Ashley Greene didn't even have a script to work off of to prepare for her audition for the role of Alice in Twilight. And Greene wasn't familiar with Stephenie Meyer's bestselling book before hearing…

Ashley Greene didn't even have a script to work off of to prepare for her audition for the role of Alice in Twilight. And Greene wasn't familiar with Stephenie Meyer's bestselling book before hearing about the role. However, she quickly picked up a copy of Twilight in order to get up to speed on all things Alice. "There was no script and there wasn't really a breakdown," explained Greene at the film's LA press junket. "There was like, 'Oh, vampire, blah, blah, blah.' I was like, 'That doesn't tell me anything,' and they're like, 'Oh, it's a book.' And so of course I ran out and got it, but I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, you know? It's like, 'What is this?' And then the first 10 pages you're like, 'Oh…' By the time you know it, you've been reading for 10 hours and you're done with the book."

Exclusive Interview with Ashley Greene
It's not just a vampire story. It is a love story and it's about a close-knit family. Is that what appealed to you?
Ashley Greene: "Yes, it has that. Of course you're just in love with Edward and there's that fantasy with that perfect guy that doesn't exist except in books and on film. And yes, it was such an interesting story. It's these loving vampires who supposed to be these awful creatures usually in most movies that you see with the fangs. We got to be these kind of like beautiful beings and there were no fangs and it was kind of real - it brought more of a real life element to it, I think, and it was much easier. And that's what Peter [Facinelli] was saying is that it was nice because we got to explore the humanity part of the vampires, which I don't think people had really done before."

Twilight fans love Alice and she's even the favorite character of some Twilighters. So, are you feeling any extra weight on your shoulders?

Ashley Greene: "Now the weight is off, I think, because my reps and Stephenie [Meyer] and everyone has seen the film and they're happy with it. So at this point I'm just kind of riding the excitement wave of having it come out and all of my friends seeing it and the whole world and all the Twilight fans. But originally, it's a little of both things. It was nice because I was lucky enough that everyone, character-wise Alice is so likeable so they already loved her as a character. And I got a pretty good response as far as playing the character and a lot of people weren't so lucky. And after the transformations, I think, they got a better response, but before it was kind of tough when it was like, 'These people hate me.' So, you know, on that end it was positive. On the other end, expectations… You know, people love Alice and so I waned to make sure people still loved Alice after I portrayed her."

Playing a character who can see the future, you don't have to do anything physically to show that so how do you get into that aspect of the character?

Ashley Greene: Mine was actually intricately creating the scene in my mind. You don't fake something like that. You really need to really be going through it and emotionally and mentally seeing it. And that's what I did. Earlier somebody asked me how I portrayed it and I said, 'I really don't know what they're going to choose.' Because there's a couple of takes where we would add some kind of things in there and then a couple where it was just kind of this blank stare. I've yet to see it but I'm hoping that through my eyes I kind of portray it."

Why haven't you seen the film yet?

Ashley Greene: "I've been working and I can't really complain about working but I'm like, 'Oh I want to see it!' Everyone's talking about it and but I won't see it until the premiere. But it's cool though because I'm bringing my mom, my dad and my brother, and so I'll be able to kind of go through that with them, so that'll be fun."

Did they read the books too so they know what you're doing?

Ashley Greene: "I think my brother's starting the first one. He bought a Twilight T-shirt though which was adorable. He's older than me, but my brother's one of my very good friends and we're a year and a half apart. We have a lot to talk about now. Before I think when I was a teenager it was really, 'Whatever.' But yeah, I talk to my brother. He's actually interested in acting a little bit and so it's really cool to see his little sister go through what I'm going through."

What are you going through? How have you been with crowds of Twilight fans? How's that affected you personally?

Ashley Greene: "You know, I'm on cloud nine."

It's not too overwhelming?

Ashley Greene: "I came home from working because I'd been in Louisiana and I'd just come home, and I haven't seen billboards and stuff and I'm like seeing all this stuff. I'm just like, 'This is real,' you know? Like this is really happening and this is what you want, this is what you strived for. And I have these fans who just love me and it's a great feeling. It's amazing. And so, no, I'm embracing it. I'm happy with it."

"It was nerve-racking whenever I wanted to make sure that they liked me and I didn't disappoint them, but I'm fairly confident that they're going to like the film. Stephenie, I talked to today, really liked it so that kind of helped. She went with her friends and she said they responded well to me. So that kind of took a little off. So now I'm just kind of riding this wave of euphoria. You know, we had this little MTV Spoiler thing last night and a lot of fans were there and to actually get to interact and meet and talk to these people who just are so passionate about it, it's really cool."

Some fans even know every single line from Twilight.

Ashley Greene: "Yes, it's incredible. For someone to be that passionate about something and to be passionate about your character, it's amazing."

Was there a book or a movie or something from when you were younger that you felt that passionately about, like some of these kids do about Twilight?

Ashley Greene: "No. I mean it's like the Beatles and I'm not…"

You're way too young for that.

Ashley Greene: "I'm too young for the Beatles but that's, you know, talking to my mom and stuff like that. But it's like, you know, Elvis Presley. I think I was too old for Harry Potter. I'm like, 'Did I miss everything?' I loved Hanson a lot."

I'm not sure you should admit that.

Ashley Greene: "I was also like 12, but yeah, I missed this stuff. But that's what's kind of more incredible about it to me is that they are that passionate. You know, my career obviously I'm very passionate about it, so it's really nice that they share that with me. Because, you know, everybody wants something to love that much."

Absolutely. And speaking of your career, has Twilight been a real launching pad for other projects?

Ashley Greene: "It has. Yes, that's the other thing. It's opened these doors. It's great. I filmed actually after the wrap of Twilight I filmed Summer's Blood in Canada and I'm in the midst of filming something called Skateland which is a movie that's set in the '80s which was fun to do. And I'm like I look so much like my mom whenever you've got the hair, Farrah Fawcett hair and makeup, so I sent her a picture and that was really cool. But, yeah, you know the buzz helps but people are just more confident in hiring you, and I think I'm more confident in myself and it helps. It shows in the room and I'm kind of like, 'I can do this. This is what I want to do.' And then just generally, producers and directors that want to meet you because you're part of something that's predicted to be kind of a big thing."


Ashley Greene: [Laughing] "I wasn't going to say that but it's okay if you do. But yeah, they want to meet these people. They want to meet us and so that's been really, really helpful."

Now you can be picky about what you want, right?

Ashley Greene: "Yes, and that's another confidence thing, I think, is that before I was like, 'What if I don't work again?' Or, 'What if I don't get another offer?' But now I have turned things down, which is also a good feeling. Because I want to do roles that speak to me and that affect me and maybe affect other people and eventually have someone like Charlize Theron's career. She and Johnny Depp, they get to transform and they're not [typecast]. Some people play and you're like, 'Oh, that's so and so. So and so plays so and so in every movie.' But it's like Charlize and Johnny Depp and people like that, and Christian Bale and Matt Damon, they will transform into these roles and that's I think what's intriguing about acting to me is that you get to become these other people. And that's why I love film rather than… TV is great but film you get to be this person for three months, or maybe three years if Twilight does what it's supposed to do, but yes."

Well, three years… They’ve got to make sure that you guys don't age too much.

Ashley Greene: "I know, I know."

That's the hard part about playing a vampire.

Ashley Greene: "That's what everyone said. 'You guys could make…' and I was like, 'No, we couldn't.' Because I'd have to look like I'm 16 for a few more years then."

They've got to get the next one started. Have they talked to you about it at all?

Ashley Greene: "They, you know, I think the weird thing is is it's up on IMBD, like New Moon is. So I was like, 'Well that's a good sign.' And there's been like little things kind of said and done but no one's actually specifically said, 'Hey listen, this is when you're working.'"

They should just get it over with and tell all of you.

Ashley Greene: "Tell me that I'm going to do it because I'm ready. Of course all my friends and family are asking and I'd like to say yes. I think we all would. But I'm thinking hopefully that.. What are they saying about the online sells? What percent is sold out?"

I think they were saying the opening weekend is sold out.

Ashley Greene: "I'm going to say they're going to make a second one. I said to my mom, I go, 'It's a good thing you're coming to the premiere because you won't be able to get a ticket.' I wouldn't be able to get a ticket. But so, yes, I think hopefully they'll film the second and third back to back, like what they did with Pirates of the Caribbean. But that's up to them. But I think it would be smart."

It would be the best move. So how tough was the baseball scene for you?

Ashley Greene: "You know, two weeks of rehearsal, I worked with a coach for two weeks and I was so tired of baseball by the time we finished. He went, 'You throw like a girl,' so I learned to throw like a boy. And I was kind of a brat and I was like, 'I'm so tired of this,' but by the time it came to the baseball scene I was so glad that we worked so hard and I had stuck it out."

Because your pitching motion looks really good. It looks authentic.

Ashley Greene: "Yeah, and that was the thing. They're like, 'We can speed it up. You don't have to pitch at 100 miles per hour or whatever…' I was like, 'That’s not going to happen,' because that's called movie magic. But the form was what they were most concerned about and getting the ball to go right by the camera, which was kind of nerve-racking for me because I hit the camera. I hit the camera man, too. Only once though, which is out of a couple…however many takes we did, I was kind of proud of. But yeah, I saw the finished product. I did see it in ADR and I'm really happy with it. I'm really happy that I worked so hard. As much as I complained about it, I'm glad how it turned out. I think my brother will be proud."

Your hair is too cute in the movie. Did you ever think of actually doing that style? Not that your hair's not pretty like it is. I'm not saying that…

Ashley Greene: [Laughing] "What are you trying to say?"

No, it's adorable.

Ashley Greene: "It would be kind of messed up though I think if I cut it right before the second one because they'd still have to wig me to keep the continuity. No, my management, they're like, 'No!' It's one of those things where it, I'd rather book a role and then cut it than have short hair and have to put in extensions or do all the work. Like I want it to be as easy as possible and so I'm waiting for that role."

Is it true that fans actually complained you were too tall?

Ashley Greene: "Oh yes. But you know what? That, out of everything - I've heard some things and seen some things - and out of everything I think I'm very fortunate as far as that being the complaint. I was like, 'Listen guys, there are no other girls who are five foot who portrays Alice. It's a fictional character.' Which I'm sure they wish there was some 5'2" girl or whatnot. But if that's the biggest complaint, I'm okay. And then of course the hair thing, but they wigged me into that. That was good and that worked out."

At the premiere of Sex Drive you and Kellan Lutz were telling me you guys do game nights. Are you still doing those?

Ashley Greene: "Yes, would you like to come?

[Laughing] Yes, I'd love to come.

Ashley Greene: "Edi [Gathegi] is so funny because he said, 'What is game night?' Kellan and I have been friends for a couple of years so it was really nice to work with one of my close friends. But yeah, we're big Taboo fans and so I'll host game night and he'll host game night. We'll have little hors d'œuvres or whatnot and have our friends over because it's so much fun. You know, you can go out to clubs and they're fun and they're cool, but you don't get that relationship."

You can't talk.

Ashley Greene: "Exactly. And it's like you learn things about people during board games like Taboo, you know? You're like, 'What? How did you even think about that?' But then Peter [Facinelli] does poker night at his house as well, so it's nice. It's cool that we all get along so well considering we might have to work together for a very long time."

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