corner of A block, we all turned as a boy with dark hair fell just below his ears, long bangs with a medium build. His eyes a muddy brown, his cheek bones low only one of his angelic features and short thin stubble from each ear. A wild side grin spread across his face. His eyes bore into mine, I felt my cheeks burn as the blood rushed to my cheeks. This made his grin widen, Mrs Malian cleared her throat to recapture his attention. “This way” she said waving him to the inside of the block. “Hello girls!” He said his voice was deep and husky with no waver. He wore a tight black-T which showed his soft muscles. He wore skinny black jeans with leather bike boots which squeaked quietly as he walked by.  The wind blow his scent in my direction, He smelt like light smoke from a candle, a freshly picked rose and a soft smell of saw dust. The smell made me want to step closer to him and inhale deeply but I resisted. The door swung shut behind him and stole the last of the addictive scent. I quickly looked at Chance who had her mouth hanging open, I Placed my finger under her chin and lifted it up, but it just fell back down again. “Did I just see god?” Rose gasped “The only thing that could make me doubt was god himself... How could I be so blind?” We all laughed “did you see his God like face, it was almost angelic. Don’t you think!?” I shock my head and frowned “Sure.” Rose and Chance looked at me aghast, their eyes wide. “Who the hell are you?!” Chance shouted. I shrugged and started walking to our next class. Art. I walked into the room pictures and painting lining the walls of all different shapes and colours. Easels were in the place of our desks. “Ok I want you to paint the first thing that comes to mind, remember to use tone and fading.” Mr Saxon said as he left towards his computer at his desk. I went to sit by the easel by my seat, and sat down. Rose sat across the room and Chance was at the back eyeing Mr Saxons back. He had moved her from next to me because we talked to much. I settled for painting a rose, I started with sketching it lightly on the canvas . I kept my eyes down as Mrs Malian trudged into the room. “Mr Saxon, you have a new addition to your class.” Mr Saxon stood with his hands on his hips “And who might that be?” and then he rounder the corner. His angelic features and all, walking towards sir’s desk. “Drake” He held out his hand. Mr Saxon took it and shook once. “Last name?” He frowned “Ravensdale, Drake Ravensdale.” He spoke under his breath, and pulled away. My eyes still down as I finished my sketch and pulled out my paint brush. “You will go sit over there.” I didn't look up to see where Mr Saxon was pointing at. Sir murmured the instructions to Drake as my paint brush slid across the stem I had sketched. I heard the footsteps increasing sound as he came towards me. “October right?” He sat down by the easel next to me. “Maybe... Drake right?” He lifted one eyebrow.  “Maybe...” I looked down at my painting, I heard his paint brush feeling its way across his canvas. I delicately added the detail to the rose petals. “Your quiet an artist.” Drake said, I looked at his and an Angel was peering up at me. Its feathery wings were black, Its eyes bluey green just like mine. Its hair Blonde just like mine. “Wow!” I whispered “You like?” All the angelic features were perfection. “Yes” I said in my gasp. “How can u paint like that?” I moved over to his easel to get a better look. “A little practice.” I looked at him his eyes on me. “Who is that?” He messed up his hair, “You” I eyed him.

“What? Why?”

“Because you are beautiful.”

“I have a boyfriend”

“Well, thats a shame”

The lesson finished as I stormed out the room, He cant do that can he? I didnt bother to wait for Chance. I went straight up the stairs to where all our friends met.  And Dylan sat with his friends at a bench, I walked over to him. “October? Whats up?” he stood up and hugged me. “Stupid, Idiotic...” I trailed off into his shoulder. Drake came up the stairs, I reached up on my toes to lock my lips with Dylan. Drake saw and looked down with a concentrated look on his face.


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