Hello again. Thought it was about time to comment since a lot has changed in my life in the past few days.
Where to start, where to start...well, the best is always saved for last. So I'll start with the boring stuff.
I just turned 17 on July 16. I work at a Pizza Hut as a cook - not fun at all, but i could do worse. I am a senior at my high school and received a 24 average on my ACT's, my highest being a 28 in reading and a 26 in English (my two best classes) and my lowest being a 22 in Science. Or Math. I can't really remember anymore.
That brings around my next topic!! I can't remember anything to save my life.
I have written over 200 fan fictions - none of which are stolen or plagiarized, even from another of my own stories. I believe re-using information is for the uncreative.
I am completely left brained at times and often am the first to use logic to solve an illogical problem.
I like to stay up all night reading, writing, and - while I'm at my mom's house - chatting to the friends I have made on a variety of websites. I often sleep until one o'clock in the afternoon (as i did today, i was up until 6:30 am).
Moving on to the best for this post:
I recently made a new friend, Chy, she is amazing and wonderful. Not to mention a lot of fun to chase. She's a true beauty when she's on top. -winks-

Well, that's all i feel like sharing for now. So, comment - don't comment.
I don't really care either way. You're the one wasting your time reading about my life.
You're the best Chy!!!!! Miss you!!!

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Comment by What a Glorious Time to be Mel:D on July 21, 2010 at 9:17pm
you ARE special Chy. <3


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