I asked my mom on the drive back to Denali.
-I wanted you to live youre life, and to go where you wanted without being scared of getting killed.
She said. She sounded upset.
-That’s so not fair mom. You could have told me as soon as you found out I was going to Italy.
-Well Italy is pretty big. How was I supposed to know that you were going to Volterra?
-You could have asked.
I snapped. I was mad now. I was sad too but my anger is what showed.
-Yeah I guess. I’m sorry.
-What do you have to be sorry about? You saved my life right?
I didn’t believe that. I’d never felt as safe as I did when I was with Alec.
-Yes I did.
She answered.
She was wrong. She’d never been so wrong about anything in her exsistence. I would rather die than to stay away from him. Which is what I would have done if I could. I can die but not without someones help, and who would help me?
-Maybe we should keep quiet about this.
My mom suddenly said.
I asked.
-It’s not neccasery for them to know about this.
-Fine. But they know you went to Italy right?
-So what are you going to tell them?
-That you called and it sounded like you were in danger but when we got there you were just fine.
-Mom you know that’s a lie.
-Yes I know.
-But you don’t like lying to dad.
-No I don’t but I don’t have another choice.
-What you don’t want to tell him that his only daughter fell in love with her immortal enemy?!
I was really angry now.
-Calm down Masen! You did not fall in love with him you just had a moment of weakness. We are not like that. We don’t fall in love with monsters.
-Oh yeah? What about Bella and Edward? And you and dad? That was not supposed to happen either. But it did.
-That is not the same thing and you know it. They do not kill innocent people!
The tears came once again. I knew he killed people before I fell in love with him, or did I? Maybe I fell in love with him the first time I saw him in the shadows. He was so beautiful with his light brown hair and pale white skin. Maybe that’s why I didn’t pull away when he kissed me that first night. I remember the look in his eyes when he saw how afraid I was when I first found out that he wasn’t a ´´vegetarian´´ Those eyes, they were so beautiful that you could drown in them. He wore contacts in public. But underneath them there were these beautiful crimson eyes.
It was my moms voice that broke through the thick wall that I’d just build around myself while I rememberd. My dream land.
-Were home.
We were in front of the house. When I started to build my wall we’d been just outside Vancouver. I got out of the car quietly. It was sunny outside, I had to cover my eyes with my hand. We’d traveled at night so it had been dark the whole time.
My dad yelled when he saw me.
-Jake, shes a little jet lagged.
My mom said.
-Let’s leave her alone for a bit, okay?
My dad said shocked. I grabbed my bag from the trunk and walked away quickly. The tears were coming again. I started running now.
-What happened?
I heard my dad ask.
-Nothing, she’s just tired.
My mom answered.
I was at the cottatge by then. I ran in to my room. I threw my bag at the bed and opened it. Alec. It was his t-shirt and his sweater. I guess my mom just took what ever clothing she could find in my room before we left. I smelled the t-shirt, it smelled just like him. That delicious scent that only he had. It smelled manly and somehow sweet. Why did I let myself think about the time that we’d shared? It was only hurting me. What is he doing right now? I suddenly thought.Why was I wondering this?
-Stop it.
I said to myself.
-Stop what?
A voice asked.
I turned around hopefully. But why? It was just Brady.
I snapped.
-It didn’t sound like nothing May.
-Yeah well it was nothing.
He looked doubtful.
-Then why are you crying?
-I’m not.
I said while I whiped away the tears.
-You got something in your’e eye then?
I answered quickly.
I was shivering. I was so sad I could barely stand on my own two feet let along breath or keep warm.
-Oh my god, you’re shivering.
Brady said. He went through m bag until he could find the largest warmest thing in it. It was Alec’s sweater.
-Put this on.
He said while handing me the sweater. I started crying again.
-Okay forget the sweater.
He said while he pulled me closer.
-I’ll keep you warm.
And I knew he could, I could feel the heat radiating off of him. I was in his arms now. It was warm. I hadn’t noticed that he didn’t wear a sweater until now. I put my hand on his chest, it was even warmer. I looked up at his face only to notice that he was looking down at me. I shivered when I notices how intense his eyes were. He noticed and hugged me tighter. It was nice, I needed it. I froze.
-Does my being halfnaked bother you?
He asked as he’d noticed that I froze.
-No, it’s nice.
I said as I looked up at him again. I looked in to his eyes. They were so intense. He kissed me then. I kissed him back. He kissed me tighter, that’s when I pulled away.
-Brady… I can’t.
I apologized. Then I stormed out of the house. He ran after me.
-May… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you I…
-It’s okay Brady just leave me alone for a while.
He kept coming after me. He grabbed my arm.
-Brady let go!
I half screamed. I was so angry. Then something happened. I felt a fire going threw my body. Then I was on four feet, or I should say paws. Brady’s face had a weird expression. Well this was new. I’m a shape shifter too. Well I guess since my dad’s one I have it in my genes. But why now? Maybe I hadn’t been this angry before. I was not angry anymore just surprised. Then I was on two feet again. I was naked except for my panties which were the only thing that didn’t tare apart for some reason I’ll never know.
I said
Brady said. He was staring at me. Maybe it was cause I was naked. I didn’t bother me.
-Could you stare more?
I asked in a sarcastic tone.
-Oh sorry.
He said but he kept staring at me.
I walked toward him just to see if he would notice anything but the parts of my body that I was trying to hide. He didn’t so I walked closer and closer and closer ‘til finally I was one inch away from him. It wasn’t until then that he noticed that I was so close. I noticed that he had a t-shirt in his back pocket. So I leaned around him and took it.
-Thank you.
I said.
He was stunned. He just stood there frozen while I put the t-shirt on. I turned to walk back to the house.
Brady called after half a second.
He ran after me grabbed my arm ,pulled me as close as he could and kissed me hard. This time I was ready for him. I pushed him up against a tree and kissed him wildly. He grabbed my hips and helped me get up on his. My fingers were all tangled up in his hair, A low sound came from him then. I rolled down his jeans with my feet.
-How’d you do that?
He asked surprised.
I said smiling.
He kept kissing me, he turned around so that I was pushed up against the tree. He kissed my breast.
It was my dad.
-Oh shoot.
I said.
-Damn it.
Brady said.
-I’m sorry but I have to go if he catches us you’ll wish you’d be dead.
-Yeah probably. Go.
He whispered and then he kissed me.
I ran back to the cottage as fast as I could. I got in through my bedroom window.
I said while catching my breath and opening the door.
-Why didn’t you open?
He asked.
-Sorry I was asleep.
-Oh sorry I’ll come back later then.
-Yeah, see you.
-Oh by the way, have you seen Brady? We were supposed to have a pack meeting but he never showed.
-Nope sorry dad.
I said.
I lied.
-Oh okay, well if you see him tell him we’re looking for him.
-Sure, dad. Bye.
Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. I really don’t like lying to him like that.
Brady said as he climbed through my window.
-They’re looking for you.
I said.
-Yeah I know.
He said while kissing my neck.
-I don’t care.
-You should. I just lied for you.
I said I was a bit irritated by that.
-I’m sorry you had to do that.
He said.
That was all he had the chance to say cause I was running for the bathroom. I was sick.
He asked concerned.
-Go get Carlisle.
I told him.
Then he was gone and I was sick again.
Seconds later Brady came back with Carlisle and my mom.
-She’s pregnant.
Were the first words that came out of my mother’s mouth.
-We don’t know that for sure.
Carlisle said.
-Yeah we do, she’ll probably be craving for eggs in an hour.
Pregnant? How could I be? I hadn’t slept with Brady. Alec.
I said.
-No it’ll be fine honey.
My mom said to try and cover up the name that just came out of my mouth.

One year later.

-Yeah Ale?
-Can we go visit my dad sometime?
Oh no. I knew that this day was coming I was just hoping it wouldn’t.
-Erhmm… hon… I don’t think that we can.
-You’re dad doesn’t know that you excist.
-Yeah I know, but I want to see him.
-Well I don’t.
That was a lie. I’d been wanting to see him since I left Italy a year ago. I was just scared to say it out loud.
-Fine we’ll go.
I am going to regret this.
-Yay! Thanks mom.
Alecsandra yelled.
-When are we leaving?
-As soon as we can.
I said.
-We’ll have to bring my mom though.
I admitted.
She said, she was still just as happy about our trip.

Twenty-four hours later I was in Volterra. It felt like déjà vú to walk in to that same house that me and my friends had rented a year ago. It felt so unreal. After we’d unpacked and freshened up we headed for town.
-Yeah mom?
-Promise me one thing?
-Sure mom.
-Keep out of the shadows.
As I said those words I started to cry.
-What’s wrong mom?
Alecsandra asked.
-Nothing I just…
Remembered when I met Alec in the shadows and he was so perfectly beautiful.
-Let’s go.
I said.

There's more to come:D

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