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Over the past month or so, the Twilight world has been incredibly filled with new daily headlines, and now that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been released, the whirlwind of information has started to slow up a bit. It’s a bit easier at this point to look back and see some of the Twilight and Eclipse news headlines that one might’ve missed in the hurricane of new movie news, so to make it easier on those who might be searching for some of the stories that may have been overlooked, here’s a handy list of fifty Twilight stories that could’ve fallen under the radar.

1. Kellan Lutz reacts to an old Robert Pattinson magazine spread: Twilight Lexicon posted this story, stating that “Kellan Lutz is over in Europe and some fans from European Twilight sites managed interviews.” Kellan Lutz has been the subject of quite a few entertaining headlines elsewhere on this list, too.

. Bryce Dallas Howard on Chelsea Lately: Coming into the cast as a fan herself, it was interesting to hear how Bryce Dallas Howard approached the situation of coming into the crew . . . and resisted the temptation to touch Taylor Lautner’s abs. Howard also revealed them, erm, interesting story behind her middle name.

3. Dakota Fanning and her Jane cutout: Dakota Fanning told MTV about how her cardboard cutout of herself as “Jane” mixes with her homelife.

. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and the Razzies: The L.A. Times contends that Eclipse might be one film in contention for the next round of Razzie awards.

5. Twilight Saga = World’s Most Successful Franchise?: MTV’s Terri Schwartz did a really interesting piece about how the Twilight Saga stacks up in the world of film franchises, contending that the series “will likely go down in history as the smartest move a film production company ever took” thanks to its budgeting versus ticket sales figures.

6. Ashley Greene, LOL: Ashley Greene recently signed on for a new project, LOL with Miley Cyrus, Thomas Jane, and Demi Moore. According to Reuters, “Greene will play a high school bad girl.”

7. Media unfair to Twilight fans?: The media’s treatment of Twilight fans has always been an area of interest here, so to see the Washington Post weigh in on the issue of Twilight fan treatment and come out on our side was really fascinating.

8. Alex Meraz respects Michael Sheen’s wolf portrayals: Alex Meraz, who portrays “Paul” in the Twilight series, was asked by the Washington Post about which on-screen werewolf (the Twilight series excluded, of course) he respected the most, and he said that it was Michael Sheen’s work in the Underworld series that took the cake. “There’s some pretty cool classics that I remember watching, but it wasn’t until Michael Sheen in Underworld that I was like, man, there’s a lot of substance that he creates. He’s an incredible actor. I have to give it to Michael Sheen,” he said. Meraz also mentioned that he got the opportunity to tell Sheen exactly how he felt about his work during New Moon press junkets. “We had five days where we were doing tons of interviews and I‘d see him in the elevator or at lunch and at the premiere. I got to tell him he’s just an incredible actor. He’s such a humble and polite – he’s just a total gentleman.”

9. Twilight fandom goes too far: Almost as often as we’ve discussed unfair media treatment to Twilight fans, we’ve tackled the issue of when Twilight fandom can get a little out of hand, but the Los Angeles Times has done a piece on that very issue, bringing to light some rather intense stories about when devotion becomes addiction. In the piece, fans whose real life relationships are being affected by their fandom speak up about what exactly the series can or could have cost them. Laura Brotherson at the Mormon Times also had a few things to say on the issue of Twilight devotion.

10. Melissa Rosenberg hints that there’ll be more Volturi in Breaking Dawn: The Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business Blog did a really in-depth interview with Twilight series screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and she hinted at one thing Twilight fans can look forward to with the final films: more Volturi. In the interview, Rosenberg was asked about her relationship with Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer, and, indicating that there’s a strong collaboration between the two, she revealed that the last thing she’d talked about with Meyer was “about the Volturi” and “something to do with, in her mind, in 'Breaking Dawn,' what were the Volturi up to? We don’t see them until the end. And in her mind, what was driving them? She’s lived with these characters a lot longer than I have. She has a very intricate mythology and very detailed backstories for all these guys. At one point, I had so much in there about their backstories — it’s very interesting what she’s come up with and what I could expand on.” Seems like a big part of how Breaking Dawn the book can and will be made into two films will be to include some of those Volturi moments we didn’t get to see from Bella and Jacob’s perspectives.

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