Are You Team Emmett? Here are Some Reasons You should Be!

Kellan Lutz Online has posted a ton of reasons why you should be Team Emmett:

- Team Emmett, because Jacob is not as cold, Edward is not as strong, Carlisle is not as crazy and Jasper is not as funny as him! (Denny Jimenez, Puerto Rico)

- He’s funny. He’s sweet. He has great smile and because he’s muscular. Big ass muscles…Definitely better than Jacob (Kellie Gast, Indiana)

- I’m Team Emmett because he may have pale skin but looks good with it (Melanie Herdlick, PA)

- Because his abs are real. (Carolyn, USA)

- I’m Team Emmett because I would arm wrestle him any day just to see his victory smile when he wins! (Natasha Carolyn, California)

- I’m Team Emmett not only because he’s hot, but Emmett is strong, has amazing eyes and cares for others (Melanie Herdlick, Pennsylvania)

- Because he makes you love him (Urša Klanjšček Nardin, Slovenia)

- I’m Team Emmet because he will never let us down, he’ll be there for us no matter what (Johan Lopez, LA)

- I’m Team Emmett because even though he’s a vampire, he’s always happy and smiles. (Julie Phillips, Illinois)

- I’m Team Emmett because he can lighten any situation with a joke (Mandie Klosterman, Indiana)

- Because he can never get caught by a human being. He is way too fast. (Urša KN, Slovenia)

- He’s a monkey man. He thinks dating an older women is HOT. His eyes are amazing and his DIMPLES… (Kassie Yates, Australia)

- I’m Team Emmett cause he is hotter than Jacob and Edward combined (Natasha Carolyn, California)

- I’m Team Emmet because he’s toughness is an inspiration to all (Johan Lopez, LA)

- Team Emmet cause he is full of life experiences. (Urša Klanjšček Nardin, Slovenia)

- Because he loves an irritated grizzly for dinner (Marieke Beemsterboer, The Netherlands)

- He is extremely gorgeous, lovely, kind, helpful and he’s all mine (Theo Canham Spence)

- Because he [Emmett] picks on Bella as if she’s his little sister (Audrey Madison, Florida)

- Because Teddy bears are friendlier than mountain lions. (Mandie Klosterman, Indiana)

- He makes the best sex jokes. And he smashes house’s on a daily basis (Kassie Yates,


- Because I don’t like wolves and he’s hot (Alexis Molina, Madagascar)

- He is a brother all of us would like to have…Not an annoying one but a caring person. (Urša Klanjšček Nardin, Slovenia)

- Thinking about Kellan Lutz (and Emmett) always makes me smile even when I have one of the worst days of my live (Marieke Beemsterboer, The Netherlands)

- I’m Team Emmet because he’ll protect us from all evil including wolves (Johan Lopez, LA)

- He is sympathetic, passionate, reliable and smart (Melanie Herdlick, Pennsylvania)

- I am Team Emmett because you can tell Emmett has a big heart and is a goofball yet serious (Audrey Madison, Florida)

- He can make you smile just by smiling. (Kellie Gast, Indiana)

- I’m Team Emmett…because I love his car! (Laurence, Germany)

- Because he is always looking the good side of “life” (Katya, Mexico)

- Because he loves to slack off people. (Melanie Herdlick, PA)

- Because he’s always game to fight for the ones he loves. (Janet Lopez, Florida)

- Because he knows how to install stereo into the truck. (Urša Klanjšček Nardin, Slovenia)

- Team Emmett: Because we all like guys with muscles! (Denny Jimenez, Puerto Rico)

- He does not cheat on his girlfriend. Ever. (Urša Klanjšček Nardin, Slovenia)

- He never gives up, he doesn’t like to lose, he is trustworthy, he is not ashamed of what he has become and lives life ‘normally’… (Janet Lopez, Florida)

- He’s a well rounded Vamp in Twilight. (Kellie Gast, Indiana)

- I’m Team Emmett because he is careless, sweet, funny and he isn’t as ass tight as Edward is, and of course…He got Rosalie! (Denny Jimenez, Puerto Rico)

- I’m Team Emmett because I love his “I’m about to rip someone’s head off” face (Jenni, UK)

- ONLY he is our over-sized teddy bear. (Melanie Schwarz, Germany)

- I’m Team Emmett because he is immature at times (Melanie Herdlick, PA)

- We are on Team Emmett because he is the fastest vampire a bad ass (Stephanie Mills, USA)

- I’m Team Emmett because his voice is giving you goose bumps (JayJay Reyes, Germany)

- Because only real vampires destroy houses, not pillows (Juliana Giacobelli, Brazil)

Read all the rest of the reasons here. So why are you Team Emmett?

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Comment by lola taylor on August 10, 2010 at 5:31am
I'm team Edward but i love Emmett and Kellan
Comment by Imprint On Me! on August 10, 2010 at 12:25pm
Haha -- these are fun!
Comment by ^{[(PhOiMoS)]}^ on August 10, 2010 at 12:43pm
of course!!! because he's hot, strong, nice, funny, sweet, gorgeous, he has everything to make me feel happy and very protected... i love Emmett Cullen!!!!
Comment by Rosalie Cullen on August 11, 2010 at 12:00pm
im Team Emmett cause he just all perfect and fun and sexy and sweet.......
Comment by imaGINAtion on August 12, 2010 at 9:17am
~luv both kellan AND his character Emmett!!!~
Comment by Mrs. Emmett Cullen on August 14, 2010 at 12:15pm


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