Shakespeare? Really? Don't they have anything better to teach us at school? We were talking about why no women werent aloud on stage during the Shakespeare era and a girl in my class started talking about the movie ''Shakespeare in love''. I got really annoyed, I mean seriously ''Shakespeare in love''? With Gwyneth Palthrow and some dude. That was just a bad movie with bad actors, about Romeo and Ethel the pirates daughter. We are supposed to do the play Romeo and Juliet sometime during the next semester. I never really got what Romeo was thinking, I mean the boy should have made up his mind before everything got screwed up and Romeo and Juliet's family's should just have accepeted that they wanted to be together. No one really had to die, it wasn't nessecary at all. At the end of that class I was very eager to go home. My sister was coming home for the first time since she'd left for college in August. She was studying at Brown University in Manhattan. It was far away, we live in Miami. I'd missed her so much. Of course I would visit her, we had already brought the tickets and everything. I was going down there for spring break. She was coming home for christmas which meant she was coming home today. Christmas in Miami was the gratest thing ever. I really don't like the snow and the cold. I like it here in the sun. Tomorrow was December twenty-third. She was coming straight from the from school. My dad was probably at the airport to pick her up now. I couldn't wait for her to get home. I ran to my locker to check my phone to see if she'd texted me. She'd promised me that she would do that when she got off the plane. And she had.''Hey little sis'' she wrote. ''I just got of the plane at the airport. I'll see you soon. I love you'' I got so happy. I texted her back '' Great I can't wait. I've missed you so much. Love you too''.
I got my bag out of the locker and ran outside. It was raining. Damn it. Yet somehow I started laughing to myself. I hadn't seen rain for a long time. I loved the smell that the asphalt got when it was raining. I saw the bus on the other side of the road. I didn't want to miss it so I ran for it, I made it just in time. I got a seat in the back. The ride took about half an hour. Miami is pretty big and I live just outside. I ran inside to double check everything. My sisters bed was fresh, a new towel hung in the bathroom. Her favourite Mexican food that you could only find here in Miami was ordered. Her christmas gifts were well hidden, that was something that we'd done in this family for as long as I can remember. We hid eachothers presents then we all went looking for them on Christmas morning. It was a great tradition actually, I was going to pass it on to my children, if I ever get any. I went to check the machine. There was one new message. I pressed the button
- Hi it's Dana.
It was my mom. I can't believe she still has the nerv to call here.
- I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. George and Millie says hi. I hope everything is okay with you. Oh and Lillie congrats on going to Brown. Bye.
How dare she? After everything she's put us through. Lisa didn't hate her as much as I did, not even dad did. I couldn't even talk about her. She didn't say anything like ''Oh Rose I'm so sorry that I left you when you were seven. Not that I give a damn about what she does but it would have been nice to know that she cares about me at all or even remembers me. George and Millie. George is the man she left my dad for and Millie is his daughter, she's the same age as me. Well that explains why she doesn't care about me. She's got a new seventeen year old. She moved to Washington. A small town named...Forks. Something was wrong, I could feel it. They should be here by now. It didn't take more than fourty minutes to drive from the airport. Well maybe they're stuck in traffic or something it is five pm and a lot of people get off from work at this hour. And the road was wet so they had to drive slower than usual. I sat down in the couch and turned the TV on. I decided to watch the news to see if there had been any accidents oh the highway. Maybe they'd gotten stuck behind a truck that had lost it's load. An accident had just happened.
- A car collided with a truck on the highway, the man in the truck survived but the two people in the car were beyond saviour.
Oh god. I ran for the phone to call my sister but there was no answer. I got really scared. Then someone knocked on the door. I ran to open it. It was my dad's friend and officer of the law Kevin Reman. I knew that they were gone before he'd even said it. I started crying.
- No!
I screamed.
- I'm sorry but they didn't survive.
He told me. Oh god no.
- Rose I'm really sorry.
- What happened?
I asked.
- The trucker hit a wet spot on the road and lost control of the truck.
he told me.
- Oh god.
- I know, you're dad was a great man and a great policemen.
Kevin said.
- It's really not helping Kev.
I cried.
- I'm sorry. You have to come down to the station.
He grabbed my raincoat from the hanger just inside the door and put over my shoulders. I couldn't move, he lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the cruiser. He put me down in the backseat and drove away slowly. It felt like this was going to be the last time I saw the house. It didn't look like a place filled with joy like it usually did, it looked like a horror house. I used to think it looked so beautiful. It was grey, it looked like the house from ''Disney's Sleeping Beauty'' It used to look like a house from a fairytale, now it just looked grey. I opened the locket around my neck. It had two pictures in it. One of my grandparents and my dad and one of my great grandfather and his two siblings. I knew that they would send me to my mom, I had no were else to go. My father was an only child and my grandparents are dead.
- Please don't send me to her.
I whispered.
- You don't have anywhere else to go.
He pointed out.
- I know, can't I stay with you and you're wife? I asked.
- We have twins on the way.
He reminded me.
- You know how much I hate her.
I told him.
- Yeah I do. Look we can try and find a foster family for you but you have to stay with your mom until we do, okay?
- Fine.

The next thing I knew I was getting off a plane in Port Angeles. It was butt cold here. Kevin's wife had brought me a winter jacket. Dana was waiting for me inside. I stepped in to the small building that they called terminal.
- Rose.
She said as she saw me,
-Welcome to the state of Washington.
She hugged me. I pulled away. We walked to her car in silence, her car was a Volvo XC60. A monster, I was used to seing them in Miami but I had never sat in one of them. Dana threw my luggage in the back seat and got in. I just stood outside quiet.
- Get it.
She smiled. I took a seat in the passengerseat and we drove off. We drove for about an hour. Then we reached the town of Forks. Population three-thousand-one-hundred-twenty-one people, this is my new home. We drove past a diner, a supermarket, a sporting goods store and Forks high school. It looked more like a home for old people. After about five minutes we reached a small road wich we continued driving on. We reached a huge old house. No doubt that George was rich. The entire driveway was filled with Volvo's. He probably worked for Volvo. We parked next to a V70, the newest model of course.
- Welcome home.
Dana said before she jumped out of the car. She took my suitcase out of the car and carried it inside. I looked at the house. It looked like a mansion, a huge dark old mansion, but there was something about it that made it look like a mansion and not a haunted house. It looked victorian somehow, but dark instead of white. I walked a few feet behind her. This was scary, I'd never lived anywhere but the house in Florida. This is the weatest place in America, and it's cold too. I can't wait for a fosterfamily and if they can't find one I swear to god I'll kill myslef, my whole reason for living is gone anyway. As I walked through the huge front door a tear fell down my cheek. They were really gone and I was stuck in this god for saken town until the day I die. I really wasn't looking forward to my first day of school, whenever that might be. At least I didn't have to start in the middle of the semester, maybe I should be a little happy about that. I hadn't really noticed that we'd walked up the stairs and stopped infront of a door.
- Well this is you're room, I'll let you unpack and then we'll have lunch.
Yay, my room. I'm jumping put of joy. Or not. Well I might aswell get this part over with.
- Thanks.
I said then I opened the door and walked in to my new room. Dana closed the door behind me. Finally alone, all though that really wasn't a good thing cause when I'm alone I can't really stop myself from crying. Why would this be any different? The tears ran down my face like the ''Niagara Falls''. I just wanted to leave, leave everyone, just dissapear, start a new life. This could be my chance to do that I guess, but I'd rather start over in a place without my mother. Thinking about starting over made the crying stop. I took a look at my new room for the first time, it was bigger than my old one. The walls were red and the floor was dark, it was the room closest to the forest, with huge windows. The bed was on the left, with the left side toward the windows, the bed was huge. On the right side of the room was a couch, it was medium big I guess, black, there was a flatscreen on the wall. If you looked to the left when you got in to the room you would see the bed and a desk with a laptop on it. On the rigth was the couch, the TV and a door. I opened the door, and there was the closet, it was huge. It was one of those walk in ones with shelfs for shoes and cabinets for clothes. I put my suitcase on the floor in the closet. I walked over to the TV and checked out the blu-ray dvd player and the soundsystem, no doubt they were rich. The soundsystem had a ipod connection, I pulled out my ipod from my pocket and placed it in theLet dock. I pressed play and the song that was playing was ''New Divide by Linkin Park'' That song suited me very well. So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean. Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes across this new divide. Wash this memory clean, I'd like to do that. I'd like to forget that they died, that they left me. I sat down on the couch and started crying again. Someone knocked on the door and I wiped the tears off my cheeks and under my eyes and turned the volume down. She let herself in, that was something that she'd always done. She walked quickly toward me and sat down in the couch next to me.
- Honey.
She said as she hugged me. She'd noticed that I'd been crying. I hadn't really thought about the fact that she'd lost a daughter and an exhusband. She started crying, I couldn't hols back the tears anymore.
- I miss the too.
She cried. Then she hugged me harder.
- I can't loose you too.
She told me.
- I'm not going anywhere.
I told her without thinking. I wasn't planning on staying here very long. She stopped huggig me, whiped the tears away and got up.
- Lunch?
She asked smiling.
- Sure.
I answered.
- I was thinking we'd go to the diner. Sarah really want's to meet you.
- Sarah?
- Yeah, she's my best friend.
She told me, she sounded like a teenager, well she was only thirty-seven which isn't very old for someone who has two daughters, one daughter. She'd only been seventeen when she'd given birth to Lillie, and four years later she had me, when she was twenty-one. My dad was three years older than her, he'd turned forty in November. Forty years of life isn't a long life, but twenty is even less. I wasn't going to start crying again. Dana's phone rang, she picked it up.
- Hello?
The person on the other side answered.
- Hi honey.
She said. Pause.
- Yeah she's here.
They were talking about me.
- Well you can come join us at the diner as soon as you're done okay?
- We'll see you soon.
She said before she hung up. I looked at her.
- That was Millie, she'll join us at the diner later.
- Okay.
I just answered. We walked out to the car in silence. The whole drive to the diner was quiet. The whole meal too. Dana got a call after we'd ordered our food, Millie wasn't coming. We ate in silence and then we drove home. It was pitch black outside when we got home and it was only three pm. I walked to my room and turned the music on, then I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. I got an idea after about two hours. I'd borrow a car and then I'd drive around this town and just look around. I ran downstairs, Dana was in the kitchen cooking.
- Hey mom.
I said, it felt weird saying that.
- Yeah sweetie?
She smiled.
- Can I borrow your car?
I smiled.
- Oh I totally forgot.
She told me.
- You've got your own car.
- I do?
I asked surprized.
- Yeah. A Volvo C30, the keys are on the table next to the door.
She smiled.
- Enjoy.
She laughed.
- Thanks.
I smiled. I put my jacket on and grabbed the keys, then I ran out and pressed the button. The lights of a black Volvo C30 blinked, it was so cute. Just the kind of car that I could see myself in. The license plate said ROSE. I loved it. The car had sticker on the left back window that said ''Rose Hale''. I got in the car and turned the key around. I drove toward the ocean. After a while I saw a sign that said ''Welcome to La Push''. Why did that sound familiar? I parked on a parkinglot that was completley empty, it was winter so it wasn't a surprize. Atleast not here in this cold state. I walked toward the beach that was named ''First Beach''. I took a seat on a huge tree log. It was really cold out here. I sat there shivering, when I heard a voice.
- We'll have to convince your sister to do something with her life.
It was a young mans voice, he was maybe in his late teens. The other boy was younger, maybe my age or a year older. The older boy was maybe ''6,7'' and the younger a little shorter. They both had short dark hair and dark eyes. The were both pretty muscular from what I could see. They'd noticed me sitting here, usually I'd be frightened by the fact that two much bigger and stronger guys were heading my way but they didn't seem dangerous, they actually seemed very safe somehow. I got up, the older boy came toward me, the other boy had stopped.
- Hey.
He said.
- Hi.
I said.
- I'm Jacob.
He told me.
- I'm Rose.
I said.
- Well Rose, what are you doing out here all alone?
- I just needed some time for myself. What about you?
- Oh well I'm not alone.
He smiled. The other boy came to stand next to Jacob.
- Hi.
I said to the very cute and attractive boy.
- Hey.
He said.
- I'm Rose.
I told him.
- Yeah I heard.
I took that rudeness kind of hard.
- Dude, why are you being such an ass?
Jacob asked.
- It's okay. You don't have to be nice to me.
I told them, then I walked away. They stood there quiet for a minute as I walked toward the woods at the end of the beach. I heard someone running after me.
- Hey.
I was the cute and rude boy.
- Hi.
I answered sadly.
- I'm sorry I was rude I just..
He started.
- I told you it was okay.
- Yeah but it wasn't.
- Yeh it was.
- I'm Seth.
- Seth?
- Yeah.
- Cute name for a cute boy.
He almost started to laugh but his face was still serious.
- Oh my god did I just say that out loud?
- Yeah.
He laughed.
- Oh my god I'm so embaressed.
I told him as I turned my face away.
- Hey don't be.
He said as he put his fingers on my chin lightly and turned it toward his face. He looked into my eyes. His eyes were so beautiful. He pulled my face up to his and kissed me. He was alot taller than me so I had to stand on my toes to reach his lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed my hips. He was warm, he didn't even wear a jacket, he just wore a t-shirt. My hands were all tangled up in his hair and his hands were under my jacket, on my sweater. I hears someone walk toward us. But I didn't care, I didn't ever want to let him go.
- Hey Seth what did I tell you about going around kissing tourists?
It was a mans voice. I let go of him and took a look at the men that were standing around us. They were laughing. I ran toward my car, they stopped laughing. Seth ran after me. I'd reached my car before he'd caught up with me. I was a pretty fast runner.
- Hey wait.
He breathed.
- What?
I asked him whiping my tears away.
- Why are you crying?
He asked.
- Why do you think I'm crying?
I snapped.
- I know that they were mean when the laughed, that's just the way they are.
- That's not it!
I screamed.
- Then what is?
- ''What did I tell you about going around kissing tourists''
I made my voice sound manly. He still didn't get it.
- Does it work everytime?
- What?
- Do you always get laid when you act all rude and then all nice?
I yelled at him.
- That's's not like that.
He told me.
- Then what is it like?
I asked.
- The only reason I was rude is cause I felt something when I saw you, it's hard to explain. It only happens once in a lifetime.
I couldn't say anything. I stood there quiet for a long time.
- I have to go.
I swollowed. I couldn't say anything else. I was scared. I didn't know what he meant.
- Can I atleast know you're name and where you live?
He asked surprized.
- Rose Hale, Forks.
- Rosalie Hale?
- No Rose.
- Okay.
- I'll see you soon.
He smiled. I hope not. I couln't even smile in response. He pushed me up against the car and kissed me, more fiercly than before. I kissed him back, I didn't want to go home. I didn't want to part from him ever, I loved him even though I didn't even know his last name. I felt like every cell in my body belonged to him, my heart belonged to him. I wrapped my arms around him and he grabbed my legs and helped me get up on him. I low moan came out of me. He kissed my neck and I touched his, he had a scar on the left side of his neck, suddenly I saw a face. A young boy with a pale white face and red eyes. I pushed Seth away from me.
- What's wrong?
He asked. I took a deep breath. His face had an expression that made me think he'd seen a ghost.
- Pale eyes.
I said. He just stood there with the same expression.
- Seth?
- Yeah?
He snapped out of some kind of hypnosis.
- Are you okay?
I asked.
- Yeah I'm fine.
I didn't belive him. I walked toward him and I pushed him into the light. His scar was a cresent shape, like as if someone had bitten him really hard.
- Where'd you get that scar?
I asked. He got nervous.
- Fishing accident.
He lied.
- Don't lie to me.
- I'm not.
- Fine.
I said as I turned away. I walked toward my car.
- It was nice meeting you.
I said, it hurt. I was saying my last good bye to him. If he wasn't going to be honest then I didn't want anything to do with him. I opened the door, got in the car and pulled out, I was crying the whole drive home. When I got to the house I ran upstairs and threw myself on to the bed. Why couldn't I just have stayed here tonight, then I never would have met him. I don't need more sadness in my life. But as always I didn't think before I acted, I should have pulled away when he kissed me the first time, or even when I saw him and Jacob on the beach. Why was I still thinkig about him? I should just forget him, this night never happened aas far as anyone else knows. I can't forget him, he means to much to me. He lied, he's not worth any more of my attention. Oh god damn it. I slowly cried myself to sleep.

I woke up screaming. I'd had a nightmare, but it had felt so real, almost like someones memory. It had been snow on the ground, but not like now, it had been spring. There was a girl and a boy who was obviously the love of her life judging by the look in her eyes. And there had been a red haired female and the boy with a pale white face and red eyes. And there was an animal, that looked like a wolf. I'd felt fear not of the wolf but for the wolf. The rest was to painful to even think about the only thing I can think about is the name, Riley. The bell rang, a few times, no one else was home. I ran downstairs to see who it was. Of course I wouldn't know who it was, I opened the door and there was a dark haired beautiful girl, she reminded me of Seth. She looked at me with a strange expression.
- Hi.
I said.
- Hi.
She said back.
- I'm sorry, I don't know who you are.
I apologized.
- How could you.
She smiled.
- You've only been here long enough to break my little brothers heart.
- I'm sorry, what are you talking about?
- Oh I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm Leah Clearwater. Seth's older sister.
- Please leave.
I told her.
- Why?
- He lied to me, so don't come here accusing me of breaking his heart.
- What did he lie about?
She asked.
- About his scar.
- His scar?
She asked with a strange expression.
- Yeah, the one on the left side of his neck.
I shivered when I thought about the dream I'd had.
- Fishing accident.
She said.
- Yeah that's what he told me. Does everyone in your family lie?
- Look we just have a secret to keep.
She said with an apologethic face.
- About the boy with the pale white face and red eyes.
- Who?
She asked.
- Riley.
- How did you know about that?
- I didn't.
- Oh.
- I knew it wasn't just a dream.
- A dream?
- About a clearing, sometime in the spring. A girl and a boy who really loved eachother and a red haired female and the boy Riley, and the wolf.
- I've got to go.
She said as she hurried to her car. I was to alert to go back to bed so I took a shower and got dressed. My mom, George and Millie got home past dinner time. It was time to open the gifts. I got a lot of stuff. I was in a blur all weekend. It wasn't until my mom knocked on the my door on December thirty-first and told me that they were having a semi-formal new years party here that I woke up. She'd gotten me a dress for christmas, it was a beautiful short, black dress, strapless. They were getting everything ready downstairs. The only thing I had to do was to take a shower and put the dress on. The guests were coming in an hour. My mom told me that only people over the age of sixteen was aloud to go to the party. Lucky me. I took a shower, blow dried my hair, put some makeup on and got dressed all in a blur. People were arriving dowstairs. I took a look in the mirror, I'd let my hair down, it was curly but in a beautiful way for once, my eyes were blue, my mom had slipped in and given me some jewelery. I pair of earrings and a necklace, they were silver. I had a pair of black heels on. I actually looked pretty decent. I didn't really like the bare shoulder thing though. I walked downstairs, the living room was filled with people in dresses and shirts. I went to stand in the corner. I looked around, I saw the boys from the beach, if they were here then Seth was probably her too. Small tears rolled down my face, I had to get out of here, I walked outside quickly. It was icecold out here. I didn't have anything on my body besides the small piece of fabric that my mom called a dress. I was shivering. Someone walked out the door then, I turned around to see who it was, it was Jacob.
- Hey.
He said.
- Hi.
I said with my teeth clenched together.
- You must be freezing.
He said.
- I'm fine.
I told him. But he'd already removed his blazer.
- Jake no, you'll get sick, it's enough that one of us are.
- Then let me warm you.
He said while he hugged me, he was really warm. To warm, way to warm.
- Jake you're burning up.
- No I'm fine.
He assured me.
- Look I know he hurt you.
- Please don't Jake. It's silly, I don't even know him.
- But what you have is special, I know it.
- We don't have anything.
I said in a sad voice.
- You could have.
- No, he lied to me.
- He really want's to tell you but he's not allowed to.
- What is it he can't tell me?
I asked.
- I can't tell you.
- Why does everyone keep things from me. I've lost to many people in my life. I didn't need to loose him too. I love him Jake.
- I love you too.
Seth said, his voice came from the darkness.
- Seth?
He walked out of the woods with a sad look on his face.
- Leah told me about your dream.
- What about my dream, I just wanted her to go. I didn't think she'd take it so seriuosly. Sure I had the dream but...
- You figured it out. That can't be the same thing as telling, right Jake?
- No, that's how Bella found out.
- No.
I laughed.
- What?
He asked.
- A wolf?
I asked.
- You're a wolf?
Everyone just stood there quiet.
- You're joking right?
They were still quiet.
- I think you need to explain.
I told him.
- Yeah I guess I have to.
He said, looking at me with a quilty expression.
- Jake?
- Yeah.
He said.
- Thanks.
- A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
- Yeh.
- Sam wont be to happy about this though.
Jacob told Seth.
- I know, but I should have done this a long time ago.
Seth took my hand and lead my toward the woods. We walked for a long time before he stopped.
- This is not easy for me to tell you.
He told me.
- Seth I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do.
I told him.
- I want to tell you.
He smiled. He stood there quiet for a minute with a strange expression, I could tell this was hard on him. He let go of my hand. I fell to the ground. I hadn't noticed that he was the one holding my body up.
- Rose?
He yelled as he got down on his knees next to me in the snow.
- Are you okay?
He asked.
- I can't breath.
I gasped.
Seth screamed. Jacob came running. Then everything went black. Had I died? I couldn't even feel my lungs stop working or my heart stop beating anymore. There was nothing left in me. In a distance I heard Seth screaming at me, he wanted me to stay. But I couldn't, I didn't have enough strength.

When I woke up I saw an angels face, a blonde male angel with a pale white face. I blinked a few times and turned my head to left. I was in the hospital.
- Rose?
The angel asked.
- Yeah?
I smiled.
- I'm doctor Cullen.
- Doctor?
- Yes, you're in the hospital.
- Seth?
I asked dazed.
- I'll go get him.
The doctor said before he left the room. Ten seconds later Seth was next to me.
- Rose.
He smiled.
- Seth.
I smiled back.
- How are you feeling?
He asked me.
- Umm, I'm not sure. What happened?
He looked troubled.
- Were not sure.
- What do you mean not sure?
- I mean that we don't know what's wrong with you.
- The doctor knows right?
- Yes.
My face froze, I needed to know what was wrong.
- Do you want me to get him?
Seth asked.
- Yes.
The doctor walked in to the room before Seth had opened the door.
- Seth.
The doctor smiled.
- Carlisle.
Seth smiled back. Seth exited the room.
- What's wrong with me?
I asked quickly.
- You've got a heart and lung problem.
- What can you do about it?
- Unfortunatley theres nothing I can do about it.
- What?
- It's not treatable, I havent found out what it is yet. The only thing I know is that you're lungs stop working and you're heart stops beating. Sometimes they will start again on their own, and sometimes you'll need help. At some point they'll start working and you'll die.
- You're saying I'm going to die?
- Yes.
- Oh okay.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm fine. So when can I get out of here?
- Today.
- Great.
- I'll just need to sign you're discharge papers.
- Thanks for your help doctor.
- I'm sorry I couldn't be anymore help.
He apologized before he left the room. Seth entered quickly after that.
- What's wrong?
He asked.
- Nothing I'm fine, I just fainted from the cold, and I hadn't eaten all day.
- Oh okay.
- Yeah.
I said as I got out of the bed and put my clothes on.
- What are you doing?
He asked surprized.
- I'm getting dressed.
- Yeah I see that but why?
- I'm getting discharged.
I smiled.
- Really?
- Yes I'm fine. I shouldn't go out that lightly dressed anymore though.
I laughed.
- How can you laugh at the fact that your'e in the hospital.
- It was just an accident.
I smiled at him.
- Yeah, caused by me.
- No. I shouldn't have acted like a kid and run outside without a jacket.
I had to lie to him, he coulnd't know that I was dying. I was the one who caused it, don't blame yourself.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I said before I kissed him. I snuck my hand in under his shirt.
- You really shouldn't do that.
He smiled at me.
- Why?
I teased him.
- Cause than I'll have to do this.
He said before he kissed my neck and pushed me up against the wall. I couldn't breath, but not for the same reason as before. He kissed me right below the ear, a small moan came out of me. The doctor entered the room the then. Seth let go of me and I stood there, embarassed.
- I don't think that should be your first priority.
He told me.
- Erhmm thanks doc.
I said blushing.
- Well I've signed the papers so you're free to go.
He smiled.
- Thanks.
I smiled.
- Come back if there's any trouble.
- Yeah.
I said before I left the room with Seth on my flank. We walked quickly out of the hospital, not talking. There were a lot of people in parking lot.
- Rose.
I heard a young man call I turned around to see who it was. It was a huge, bearlike, white skinned man. I didn't know who he was, I'd probably heard wrong. Suddenly I got the urge to look at my locket. I opened it and saw the beautiful light haired woman who my dad said I looked like, and her two brothers, one of them was my great grandfather. I heard a womans voice and looked up, and there she was, the woman on the picture. I probably looked like I'd seen a ghost.
- Rose? What's wrong?
Seth asked. I pointed at the woman on the picture and nodded toward the woman in real life.
- Who is that?
He asked me.
- My great grandfather's sister.
I whispered.
- Oh.
He said. The huge young man came toward us then.
- Hey Seth.
He said as he hit him on the shoulder.
- Hey Emmet.
Seth smiled.
- Who is this?
Emmet asked.
- Oh. Rose, Emmet, Emmet, Rose.
- Rose?
- Yeah that's me.
I smiled.
- What's you're lastname?
Emmet asked.
- Erhmm Hale. Why?
- Hale?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Umm, what?
- Emmet don't.
Seth said.
- Don't what?
I asked.
- Nothing.
Emmet said smiling.

To be continued !

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Comment by embry. i am da alpha! team jj!!! on July 1, 2009 at 4:34pm
you spelt emmett wrong. two t's at th
e end


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