The sun was up so my mom could'nt go with us into town. I wasn't to happy about that, cause if she isn't here I'm more likely to do something that I'll regret. Alecsandra and I were sitting on a bench just enjoying the lovely weather. She was so beautiful, I couldn't even believe that she's my daughter. She was Alec's daughter too and well that explained it. She was so pretty with here light brown hair and brown eyes, she looked like angel in the sunlight.
- Hey mom, do you want an ice cream ?
She asked.
- Yeah sure.
I said smiling.
- I'll be right back.
She said as she halfran- in human speed- to the ice cream stand across the square. She looked even more beautiful now as her hair was blowing wildly around her face. I wonder what Alec would think of her, If he'd like her or if he'd despise her just cause she's my daughter aswell. I'll bet he wouldn't be too happy that I'd kept her from him for a year. But still I hope that if he ever meets her he'll understand that my family wouldn't let me go back, I wont blame everything on them though it is mostly thier fault. My dad still doesn't know who's Alecsandras father, he still thinks that a man named Paolo is her father. Something's wrong. Alecsandra is in serious danger, her breathing stopped which she never does unless something is really wrong. I got up and ran as fast as I could without exposing myself or my family, I followed her scent to the shadows. I saw her, and behind her was a man with dark hair. Felix. A high snarl came through my chest, I tried to control myself from phasing.
- Aah, Masen.
Felix said with a grin on his face.
- Welcome back to Volterra.
- Felix let her go.
I pleaded.
- Now why would I do that ?
He asked.
- You've already ruined the life of my family twice, don't do it again.
I answered him.
- Well third times a charm.
He said showing his teeth.
- Felix please.
I begged.
- No. You're coming with me.
He said while beckoning me to come with him. And so I did, what other choice did I have ? We walked through the tunnels under the city for about ten minutes, then we reached a huge wooden door. When the door opened I saw Demetri. As soon as he saw us his face turned serious, as if he'd seen a ghost. He was probably suprized to see me here, that I would dare to come back to this town.
- Give her to me.
Demetri said to Felix. Felix handed her over to Demetri and then he grabbed my arms and walked me forward. We walked for five more minutes then we reached another wooden door. I glanced at Alecsandra and Demetri, he'd loosened the grip a bit. Demetri pushed the door open and then he walked in. We entered a round room with three huge wooden thrones. There were a man in each throne. I recognized the men from a painting in Carlisle's office. Aro, Marcus and Caius. They looked even more angelic than they had in the painting but they were nothing compared to my angel, Alec.
- Greetings guests.
The man who I remembered as Aro said. I didn't answer and neither did Alecsandra.
- What's wrong?
Aro asked.
- Well you're men are kind of harsh when it comes to capturing people.
- I apologize.
Aro said. Felix tightened his grip. Aro didn't seem to notice it though.
- Better my dear guests?
Aro asked.
- Guests? Is this how you treat you're guests ?
Alecsandra yelled.
Aro, Marcus and Caius were all surprized.
- And who might you be dear one ?
Aro asked.
- My name is Alecsandra.
She answered.
- And what is you're relation to Masen ?
He looked at a woman standing across the room, she walked to him and gave him her hand. He looked surprized.
- Really?
He asked the woman.
- Yes.
She answered.
- Fascinating.
Aro said.
- Congratulations Masen.
What was he saying ?
- What?
I asked.
- You're daughter.
Oh no.
- Yes, but how did you find out?
I wondered.
- You see that woman over there, that's her gift. She see's relationships.
He answered.
- Oh.
I said. The door opened at the same time as a wind blew into the room. Alec.
- Aah, Alec, Jane welcome.
The tears were filling up my eyes. He was here in the same room as me. The only thing that I wanted to do was to run into his arms and tell him how much I love him.
- Aro.
Alec and Jane said at the same time.
- We were just talking to our guests.
Aro said. Alec and Jane turned their heads toward us, the look on Alec's face when he saw it was me was unexplainable.
- This is Masen and her daughter Alecsandra.
Aro told them. I wish he hadn't. I knew what Alec was thinking. He was thinking, daughter how is that possible? It's only been a year.
- How do you spell that?
Aro asked Alecsandra.
- A-L-E-C-S-A-N-D-R-A.
She answered him.
- Like Alec and then Sandra.
Aro was figuring it out.
- Yes.
I had to do something.
- If you've gotten what you want then we would like to leave.
I said to Aro. Felix grip got harder and he bent my back backwards. I heard a small crack.
- Aaargh!
I screamed. Then Felix and Demetri was on the floor rolling in pain. What happened? Alecsandra threw herself toward Demetri for some reason.
- I'm sorry.
She whispered.
- Who did that?
Aro asked. Alecsandra got to her feet.
- I'm sorry I didn't mean to....
Alecsandra started.
- You did that?
I asked suprized. I could see that it was the same thing that Aro was going to ask.
- Yeah I don't know how, I just got so angry and I... I'm sorry.
- It might be a useful gift, it's almost excactly the same as Jane's gift.
Aro said. Now I'm sure he'd figured it out. Of course my daughter would have the opposite gift to her father and his sister already had it.
- I have no idea were it came from.
Alecsandra said.
- Oh but I do.
Felix said.
- Felix, shut up.
I snapped.
- Are you having secrets?
Aro asked.
- No, Felix is just being a jerk as usual.
I answered. Felix moved toward me.
- Stay right there.
Alecsandra said.
- Or what? You'll hit me?
Felix asked.
- No.
She said.
- Oh so you'll use you're gift? You're not even in control of it.
He said smugly.
- You don't think so, be my guest.
She said with hateful eyes.
- Come on.
Felix said.
- Stop this immediatley.
Aro said.
- I think it's time you tell us who you're father is.
Aro told Alecsandra.
- I don't know his name.
She said.
- Well I'm sure you're mom does.
Damn it.
- His name is Paolo.
I lied.
- I don't believe you.
Aro said.
- Well that's really not my problem now is it?
- ALEC!!
Felix screamed.
- What ?!
Alec asked surprized.
- Oh you don't know?
He asked smugly.
- Know what?
- That Alecsandra is you're daughter.
My mom entered the room at that point.
- Aro.
She greeted him.
- Ahh Renesmee, it's nice to meet you again.
- What's going on here? You're having a party without inviting me?
- Oh well Felix ran into you're relatives and brought them to me.
I walked to Alec.
- Alec...
I started.
- Masen you kept this from us. And Alec you should really know better.
Aro said. I started crying. How was any of us ever going to get out of this alive? It's not possible.
- Alec I'm sorry I...
I started. I couldn't get the words out.
- We'll leave you two to talk about this.
Aro said, then they all left the room. We stood there quiet for a minute.
- Alec I'm really sorry you had to find out like this.
I said.
- As if you were ever going to tell me.
He said.
- No I guess I wouldn't, she wanted to meet you and so did I. I was just afraid that you'd hate me for keeping this from you.
He looked at me with a weird expression.
-Hate you? I could never hate you. I love you.
- You love me?
- Yes I never stopped.
- You didn't?
I asked as the tears ran down my face.
- No. Don't cry.
He said as he pulled me closer. Oh god how I'd waited for this moment.
- I love you too.
I said as I whiped the tears away. Alec kissed me, and I kissed him back.
- She's alot like you.
I told him. He froze.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be. I'd love to meet her without all this drama but I'm afraid that it'll never be possible.
- I know, they'll kill us right?
- No but they'll probably send you home right away and I cant go with you, and even if they'll let me I doubt that you're family would let me.
- We could stay here with you.
- No.
I couldn't believe he was saying this, that he didn't want us here.
- What? You don't want us here?
The tears were coming again.
- No, no that's not what I meant. I meant that I don't want you to throw you're life away. I'm not worth it.
- What? You are so worth it. You are my life Alec. If Aro, Marcus and Caius let us stay then we will, without a doubt.
- Well there's no doubt they'll let you stay. They would love to have you on our team. I just don't want you to give everything up for a life here with me. You can't be vegetarians if you live here you know.
- I know. I'm not giving anything up cause a life without you is not a life.
- So you'll stay?
- Yes, all though I don't think that my parents will be too happy about that. But it really doesn't matter.
- Shall we invite them back in?
- Erhhm sure.
Oh god what if they wont let us stay, what would I do? I can't even think that it'll just tare me up. They walked in the room at the exact same moment as I said sure. Aro was in the front followed by Marcus, Caius, Alecsandra, Demetri, Felix, My mom and the others whos names I didn't know.
- Aro. We have something to tell you.
Alec said.
- Yes?
Aro asked.
- May?
Alec asked.
- Erhmm...
I started, it was hard for me to talk about it.
- I would like to stay in Volterra.
I said in a nervous tone.
- NO!!
My mom screamed.
- You can't do that May.
Oh god I was afraid this would happen. I grabbed Alec's hand and pressed it tightly.
- Erhhm mom, it's my choice.
Suddenly a picture of a beautiful woman surrounded by fire hit me. She was screaming at a beautiful young blonde haired boy. This was a long time ago, so long ago that I couldn't even name the time and place. There was a little girl clinging to the woman- who obviously was her mother-s leg. The girl was crying. I watched the woman and the little girl burn to death. I felt pain, like as if I was on fire too. It was the boy who was on fire, I was the boy. Then a dark haired man came toward the boy and bit him. Then I came back to reality. I was crying.
- May what's wrong?
Alec asked me.
- I... the boy... fire.
I was terrified. I knew why the boy had seemed so familiar. The boy was Aro.
- Aro.
I said.
- Yes my child?
- You...
I started, I couldn't get the words out. I'd always thought that I was just a shape shifter but I guess that I was wrong.
- Mom I need to talk to you.
- Sure.
- Never mind I'll just tell everyone.
- I had a vision or what ever you'd like to call it. There was a fire, and a blonde woman. There was a little dark haired girl aswell. And a young blonde boy. He reminded me of Aro. I watched them die. And then a dark haired vampire came and he bit the boy. I felt the pain. I can't even explain it. Now I know how it feels.
Then everybody was quiet. And I had a vision of a conversation between Aro and Carlisle. They were talking about how Aro was changed and how he didn't remember how it happened.
- Oh.
I said.
- What?
Alec said.
- Carlisle.
- What about Carlisle?
Aro asked.
- You've had a conversation about what I just saw with him. Only you didn't know how you became what you are. Now you know.
- How did you know that?
Aro asked.
- I don't know I just saw it. Maybe subconsiously you showed me.
- Look this is not what I meant to talk about.
- No you're right, now explain why you want to stay.
Oh god.
- Erhmm well I want to be with the man I love.
- Ooh love.
Felix said.
- Shut up.
I said.
- Well it doesn't look like you'll be able to live with Felix.
He's right.
- Well I'll admit that it'll be though since he's set on being a jerk. But I can handle it, and if I couldn't then I'd just look at his memories when he least expects it and find out something really embarassing. I have my ways you see.
- Aah you'll fit in great. But what about you're daughter does she want to stay here with us?
- You'll have to ask her.
Aro looked surprized too hear that I let my daughter decide waht she wanted.
- Well my dear?
He asked her.
- I'm staying here with my mom.
She said.
- Well it's settled then.
Aro said with a smile on his face.
- Just one question?
I said to Aro.
- Yes?
- Do we have to eat humans?
I asked with a grimace on my face.
- Well we'll see what we can do about that.
- Really?
He couldn't be serious right?
- Yes. Well Alec, Demtri show our new members to their rooms.
Alec grabbed my hand and we started walking out of the round room. Demetri and Alecsandra were just behind us.
- We'll see you for dinner.
Aro yelled after us. I shivered at the thought. Alec tightened the grip around my hand as he felt it. We walked through a long corridor with many doors. Alec, Demetri, Jane, Felix and the other woman was the part of the guard that was the closest to Aro, Marcus and Caius. There rooms were in a tower, Demetri opened a door for Alecsandra which she entered. Alec lead me up more stairs 'til we made it to a wooden door. He opened the door and lead me inside, the room was big, dark and safe. There was a bed in it which made me wonder. I could feel Alec's breaths on my neck, he lowered his head further down to kiss it. Another shiver ran through my spine, but this was a nice shiver.
- I love you.
Alec said with his lips at my neck. I turned around to face him.
- I love you too.
I said as got up on my toes to kiss him. He kissed me back wildly, it was almost like as if we'd been apart for ten years. It had felt like a lifetme, this was the moment that I'd been waiting for. I couldn't wait for us to be as one again. He layed me down carefully on the bed and kissed me. I didn't understand why he was so careful, there was almost no way that he could hurt me now that I was fully grown.
- Alec?
I asked.
- Yeah?
He answered as he stopped kissing me. He looked me in the eyes.
- Why are you being so careful?
- The last time you were here I was in serious pain. I couldn't act as I usually do that's also why I didn't protect you from Felix.
- Oh. What was wrong?
- I'd been in a fight with Felix. He's alot stronger than me. I lost the fight, I was lucky I got out alive. He was prepared to tare me apart and burn the pieces.
- Oh god. I'm sorry.
- I survived, you helped me get better.
- What were you fighting about?
He didn't want to tell me this, I saw it in his face.
- We were fighting about Jane.
- Jane? You're sister?
- Yes. Jane and Felix were together, they still are.
- Oh, were they together when you went to Forks?
- Yes.
- Oh, how did she take it?
- That's the thing, he didn't tell her.
- What?
- Yes.
- Oh my god, now that just makes me hate him even more. You don't do that, you just don't.
I was angry now. Really angry, after everything he'd done to my family he still got to be loved.
- Calm down. It's okay.
- No it's not, after everything he's done to my family he still gets to be loved.
- I know. But you love me after everything I've done to you're family.
- After everything you've done?
- Yeah, didn't they tell you that I was in Forks that time aswell?
- Yeah they did but...what happened?
- Nothing really I just went along with everything he told me to.
- Wait, I thought that you were higher up than Felix.
- Yes I am but Aro didn't know about this little mission.
- What? Then why didn't you stop him?
I could see that he was troubled about something.
- He threteaned to end things with my sister. And I couldn't let that happen cause I knew how much he means to her.
- That's cruel. I mean I knew was a jerk and a replica of the devils spawn but to toy with someones feelings is just...gaah there's not even a word to describe it.
- I know. I love my sister and I wouldn't want her to be hurt.
- I feel like going over to him and hit him real hard.
- Trust me it wont make it any better. I've tried remember.
- Right. How do you think you're sister feels about this?
I was worried about that. I mean she didn't seem to like me very much and now that I've declared my love for her brother it could only be worse.
- I don't know. You look worried?
- Yeah well I don't think she likes me very much.
- I'm sure she does.
He was lying.
- Don't lie to me, I see right through you.
- I'm sorry I just hope that you'll atleast get along.
- Well that might be hard considering that...
I couldn't tell him. That I'd seen what his sister had done to Edward.
- Considering what?
Oh god.
- Well I saw what she did to Edward when he, Alice and Bella were here. And what she wanted too do to Bella.
- That was a long time ago.
- I know but...and also she's with Felix. She hates me Alec. I could feel it. She absolutley despises me.
- No Masen she's just...well she saw how I was after you left and it was not pretty. Felix told her why I was that way and well she promised that she would kill you.
- What? Kill me? And you let me stay here, you could have told me. I probably would have stayed anyway though. What were you like after I'd left?
- I tried to kill myself so many times that I lost track.
- I'm sorry I should have fought back when they dragged me home but I felt betrayed. You lied to me. It was like as if our relationship was based on a lie.
- I know but it's not something that I usually tell people. I don't start with '' Hi I'm Alec I'm part of the most powerful coven of vampires''.
- No that would just be weird. I guess I don't start with '' Hi my name is Masen my grandfather is Edward Cullen so now I guess you'll have to kill me''.
- Why would I have to kill you?
- Erhmm, well cause I'm me?
- That makes no sence.
- Well I'm like that.
- Yeah guess you are.
- And what is that suppose to mean?
I was annoyed now, what was he talking about?
- Nothing.
He said with a grin on his face.
- Tell me.
I said as I wrestled him down.
- No you'll have to make me.
- No problem.
I said as I got up from the bed and walked over to sit on the chair across the room.
- What are you doing?
He asked surprized.
- Making you.
I said with a huge grin on my face.
- How?
- Well if you don't tell me then I wont touch you for a very long time.
His face fell.
- Well good luck with that.
He said after a minute, he had a huge grin on his face. I did not expect that.
- I'm going to take a shower.
He said as he removed his shirt from his body. His chest was so beautiful, muscular. This was going to be hard.
- Have fun.
I said, not letting him hear how annoyed I was. He walked in to the bathroom and closed the door. I heard him turn the water on and get in.
- I'm fine.
I whispered to myself.
Five minutes later.
This is not going to work. I'm weak. I took all of my clothes off and opened the door to the bathroom. He noticed me when I came in.
- I knew you...
He started.
- Shut up.
I said as I kissed him. He pushed me up against the wall so hard that it cracked and it made a small noise come out of me. He enjoyed that, so he was a bit sadistic. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him, he kissed my neck. I hadn't thought about the fact that I was more human than vampire or werewolf. He had to have some urge to drink my blood. I was afraid. But I didn't care, he could kill me now atleast then I'd die happy. I kept kissing him wildly. I felt his manhood harden under me. He kissed my breast and I made a noise of pleasure. He hardened more, this was it. He got in me on the first try, it hurt more this time than it had before. He was stronger now, but I was a virgin the last time. I high pitched noise came out of my lips when he got into me.

The walls must be very sound proofed. I'm surprized that no one came and told us to keep quiet. I knew that I was noisy. Alec had enjoyed it so much that the wall in the bathroom almost cracked completley. Where was he? I guess I'd fallen asleep. I closed my eyes again so that I might here him somewhere. I didn't it was as if he'd gone off the face of the earth. The door opened then, it was him I could feel it. I kept my eyes shut so that he'd think that I was asleep. He walked to the bed and sat down next to me
- Good morning.
He said in a loving voice. I opened my eyes slowly. He sat there looking down at me with his brown eyes? Had he been out already, he was wearing his contacts. But they're not usually brown they have more of a brownish purple colour. He was thirsty, his eyes were almost black under the contacts.
- Good morning.
I said as I swollowed a lump in my throat.
- Did you sleep well?
He asked.
- Yes.
I sad as I tried to sit up. I couln't my whole body was hurting. A sound of agony came from me.
- What's wrong?
He asked worried.
- Nothing I just...I'm just a little numb from sleeping, it happens all the time don't worry.
I really hated to lie to him but he was already in so much pain, I could see it in his eyes.
- Okay. Breakfast?
He asked as he held up a tray of human food.
- Thanks.
I said suprized. He put the tray of food on the table next to the bed and kissed my forehead. This was hard for him but I was too scared to bring it up.
- I want to try something.
He said.
- Okay.
I answered. Then I saw what happened last night. He was showing it to me. I jumped at him, I didn't care how much it hurt. I kissed him hard as he layed me down on the bed again. Hi kissed my breast and a sound came out of me, it was a sound of pleasure and pain. He had a mark on his neck that looked painful.
- Oh my god what happened to your neck?
I half screamed.
- You bit me.
He answered. What?
- I did that?
I asked surprized.
- Yes.
Oh my god.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. You can't hurt me.
Well you can hurt me.
- Not at all?
- Well it hurt a little.
He admitted.
- But not anymore.
He added.
- Here's a weird question, when was the last time you...erhmm...ate?
I'm going to regret this.
- Nine days ago, why?
He said with a strange expression on his face.
- You look thirsty.
I told him.
- I'm fine.
He said as he got up from the bed.
- You're not.
I said.
- I can handle it.
He snapped.
- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up.
I apologized.
- You're not supposed to have to apologize for bringing it up. I probably should have ate instead of making you breakfast.
He said. I shivered at the word ''ate'' he said it like he was talking about a pizza.


My mom and Alec- I probably should call him dad- walked in front of me and Demetri. Demetri stopped and opened a door in to a room. I looked at my mom before I entered, she looked happy in a weird way. The room was pretty big and it was red, everything was red. Demetri walked over to turn a light on in the other end of the room. I stopped just inside the room and eyed everything. This was so unsual from my usual surroundings. I needed to talk to Demetri about what I'd felt when I first saw him. Love at first sight I would describe it as. But maybe he doesn't feel the same way. I'd just have to live with that for my mothers sake.
- This is you're room.
Demetri said.
- Erhmm thanks for showing me the way.
I thanked him.
- No problem.
He said.
- I'll leave you alone to get settled.
He said as he walked toward the door.
- Demetri?
I asked.
- Yes?
He answered as I ran toward him and kissed him. He kissed me back as he pulled me tighter. I started unbuttoning his shirt, he kissed my neck. He pushed me away. I ran out the door and down the long corridor. I was so humiliated. I couldn't believe I just did that, what is wrong with me? I stopped around the corner I sat down on the floor. Five minutes later I walked back to my room, and it was empty. Thank god. I took a shower and then I went to bed.

I slept for twelve hours which is not normal for me since I don't have to sleep at all. I walked to the mirror and eyed myself, my hair was curly and lightbrown. My eyes were brown, and red from last nights crying. I walked to the door that lead to the closet. It was filled with clothes and some of them were mine. Someone had been here last night when I slept and put all my clothes in. I grabbed a dress, a pair of panties and a bra. I put them on quickly and then sat down in a chair. The dress was a green halterneck, it went halfway down my thighs, I remebered that shoes are good if you're planning on walking anywhere. I walked to the closet again and got a pair of leather sandals. I put them on and walked out of my room. I was thinking I'd explore my new surroundings a bit. There was a small garden between a tower and the huge stone wall that kept the citizens of Volterra from the Volturi. There was a small pond in the middle of the garden, there was a bench next to the pond. I went to sit on it. I sat there for a while just thinking about this new home of mine. Suddenly I heard somone approach, I recognized the breathing. It was Demetri. This was even more embarassing than last night. If I hadn't ran away it probably would have been easier for me, and probably him too.
- Good morning.
He said.
- Good morning.
I said back, I was glad that I couldn't blush.
- How are you today?
He asked. I looked at him now. He looked so beautiful with his almost black hair and black eyes. Black? If he's that thirsty he might want my blood.
- I'm fine.
I snapped.
- You're sure?
He asked.
- Yeah, what about you?
I asked.
- I'm good. Listen about last night...
- Don't worry about it.
- You're sure?
- No but it doesn't matter.
- Look it's just that I haven't eaten for nine days and I was just being careful, your'e human side is more...erhmm...noticeable than you're unhuman side.
- Yeah I can see that.
- Really?
- Yes.
We were quiet for a long time.
- Look I really wouldn't care if you killed me.
I could see that he got angry when I said this but he kept his calm.
- No but I'm sure you're parents do. I know I do.
He said.
- You do?
I asked surprized.
- Yes, I love you.
I couldn't speak. He really loved me? After one day? Oh my god.
- I...
Felix. I knew my eyes gave me away, I probably looked like I'd seen a ghost.
- What's wrong?
- Ffffelixx.
I stuttered. Demetri turned around. Felix smiled when he saw my unchanged expression.
- Felix.
Demetri greeted him.
- Demetri.
Felix said as he walked toward us. He stopped by me.
- Alecsandra.
He said as he took a deep breath.
- Delicious.
He said. A sound of fear came from me.
- Haven't you're mother told you that I love it when women sound like that?
He said and then he touched my cheek.
- Don't touch me.
I whispered.
- What? I didn't hear you.
He said with a grin on his face.
- Felix, you've gone too far.
Demetri said in an angry voice.
- I don't think so. Brothers share don't they?
Oh my god that's disgusting.
- Get away from her.
Demetri said.
- What's going on here?
It was my mom.
- Oh were just having a good time.
Felic said the he kissed my cheek.
- Get off of her you disgusting piece of...
She started yelling. I got so angry. I wanted him to be in serious pain and the next thing I knew he was. He was on the ground screaming from pain. I let him go after a minute. I didn't know if I could kill someone. Felix got to his feet.
- You're going to regret that.
He threatend.
- Oh yeah?
I asked.
- Yes.
- How?
I asked and he just walked away. I walked away too but in the other direction, Demetri followed me. I opened a door and entered a tunnel after a few minutes Demetri caught up with me.
- Hey.
He said as he stopped me.
- What?
I asked annoyed.
- I just wanted to know if you're okay?
- Do you think I'm okay?
- No.
- You just stood there, sure you told him to get away from me bt you should have hit him or atleast help me get away from him.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't bother.
I said as I walked away.
- Don't walk away I swear to god I'll...
- You'll what? Stand there like an idiot?
I was angry.
- No I'll...
- What, what? Get to the point.
I said. He kissed me then, I wasn't ready for him. There was a heat between us, I think it was from the anger. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me even harder. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck. I ripped his shirt up, the buttons flew everywhere. His chest was hairless and muscular, sixpack. He kissed my neck and I tried to breath as normally as I could. I couldn't breath, it sounded like I was about to come but I wasn't. I felt him harden under me, he caressed my thigh.

People say that make up sex is the best sex but I think that sex during a fight is the best. It's actually the only sex I've ever had but I couldn't wish for any better. Demetri let me down now, I put my panties back on. He had to go back barechested, that might make people wonder but I really don't care who knows.
- That was...
I said.
- Yeah.
He said. I straightened out my dress and fixed the knot. I felt something warm and wet on my back. Blood. Oh ym good.
- Demetri you should go.
- Why?
He hadn't noticed the smell of blood yet.
- Just go.
I pleaded. He stiffened. His eyes turned wild and he sniffed te air.
- Oh god.
I whispered. I couldn't hurt him either. He walked closer. I started crying, it can't end like this. There has to be a better ending than this. He pulled me close and removed my hair so that mu neck was clear. He bent his head down.

To be continued.

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Comment by NaomiTheOneAndOnly on June 9, 2009 at 2:20pm
you'r soo awsome :), i loovee to read your fan fic. i think it's really exciting to read it x) can't wait until the next one :):)


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