Ashley Greene is all about sexing things up these days

Ashley Greene is all about sexing things up these days — the Twilight star recently stripped down to nothing but body paint for a SoBe Lifewater campaign, and she's decked out in black leather and a see-through bodysuit for the February issue of Interview that hits newsstands next Tuesday. One of the photos is perhaps NSFW, but there's more Ashley hotness with a behind-the-scenes video on the magazine's website. Ashley responded to questions asked by her costar in the series Michael Sheen about scoring her vampire role, leaving Florida for LA, and her upcoming movie The Apparition.

* On growing up in Florida: "It was great. I mean, it was great until I realized that there was more out there. I went to a public high school with a magnet program for law and psychology. But right before my junior year, I decided that I wanted to leave and become an actress, so I graduated early and moved out to LA. Now that I’m here, I can’t imagine living there."
* On getting the role of Alice Cullen: "It was just another audition. My managers were like, 'You’re going into a great casting office. They cast great projects. They’re sticklers. If you suck, they won’t call you back in.' So I was like, OK, I’ll pay extra attention. Then I figured out there wasn’t a script or a breakdown, but there was a book. So I got the series and fell in love with it. Then that determination kicked in and I was like, OK, I’m going to book this part is what’s going to happen. I worked my butt off for it."
* On what it's like being at the epicenter of the Twilight craze: "It’s a really hard thing to wrap your head around. I was working at a restaurant, I booked the role in Twilight, put in my two weeks’ notice, got fitted, flew to Portland, filmed, and then it started getting hype. That helped me get my foot into certain doors before the movie even came out. I did four independent films during the break between Twilight and New Moon. I haven’t even really had time to sit back and process it all. But when you do finally sit back and think about it, it’s incredible."

To see what Ashley has to say about her upcoming film projects and her interest in fashion, just read more.

* On the Apparition: "The great thing about this film is that it’s really serious. It’s more of a thriller. And, for once, I got cast first. They consulted me on the lead male, and we’re talking back and forth about this character, so it’s sort of a new stepping stone in my career."
* On fashion: "There was a moment in time where I was kind of having this mini-breakdown because it was all very new, and it was all being thrown at me really quickly, and I was going, 'Why are people reporting on this? Why do people care what I’m wearing or what I’m eating, and why are people looking down on me because I’m not wearing high heels?' That’s the downside to being in the public eye. When girls come up and say, “You’re my role model,” it’s really flattering, but it’s also really scary because I’m not perfect and I’m going to make mistakes. I’ve just decided that I have to continue to live my life and do what I do. Hopefully, people love me because of who I am, not who I pretend to be."

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Comment by Aisharie on January 14, 2010 at 5:17am
Very sweet girl. Go Ashley!
Comment by rob lover on January 14, 2010 at 5:37am
i agree with brutallyhonest, she is just a gorgeous woman, so that is all she has to work with, so she has to exhibit her body. I personally think she is getting disgusting.
Comment by KKS on January 14, 2010 at 6:07am
i think she is awesome! Keep up the good work Ashley, you're georgous!!
Comment by TwiGirlSara on January 14, 2010 at 6:12am
Love her <3 I'm sorry but if anyone thinks Kristen Stewart is a "great" actress, they need to get their heads out of their @$$es. In every role I've ever seen her in she does the same thing: bites her lip, sighes, bats her eye lashes and shows ZERO emotion. Ashley at least has a personality above that of a wet mop.
Comment by Angelica Olsson on January 14, 2010 at 7:32am
I like her.
Comment by Katina Mae on January 14, 2010 at 10:19am
If I were her, I'd be out in the public eye as much as possible too. Why not?
Plus, as far as the sexiness goes - she already had nude photos out so at least this time she had control over things in the SoBe ad.
And I've met her. She's really a nice girl!
Comment by Carmen Rohde on January 14, 2010 at 3:49pm
Why is there all of this bashing of Kristen. You can like Ashley without having to bash Kristen and you can like Kristen without having to bash Ashley. The fact is that these two actors are professionals. The fans are the ones having the rivalry, I am sure that there is no rivalry between Ashley and Kristen. Both actors are talented and there will be opportunities for both of them in future. I do feel that Ashley has made herself more visible. Kristen is more reclusive. I just happen to like Kristen. I have Kristen in many things and she is a talented person.


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