Beautiful Twilight inspired poem "Haunted "


Just a simple feeling

A brush of an arm

A whisper of breath across my face


Logic tells me it’s all in my mind

It’s just a chill

It’s just the wind


Visions in my head

That’s all

Nothing tangible to touch


There was never a heartbeat

But it didn’t matter because his beat in mine

There was no blood

But his flowed through my veins

There was no warmth

But I had never felt warmer


All in my head


I’m haunted by a memory as clear as glass and as breakable

Melodies in my head of angelic voices and soul wrenching music


I’m courting danger to bring him back

He made me promise

But he broke his

So now I break mine


With no breath left in my lungs

I wait for you to come

Beautiful Angel of mine


Haunt me

Yell at me

Hate me

But save me


I died the moment you left

You did this for my own good

Thinking you gone would save my life


You thought wrong!


My life is nothing without you

My heart doesn’t beat without you

My blood doesn’t flow without you

It’s too cold without you




I’m not insane

I’m not wrong

I didn’t see things!


I will bring you back!

I will do for you what you tried for me

I will save your life


Do not tell me there is no Heart in your chest!

Do not tell me you have no Soul!

Do not tell me that you aren’t an Angel!


You are all those things to me!


My heart will beat for yours

My blood will flow for yours

My warmth will burn so bright you’ll think you’re on the sun!

My life will be yours


Just take my hand!


Open your eyes and see

I am better with you

I am the safest with you

I am the happiest with you


Heartbeat or no

I am alive with you!


Please don’t leave me forever Haunted!


I am here and I love you!


Feel my heart

Smell my scent

Taste my lips

And hear my voice


I am alive again in your arms


Fight for you

Fight for me

Fight for the life we can have

Fight for the family that is waiting


I won’t let you go

I won’t sleep

I won’t take my eyes off of you


I’ll believe in the morning

I’ll remember in the morning

I’ll see reality in the morning


Until then never let this haunting dream end

He is here with me now

And I will dream this dream forever if it keeps you here


I will be with you forever

There is nothing you can do to change that fact

You can help or you can hinder

Either way it will inevitably happen

So as long as I agree to this proposal

I will hold you to your part


And I will die… to live by mine

By Simone Frances Reed


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Comment by vampie cat on April 9, 2012 at 2:44pm

awsummmm justtt awsu,,, man!!!!!!!!!!!


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