I walked into homeroom, searching for an open seat. There was one right between Alex and Andrew. Gee, wonder how that happened. I walked down the aisle, placing my books on the desk. Alex gave me her best excited smile. She was bouncing in her seat, literally. "I can't wait for tonight! It's going to be so much fun!" she said in her high pitched voice. I laughed. She got excited over the littlest things. "We're just going to dinner and a movie, Alex. Calm down. We're not going to meet the President." Her face fell. I wasn't as excited as I should be, apparently. I sighed. Fine, I would put on my best fake smile and press on. I grinned. "So, Mrs. Fashionista, what should I wear?" Alex was the girl at school who would look at you and say, very clearly, "You need to go home and change. Now." And since I was no good at things like hair and makeup, she was my best bet. She grinned. Toni's second favorite thing-in-the-world; Fashion. Her first had to be boys. For best friends, I thought, we were so unalike.

Alex was contemplating. Her fingers were on her chin, so I knew it would take her a little while. I turned to Andrew. "So, where are we going for our date?" I asked. I really had no idea. Details kind of fell through the cracks in my brain. Not the best thing. He smiled. Why was everyone so happy today? "We're going to Le Delicat' Rose. That was surprising. Le Delicat' Rose was the most expensive restaurant in town. "When did that happen?" I was sure I would have remembered that. "Last night. Which means I get to see you in a dress. This oughtta be fun." He winked at me. I laughed. He was such an idiot. Then again, I guess he was my idiot. I thought about the date. I was going to have to wear a dress. Which meant I was going to borrow one from Alex. Speaking of which, it was taking her a long time to figure out my outfit. "Alex? Hello?" "Oh. Sorry. Hmm.. I'll just come over to your house later with the clothes. I'll have to think about it." "Okay." Ugh. If she had to think about it, I would be decked out in pink.

I spent most of homeroom going between Alex and Andrew, talking about tonight. I wasn't as excited as they were. To me, it was just another date. After our teacher, Mrs. Cochran, came in, I turned back around. With nothing to do but think, that's what I did. My mind flew to Eron. Which I couldn't allow. Day dreams about a person who doesn't exist? No, thank you. Even if he was the perfect guy. Gah! I had a boyfriend. I liked him. Why did my mind play tricks on me? I tried to pay attention to the announcements, something I never did. I did a good job at keeping my mind off Eron. That was, until I began to really think about my date...

I walked in the restaurant, an arm around my waist. I was wearing a blue, frilly dress, something I wouldn't be caught dead in. But I was smiling. Very happy to be with whoever had my waist. We walked up to the maitre d'. A very familiar voice said, "Reservation for two, under de Luca." That wasn't Andrew. The guy holding my waist was Eron. I should have stopped myself right there. I never day dreamed. But this was looking very good. The maitre d' showed us to our table, placing menus in front of us. I was going to keep silent, but Eron decided to speak. "Hello, Ella. How are you?" I gaped behind my menu. God, why was this happening? Day dreaming about Andrew would have been better. I sat there, in a stunned silence, warring with myself. Eron spoke again. "Ella?" Oh, why did he have to talk? Deciding it was rude to ignore him, I said softly, "I'm fine, Eron. Thanks." I was still hiding my face behind the menu. I hadn't even looked at it. Maybe he could order for me? I looked up, wondering if I should say anything. Eron's eyes were focused on me. He met my gaze, and I was caught. I couldn't look away. His eyes were a striking deep blue, a color that came only when he was lovingly concerned. A gasp slid up my throat, escaping through my mouth. He raised an eyebrow, a twinkle in his eyes. Or maybe it was the lights reflecting, I didn't know.

Eron leaned in closer, and suddenly, the table was gone. We were on a dance floor, the band playing some nameless tune. Eron was smiling as he spun me, catching me in a dip. I couldn't help but stare. The man of my dreams was something special. He was making me dance, but not in a way I didn't like. I couldn't dance, but I was. Eron spun me around one more time, then caught me, holding me as we swayed side to side. He was looking down at me, watching me again. And then, unexpectedly, he moved. His lips came closer and closer. I smiled. And as his lips touched mine...

"Ms. Chance! Are you with us today, or have you decided to spend class daydreaming?" My eyes focused, and I saw I wasn't on a dance floor, and Eron wasn't there. I stifled a sigh. This is why I shouldn't day dream. I looked up at Mrs. Cochran. She was expecting an answer. "No, ma'am. Sorry. I'll pay attention." I said, hoping she wasn't going to hold this against me. "Humph," was her only response.

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