Summary: Hey Everyone this is just a short fan-fic of Twilight...well it is actually based a few years after the series is done with! SO WARNING MAY BE A BIG SPOILER IF YOU ARE NOT DONE WITH THE ENTIRE SERIES! I wanted to write a fan-fic from Bella's daughter's point of view! She technically eight in human years, but she 16 years old by the way her mind and body goes rapidly! Okay to put this bluntly so I don't get in trouble with copyright laws...ALL THE CHARACTERS DEALING WITH TWILIGHT AND ANY PLOT RELATED BELONGS TO STEPHANIE MEYER AND NOT ME...ONLY CHARACTERS I CREATE ACTUALLY BELONG TO ME! So please enjoy my fanfic.

At the End of Dusk: A Renesme Cullen Story

Chapter 1- Persuasive Argue.

I don't actually know how to describe myself; I am technically eight in human years, but I look and have the mind of a sixteen year old. My name is Renesme Cullen( I like being called Nessie for short) and I happen to be the hybrid daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. I have green eyes like my father when he was a human, and curly brownish hair. I am lanky and skinny and happen to be pale, but not as pale as my vampire family. My lover/ Uncle Jacob who happens to be my Mother's best friend, is the one I am suppose to marry...well I actually I will get to that in moment. I live in Forks, Washington...a small dank and dreary town. This town happens to be the place where most of my human and vampire family lives. Yes I am part human and part vampire! Okay unlike normal vampires I can eat food, but I really love blood! I sleep also, and I only look human in sunlight!

Anyways I am the only vampire that apparently ages or grows in anyway; which is fine by me....cause I would hate to be the same way forever, plus it makes me unique! Well now back to the Jacob thing. According to his clan or shapeshift laws," When a wolf sees a girl he thinks is the one for him and they feel a connection at that point, then they are pretty much set to be with eachother for life"...and he happened to do this when I was toddler, but I was actually so much older in my mind. I like my Jakie Wakie. My Mother is still not so keen about all this, but I don't care, and my Father just doesn't care as long as Jacob doesn't hurt me in anyway. Jacob is my big cuddly doggie-woggie!

I am wanting to go to school so badly! My Jacob goes to school, and anyways I have no friends accept my books and words. I really want to go. I am trying really hard to persuade my Father and Mother to let me go, but they are having a problem with me a hybrid or something like that. I met my Mother in our kitchen which was small with white cabinets, a tiny window with lace curtains, an old stove, and yellow walls. We had a small round kitchen table which was funny cause we barely at it or used the kitchen at all. In the center of the table was a vase of flowers. I sat down and began my argument.

" Ma...please can I go to highschool! I really want to go!" I begged and pleaded.
"No! I cannot be worrying about you all the time!" Mother snapped back.
" Oh come on, I am not that young and you know that," I said almost fuming, " The only reason you don't want me to go is because I look different from everyone else...I don't even fit in with the vampires in our family!"
"That is not fair Renesme! You know I didn't plan for that to happen!" Mother was near to tears.
"Sniff...Oh really you think I am a mistake don't you! God this is so messed up! And stop calling me know I like being called Nessie!" I yelled.
" I don't think you are mistake Nessie," my Mother made a face she always hated my nickname my Father and Jacob gave me.
"Then please Mom....let me go to school." I said done arguing with her.

Mother just sat at our kitchen table in our little cottage house. She looked like she was about to give in, but she said she wanted to talk to my father about all this. While she thinking it over; I went to my room. My room is my sanctuary...I have books, a boombox, a twinsize bed, some dressers, and miscellaneous things that mean something to me all around my room. My walls a painted a soft lavender and I have a bay-window that looks out into the garden of wildflowers and forest that makes up our backyard. I can read and write, and I was able to do so at a young age...and it happened to be one of my favorite hobbies. I sat done on my bed with my book of short stories and poems I write. I began to write about my day today, and I put it in a poetic sense. I got bored after writing in what seemed liked forever, but I was getting really tired and hungry. I needed to hunt, but I wasn't allowed to do so without Jacob or at least my Dad. I am a little different when it comes to my feeding habit, I cannot go very long without drinking blood, and human food only satisfies me for a little while-which is why I guess my parent's are worried about me going to school. Instead I waited, and eventually I fell asleep.

"Nessie...dear?! Honey wake up." I heard my Dad say while shaking me awake.
"What?! I was sleeping. Ugh I am hungry..." I complained and moaned.
"Come on get up...I will take you hunting!" Dad said nudging and sitting me up.
"Oh goody...dinner!" I said quickly jumping to my feet.

I pulled on my jacket and shoes and headed out the back door with Dad into the woods where we hunt. I loved hunting with my Dad, I guess I just have this connection with him, that makes me feel so much more comfortable. I am not saying I hate hunting with my Mom, but I can just be myself around Dad. We killed and drank the blood of a young doe. I was so happy. I love hunting! I love the feel of it, I love the wind going through my hair, the intensity, the passion. We finally made it to the place that was kinda really special for my both my Dad and Mom. It was this bright open valley in the middle of the woods. It was sunny so naturally my Dad was sparkly as ever. I didn't have that power, in sunlight I looked a normal teenage girl. We sat down and began to talk.

"Well Nessie, your Mother and I had a long talk today about letting you go to school," He began while fiddling with the grass.
"So let me is a no...right." I said sacarstically.
"Don't jump to conclusions Nessie. I am trying to say; that we agreed to you let go. On one condition, you must have an emergency supply of animal blood we will send with you, just in case you get the urge to drink, and that you always stay with or by Jacob. He is still in school so that shouldn't be a problem." Dad lectured.
"Really...this isn't a joke! You guys will let me go as long as follow those two conditions! Then it's a deal!" I said while tackling my Dad.

I was so happy that they decided to let me go, and next week after they figure out all the paperwork! I will be attending Forks Highschool! Although I was little annoyed at the rules, I get to spend more time with Jacob...which makes me really glad! When we got back to the house; I ran inside and gave my Mom a really big hug! I was so glad she came to her senses, but I really think Dad persuaded to her give into my demands.

End Note: Okay each Chapter of this is going to be a page long. This happens to be the first Chapter of my Fan-fic. Please feel free to comment on this! Thank you!

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Comment by Fanpire Facinelli (Fanpy) on February 16, 2009 at 4:57pm
I LOVE IT... I want to know what happens when she goes to school... this is really really good
Comment by Catherine_Cookie(Team Dimitri) on February 17, 2009 at 2:13pm
thanks for the comment!
Comment by Lanette Burns on February 19, 2009 at 1:34pm
Fantastic. I can't wait for the rest. Great job!
Comment by Catherine_Cookie(Team Dimitri) on February 20, 2009 at 10:08am


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