Are Twilight fans to blame for Comic-Con ticketing problems?

With anticipated hopes of Breaking Dawn making an appearance at 2011 Comic-Con, Twilighters were trying to get ticket this morning.  And the Twilight hate began...but is our small little group to blame??

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Comic-Con tickets officially went on sale today and for fanboys (and girls) everywhere, the race to get tickets has begun. So many people were trying to get tickets, in fact, that the online ticketing system crashed earlier this morning. According to the LA Times.

Minutes before the 9 a.m. Saturday start, the site was telling users that it was “currently over capacity” and to try again momentarily. Some buyers saw a page saying, “We’ll be right back. TicketLeap is currently down for maintenance.”

It was a stressful kickoff for what is sure to be a fun event in July... if you are a dork. Oh come on now. Don't get your Superman underoos in a bunch. I am just kidding around. Sort of.

This year's Comic-Con in San Diego (not to be confused with the New York one) will run July 21-24 and there are many creative explanations on social media today from fans frustrated by the ticketing fail. Here are some:

One tweet, from shaylrose, said:

freaking Twilight girls invading

Most of the users seem to blame Robert Pattinson, or at least the movie he stars in. Twilight and its presence in the past at the event was the main reason people seemed to think the servers were over capacity.

Another from HiImRichard:

Just trembled in fear that the majority of people crashing the servers might be Twilight freaks. #shudder #comiccon #fail #twilightsucks

AnitaWhat also blamed Twilight:

Idea for smoother #ComicCon registration. Give twilight its own convention somewhere as crazy as their fans. Like Egypt


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Comment by Kim on February 5, 2011 at 3:11pm
Personally, I think it's all a Comic Con conspiracy bc they want to move to a bigger location like Las Vegas & they are looking for a way out. By making it look like there are a gazillion fans trying to get tickets they can say, hey the San Diego Convention Center no longer meets the capacity we are capable of & we need a bigger place. It's all a Comic Con publicity stunt in other words. Twilight is an easy scape goat for disgruntled CC fans who didn't get tickets.
Comment by Kim on February 5, 2011 at 3:14pm
Also, this gives them an edge in their negotiations with any city that they want to relocate to by saying we have over a 110,000 attendees & even more who want to go but couldn't get tickets. The demand is far greater then the capacity we have in San Diego. So any city will have to make a very generous offer to get the con in their town.
Comment by VampGirly on February 5, 2011 at 3:39pm

As sad as this is, Most of these claims are correct .And NonTwilight fans shouldnt have too suffer IMO


Oh and unfortunately most of this fans base IS crazy. Thats are reputation, look at all the BS and hate. Sad but true.

Comment by BB Cullen on February 5, 2011 at 6:44pm
What I'd say to those Comic-Con people is get over it!! If it wasn't Twilight Fans crashing the site it would be other fans of something most likely crashing the site!! and who even knows it's Twilight fans?? It's not just us it is everyone else aswell!!
Comment by Camillia on February 5, 2011 at 8:43pm
I don't think we're crashing Comic-Con . Think about it , Twilight fans are one of the fan bases that are actually giving them more business and earning them more money each year .


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