At first,I was COMPLETELY anti-Jacob because of the manipulative way he tries to win Bellas heart.But,after careful analysis of the facts,I am Switzerland and have come to a new conclusion. Bella, whether she is diliberately trying to be or not, is the true temptress of the Twilight Saga. And Edward and Jacob are her primary victims.(I have decided to change charactorization of Bella from "Villain" to "Temptress" because there are some that think "Villain" is too Harsh. And I don't think ANYONE can deny that "Temptress" fits her perfectly

Like all Temptress',Bella is a master manipulator(Not Jacob as I originally thought). She leads Jacob on like a little puppy(no pun intended lol) when she knows shes going to choose Edward in the end. And she dangles her So-called "friendship" with Jacob in front of Edwards face. It's cruel!!! And let's be honest. We all know its not JUST a friendship.In reality,it's an emotional affair.There are more ways to cheat than just physically.If you think about it,an emotional affair is worse. Atleast there is no REAL love behind a physical affair.There are those of you out there that would disagree that it is an emotional affair.My question to those people is-when does it go from a simple friendship to emotional infidelity?Where is the line drawn?if what Bella does with Jacob is not being emotionally unfaithful to Edward,then what is??I know she was emotionally vulnerable when Edward left and was looking for a shoulder to cry on.But, that doesnt give her the right to push the boundaries of her casual friendship with Jacob.I find it very interesting when women complain about how they are portrayed as weak and vulnerable in movies,books etc.Yet when something like this happens,they use that same vulnerability to justify their actions--How convenient!(now,I am not talking about ALL women. I don't want to receive threatening emails lol.But,lets face it,some women do that. And Bella is the perfect example)She manipulates Jacob by asking him to fix the bikes.(I say "manipulates" because she knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she brought those bikes to him. Like he was going to say no? Yeah right. She knew he was looking for any opportunity he could to spend time with her in order to get her to love him and she used that to her advantage.Even though she had no intention of returning those feelings. That is calculated, pre-meditated manipulation)This only fuels his ego and his determination to get her to fall in love with him.And YET,she wants him to quit trying to win her over!! I mean make up your friggin mind, Bella!!

Side note: This is what is called a "Double Standard.Which means that when a girl/woman does something like this,no one says anything.But If a guy would do something like this,it's wrong.If this was a guy treating 2 GIRLS the way Bella treats Edward and Jacob,every woman out there would want that guy crucified no matter what his excuse was-be honest ladies)

Not to mention all the other people she manipulates to get her way-The Cullens and The Blacks. And she just keeps her mom,Charlie and her friends in the dark altogether. True,she is trying to keep them safe by hiding everything from them.But that's not her only reason. She also knows that if Charlie and Rene knew about what was going on, they would do everything in their parental rights (and maybe even BEYOND their parental rights)to keep her safe and as far away from that hostile and dangerous environment as possible.(Which should have probably happend to begin with.But I understand that there would have been no Twilight Saga if that did happen)

Now, lets talk about the worst thing Bella does to Edward and the main reason I call her a true temptress. Unlike other vampire stories in which the vampire is trying to corrupt the human, BELLA is trying to corrupt Edward by making him betray his morals and values and everything the Cullens stand for by seducing him into sleeping with her before marriage and turn her into a vampire.(These are the very values that prove to Bella that Edward still has a soul and she is asking him to just go against them!!!! She even admits to doing this at one point in the story! But does that stop her from doing it? Absolutely not!!! She's like a really bad Catholic who goes to confession on Sunday and then goes out the next day and does the same things she confessed the day before lol )So,as I said,whether Bella is diliberately trying to be the Temptress or not, she has all the charactor traits OF a temptress.Including manipulation and corruption.Yes,shes only human.However,Even humans can be selfish and manipulative.Is that REALLY an excuse???

She only became the "heroine" AFTER she had gotten everything SHE wanted. It was only till after she was turned into a vampire and had Renesmee that she finally discovered the TRUE meaning of love and heroism-selflessness. That's when the motherly instinct kicked in and she was willing to do ANYTHING to keep her child safe.Finally she she started thinking about someone other than herself. Ironically,she had to become a vampire to go from Temptress to Heroine.I say it's ironic because being a temptress is usually a charactoristic of a female vampire not a 17 yr old human girl. In Bella's case,it is quite the opposite haha

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Comment by Nadia~SexyFairy~**Xx on March 17, 2011 at 2:23am
Hahah, Thank god it's not about jake.

haha but i like this, very good p.o.v.

Comment by Edward Lover 87 on March 17, 2011 at 7:57am
I agree with you, I don't know if I would call Bella a villain myself, but to be honest, I don't really like that much. Now I'm 100% on Team Edward, just because I Love the tip of guy that he is, a hopeless romantic, and a gentleman. I really think Edward could have done way better then Bella, I don't think Bella really deserves him at all. She dose not appreciate Edward at all, and she dose not respect the things he believes. Edward deserves someone that will do anything to make him happy, I meet he have been through more then Bella could probably imagin. She should want to do anything for him to be happy. The fact that she didn't want to merry Edward, just for her own selfish reasons, that made me really made. If you really love someone you should not care about what people think, and do what you can to make the other person happy. And I agree that Bella should not have been going back to visit Jacob, when she knew that she was going to choose Edward, couldn't she see that, that was hurting Edward. And then that fact that she goes and kisses Jacob after finilly saying yes to merring Edward, I think that was the lowest thing she could have possiblly done. Anyway, I just think there could be someone better for Edward then Bella. I really only like Bella becaue Edward like Bella, all I care about is Edward's happiness, and what ever makes Edward happy I will go along with it. So that is my thought on what you wrote. :)
Comment by Granny Fairy on March 17, 2011 at 9:20am

I don't think Bella set out to do as you suggest.  She's a teen age girl!  I've been there - though it's been 52 years ago.  Bella is afraid of making a decision and she hasn't got much self esteem going for her and Edward doesn't help matters very much. 


I actually didn't care for anyone of the characters at first except for her father and Jacob.  It was only after I read Midnight Sun that I began to understand where Edward was coming from.  I found myself yelling at Bella to "just get on with it".  Fear of making a wrong decision can be paralizing.


I found that Bella, while not having much self esteem, she's also terrified of getting old and being with such a beautiful man.  Fear again.


I did enjoy the 4th and final book when Bella finally become all that she can and is finally content with who she is.


It's also very human to want their cake and eat it too.  Haven't you done that.  Life doesn't really get any easier and choices keep getting harder to make with each passing year.


If you already know who you are, I applaud you.  It took me many years to finally discover who I am.  Some of us take longer. 


However, I agree that you have the right to your thinking.



Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on March 27, 2011 at 2:22pm
I hope you all re read the blog.I got to thinking and I figured that "Villain" may be too harsh of a charactorization for Bella.However it does not change my views on her actions. Perhaps you will all agree more with the term "Temptress"
Comment by Granny Fairy on March 27, 2011 at 2:45pm
Have you known any 15 to 18 year old girls???  They all are at that age!  This is how they/we find out about ourselves.  I wasn't sure my daughter ( who's now almost 40 ) was going to make it past her 16th birthday alive!  Anyway, I still think Temptress is a bit too extreme for Bella.  She really doesn't know just what she wants...other than to have Edward as the Love of her Life and Jacob as her best friend.  It's Jacob who can't turn loose of her and he admits it in Eclipse and Book Two - Jacob of Breaking Dawn.  However, you are definately within your right to feel as you do.  I only hope that with experience and maturity you'll have more perspective.
Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on March 27, 2011 at 2:54pm
Granny,with all due respect-You are from a different day and age and should respect Edwards morals and values more than ANYONE here,even me. Because the morals and values Edward has have only been disgarded within the last 50yrs.  You,of all people,should be FURIOUS about the way Bella disgards Edward's beliefs and values just to get what she wants. Are you telling me you would approve of your daughter or granddaughter behaving this way with boys?(forget the vampire/werewolf element) would you approve of your granddaughter treating ANY guy this way?I'll say it again as I have SEVERAL times before--if this was a guy treating 2 girls the way Bella is treating Edward and Jacob,you would feel drifferently.It seems this is a double standard.If a woman does this,its ok,but if a guy does it???AW HELLL NO!!! lol
Comment by Granny Fairy on March 27, 2011 at 5:28pm

What way is Bella treating Edward?? 


Do you think it's right for him to sit in her bedroom watching her sleep, or following her around as a vampire stalker ( to quote Edward from Midnight Sun ) 


You can not dictate how people should behave. 


The Creator gave each of us Free Will, and our choice to exercise that Free Will. 


All a parent can do is teach our children what we hold to be right and true, but Our Children or not Ours to mold into little mirrors of ourselves.  That would be taking that God given right/choice to choose for themselves. 


I had one daughter, my only child and I would  not take that away from her.  She turned out just fine.  So don't bring my family into this.  I didn't do too badly with my daughter, and my daughter id doing just fine with my two grand daughters.


Please, let's not get personal.

Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on March 27, 2011 at 5:40pm

Miss,I am not trying to get personal. However,I do think that if this was your or ANYONES daughter, they wouldn't stand for it it. I'm not talking about you and your daughter,I'm talking about parents and their kids in general.

Edward referred to himself as a "vampire stalker",which means he acknowledged it and had the decency to admit it and stop. 

As for "Dicatating how people should behave"--No,we shouldnt. But,as parents,it is their duty to guide them through the way they should behave. Charlie tries to do that as well as he knows how. But, Bella, keeps pushing him out.Im not saying that parents should "mold their children into mirrors of themselves" as you put it. But,as parents,they have the right to,atleast be AWARE of what their children are doing and the choices they are making.Not to force them to make DIFFERENT choices but GUIDE them to make the RIGHT choices.

Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on March 27, 2011 at 5:43pm
With all due respect,if anyone is getting and taking things personal--its you
Comment by Granny Fairy on March 27, 2011 at 5:50pm
I do not mean to be personal, and if it seems that way, I ask your forgiveness.


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