Bella/Edward/Jacob - Never Alone [New Moon] by Zosjaa

A great New Moon with flashing and lots of Taylor used in a way i haven't seen. Also some clips with Kristen that I haven't seen used before. Not sure why you have to skip the first 30 seconds but it's worth it!

From the Artist Zosjaa
This is a big come back for me. I've never finished such a huge project like this! I've worked almost a month on this video and you know? The inspiration never left me! I'm proud of this video and I hope my come back will amaze you (:

00:00 - 00:08 : Edward leaves Bella
00:08 - 01:23 : This is just the point of view how Bella miss Edward so much and she's broken inside about the leaving from the cullens. You see a view flashbacks with her and Charlie and other flashbacks of her being broken.
01:23 - 01:45 : She met Jacob again after a long time. Yeah , i've used Taylor in the first part and then Steven will be Jacob with short hair. You see some flashbacks with Bella and Edward before he left too.
01:45 - 01:48 : She meet Jacob with short hair
01:48 - 01:50 : Bella saw someone riding on a motor
01:50 - 01:55 : Bella rides the motor on her own and had an accident and then she saw Jacob next her
01:55 - 02:06 : The conversations between her and Jacob and a voice-over of the first book/movie to give you a hint for the next line (:
02:06 - 02:22 : Bella goes to the meadow and meet Laurent one of the nomads and Laurent wants to kill her but there is coming a wolfpack to kill Laurent.
02:22 - 02:36 : The cliff diving from Bella and she a Alice flashback that she saw Bella jumping in one of future things and Jacob saves her
02:36 - 02:51 : The fight between Bella and Jacob in the car and Bella gets out the car
02:51 - 02:57 : Bella meets Alice at her home and Alice hugs her and tell her that Edward is in Italy get ready to be killed and Jacob doesn't want her to go
02:57 - 03:26 : Bella is going to Italy with Alice and riding in the yellow porche and Bella runs through the crowded streets (used to be) and stops Edward.
03:27 - 03:33 : Bella stopped Edward and hugs him and meet The Volturi
03:33 - 03:41 : Bella gets ready to go home with the cullens
03:41 - 04:11 : Flashbacks from the end to the begin and ends with the kiss on her forehead in the hospital and some voiceovers :) I tried to explain a bit how it goes a bit! I think the most of you have read the book and knows the story! (:

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