This girl seems to think so! So what is your opinion? Do we need to tone if down, or should she just deal with us!!!!! Is she correct-- are we living in a fantasy world?

"Twilight" Fans Scarier Than the Vampires
Written by Adrienne Foley

“Twilight”, the vampire love story written by Stephanie Meyers and published in 2005 seems to be a note-worthy topic among teenage girls on the Tam High campus. I couldn’t help but notice before and after the movie’s November 21 release date the number of Facebook statuses explaining when and where individuals of all grades were going to go view the production. As a “Twilight” lover myself, I wasn’t surprised at the surplus of people who were filled with the same excitement as I was to view the film. This is when I caught myself and thought, is this just a teenage obsession, or is the story truly taking over the minds of innocent teenagers?

Meyer’s story is a captivator for any teenage girl who enjoys a classic love story. However is there a line that needs to be drawn between reality and fiction? Many girls’ minds have become mesmerized by Robert Pattinson, who plays the main character Edward Cullen in “Twilight”. It appears as though viewers are starting to live in a fictionalized story.

According to the New York Times, “Twilight” made an estimated $70.6 million in the box office over its opening weekend. It’s become apparent that many viewers are more obsessed with Pattinson than viewing the actual movie.
I was lucky enough to view “Twilight” on its opening night, and was grateful to have my friends next to me yell “Shut Up!” at the groups of ‘vampire clad’ girls screaming every time Pattinson appeared on screen. I became aware of how pathetic I was for being one of those individuals. I felt pathetic and embarrassed to be part of “Twilight’s” fan base. There I was, sitting in a theatre with a group of friends surrounded by a bunch of screaming girls who made me totally regret ever succumbing to the vampire tale. Not only was I agitated because I couldn’t even hear the actors say their lines, but I began to realize I was among people who obsess over a massive trend thst has truly taken over people’s minds to the point of utter and complete obsession.

Not only has “Twilight” become a huge scene in the media, but Tam students as well have been conforming to the “Twilight” influence. It’s scary to listen to my classmates scream with glee over “Twilight” in almost every period and break time. I used to be one of these “Twilight” fanatics, but after seeing the movie I’ve been distancing myself from the vampire intrusion. I hope that my fellow classmates do the same and don’t become so involved with the story as to start believe that they are living in it.

This article originally appeared in the January 2009 issue of Tam News

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Comment by Zhaan King on January 14, 2009 at 4:42pm
When she grows up she'll realize fantasy and imagination make life fun! I think as long as you are having a good time and not hurting anyone (including yourself and your loved ones) who cares!?
Comment by Aimee on January 14, 2009 at 4:50pm
She sounds like one of those people who only like something until everyone else likes it and then she's "too cool" to be a part of it.
Comment by Brianna on January 14, 2009 at 5:11pm
the funny thing is that she thinks she's so mature and grown up for being above it and deciding not to like it, but what she doesn't realize is how immature that kind of behavior is. it's very high school to not like something on principle, because other people like it.

and this "It’s become apparent that many viewers are more obsessed with Pattinson than viewing the actual movie."... is a totally unsubstantiated claim. if that were true, it would be one thing, but people only like pattinson BECAUSE of the film, not the other way around. silly girl.


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