- Demetri.
I said but he didn't respond he kept looking at the ground.
- It's okay, I should have been more careful.
I told him.
- I didn't want to hurt you.
- I'm fine.
He snapped.
- Look maybe we should just head back and you can go...erhmm...eat.
He looked at me then.
- I'm so sorry Ale.
- I'm fine I promise.
- I can't be with you if I can't control myself.
I felt my eyes tear up as he said this.
- What are you saying?
I asked him.
- You have to go back to Forks.
- No!
I half screamed.
- Yes.
- No you'll just have to eat more often.
- No.
He said.
- You can't do this to me.
I whispered with tears rolling down my face.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm not leaving!
I yelled at him.
- Then I'll leave.
- No!
He stood there for a while. Quiet.
- I'm not going anywhere.
He said after a while.
- Why would you say that to me?
I asked.
- I don't know.
- Don't ever say that again.
- I promise.
He said as he hugged me tightly. What about the blood?
- Demetri?
I asked.
- Yes?
- The blood?
- I can handle it.
He assured me.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
He answered. I kissed him, then he grabbed my hand and we walked back toward the garden. When we reached the door he let my hand go. Why? I looked at him curiosly. My mom and dad were in the garden. My mom ran toward me and hugged me tightly.
- I'm so glad you're okay.
She wispered in my ear.
- Yeah mom.
My dad pulled Demetri to the side. They talked about something I couldn't hear.
- What happened?
My mom asked me.
- Nothing.
I answered.
- You were gone for such a long time.
- Yeah well I was a little upset.
I lied. I'd been really upset and angry, and I'd had sex. But I wasn't going to tell my mother that.
- Yeah I noticed. But you're okay now?
- Yeah mom I'm fine, I promise.
- Good.
- So, how are you liking our new home?
- It's great, everything is so beautiful.
- Yeah it is beautiful isn't it. Have you found a favourite spot yet?
- Yeah I think so. This garden.
- Yes it is beautiful, so peaceful.
I gave her a look. Peaceful?
- Well most of the time.
- Yeah.
My dad and Demetri joined us then.
- So what did you boys talk about?
She asked them.
- We were just talking about when we're eating.
I shivered when he said that. My mom did too.
- So when are you eating?
My mom asked.
- Today.
- Okay.
We stood there for about a minute, quiet. My dad looked at me.
- Well. I think I'm going to go and clean up.
I said.
- Okay, we'll see you later hun.
Mom said.
- Yeah.
I said, then I walked away. I walked to my room quickly. I didn't want to run in to Felix. When I got to my room I ran to my bed. I got on in slowly and then I sat with my head between my knees. I was panicking but I don't know why. Someone knocked on my door and when I didn't answer they opened the door. It was Demetri, I knew it was him even though I didn't see him. He ran to me and sat down next to me.
- What's wrong?
He asked me with a concerned voice. I didn't answer, so he grabbed my chin with his right hand and made me look at him-carefully. I looked deeply into his now pitch black eyes.
- Nothing's wrong.
- There's something.
He said.
- I don't know what's wrong. I just feel weird.
He kissed me. And I kissed him back. He bit my lip lightly. I didn't even feel pain. It was a nice feeling actually. I knocked the glass on my bedside table over as I tried to roll him over. The glass broke and I got a cut in my hand. I got out of the bed before he even knew something was wrong. I ran in to the bathroom and locked the door. I leaned against the door. It was like as if something had sucked all of my strength out of me. I was unusually fragile. I was even more fragile than a human.
- Ale?
He yelled at me from the other side of the door.
- I'm fine, I just cut myself.
He didn't have anything to say to that.
- I'll be out in a minute.
I told him.
- I would have been able to control myself.
He said.
- No you're more thir...
I started. I threw myself at the toilet. I was ill. What was wrong with me? Had I eaten something bad?
- Ale?
I didn't answer, I was too busy throwing up. He pushed the door open. He ran to me, he sat down next to me on the floor.
- What's wrong?
- I'm sick.
I told him and then I threw up again.
- What date is it?
I asked him.
- Twentythird, why?
- Nothing.
It wasn't late, I'm supposed to get it o the twentyfifth. I got up. I had some trouble standing on my own two feet. I grabbed Demetri's hand. I didn't think, it was the hand with the cut. I removed it quickly. He sniffed his hand. I didn't think that it was possible for his eyes to turn more black, but they did. He pushed me up against the counter and then he kissed my throat. Who knew that my blood could be such a turn on. He kissed me on the lips now. I jumped up on the counter and wrapped my legs around him. He leaned me back and caressed ny thighs. Then there was a knock on the door. Damn it. He didn't want to let me go, but he had to. He let me go and i jumped off the counter. I straighteded my dress and opened the door. It was Felix. He pushed me up against the wall and wispered.
- I want you.
Oh god. I tried to get him off of me but my strength was gone. I couldn't even scream for help. I was weak. He grabbed my chin and pushed me head against the wall then he bent his head down and kissed my neck. I started crying.
- Demetri.
I whispered in hope that he would hear me.
- My name is Felix.
He said as he pressed his leg against my womanhood.
- Get off me.
I begged him. I screamed.
- Nobody's helping you.
He told me. I twisted his balls and ran for the bathroom. He turned and ran after me. He didn't look happy. Demetri grabbed me as I got in. He hugged me. I couldn't breath. I collapsed on the floor.

I opened my eyes slowly. Demetri, with red eyes. He'd eaten. When? What happened? I tried to sit up but there was something in the way.
- What happened?
I asked.
- You collapsed.
- Why?
I asked.
- We don't know.
- When did you eat?
- Yesterday, like we said we would.
- Yesterday? I've been out since yesterday?
- Yes.
- Oh god.
- What?
I didn't have time to answer. I was sick again. I ran to the bathroom. I threw up and then I got back to bed.
- We have to figure out what's wrong with you.
- Yeah. Maybe I should go to a doctor?
- I don't think that's neccesary.
It was Renesmee. I hadn't noticed her.
- Why not?
I asked curiously.
- I know what's wrong with you.
She said.
- You're pregnant.
I couldn't speak. Pregnant? I couldn't be pregnant.
- Pregnant?
Demetri asked.
- Yes sh has the same symptoms as I had, and her mother also. But her's are more extreme.
She said.
- Who's the father?
She asked me. I couldn't answer, I was empty. My strength was gone. It had been sucked out of me, again. I couldn't tell her who the father was. He would be in so much trouble if I did. I was panicking but I couldn't show it. I couldn't move an inch.
- Demetri.
My dad said. He suddenly became nervous. He walked to my dad.
- You were supposed to protect her!
He screamed at Demetri.
- Not make her pregnant!
Demetri just stood there silent.
- Oh god, what have you gotten yourself in to.
Renesmee said.
- I want to kill you!
Alec yelled at Demetri. That's when I reacted. I ran toward them to stand between them.
- Stop it!
I yelled. That was all I my body could take. I leaned against the wall.
- He didn't make me do anything.
I whispered.
- Al. Maybe you should go lie down.
- You'd like that wouldn't you.
My dad said in an angry tone.
- I'm fine.
I lied. I didn't really feel anything. I was numb.
- If anyone made anyone do anything it was me. I provoked him. Be angry at me. He didn't do anything wrong.
- Why would you do that?
- I love him.
- What?
- You heard me.
My body was finished now. I fell to the floor. It hurt.

I woke up in a unfamiliar room. It was bright. I looked around me. Everything in this room was white. I tried to move but my huge belly was in the way. How long had I been unconcius for?
- Al?
Demetri asked.
- Yeah.
I said, my throat was dry.
- You okay?
- I'm...I don't know. I'm thirsty.
- Thirsty as in?
- Water.
It was my mom who said this.
- Here sweetie.
She said as she handed me a glass with a straw.
- Thanks mom.
I said as I grabbed the glass. I was stronger now. That might be cause I've been in bed for god knows how long.
- How long was I out?
I asked.
- Three days.
My mom answered.
- The..
I started, I could say the word. Baby. It felt weird.
- The baby is fine.
Demetri said.
- Carlisle is here.
My mom said.
- I called him, he came here to see that everything was okay and it was.
- When is the b...baby coming?
I asked.
- We don't know exactly when, it could be tomorrow it could be next week. All we know is that you're huge.
- Yeah I kind of noticed.
I laughed. I zipped the water. It was refreshing. The baby kicked me.
- Ouch.
I said.
- What's wrong?
Demetri asked.
- She's kicking.
I said as I grabbed Demetri's hand. I layed his hand on my belly. Demetri's eyes lid up when he felt the baby kicking.
- Wow.
He said.
- Yeah.
My mom left the room. I started crying.
- Hey, what's wrong?
He asked.
- She can't stay here.
I told him.
- No you're right.
He said.
- Renesmee will have to take her back to Denali.
- Yes.
- I can't believe I have to do this. That I'll have to send my daughter away.
- Daughter?
- Yeah, It feels like a girl.
- What was you're birth mothers name?
- Teresa.
He said.
- Teresa.
I said as I touched my belly.
- If it's okay with you?
- Nothing would make me happier.
- Hey Teresa.
I said to my belly. She kicked in response.
- I think she likes the name.
I told Demetri.
- Yeah I think so too.

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