Bella's Secret Sister from the Future Chapter 2

I spent the whole night thinking about the note warning me about the Volturi and who could have sent it. And who was in my room. But I came up with nothing. I read the note again to see if I recognized the handwriting but I didn't. One thing was for sure that who ever it was knew me way to well. Specially now that they had all my stuff from the future. "What are you thinking about?" I jumped off my bed ready to run if it was the Volturi and gasped.

Out of no where Aunt Alice shows up in my room. "Sorry. Did I scare you Taylor? she asked "Ya you did. But it's fine. I thought you were Edward or the person that was in my room when no one was here. What are you doing here. And why did you climb here to through the window? We have a front door you know." I asked Alice laughed with out humor. "I didn't come through the window. Charlie let me in. I wanted to talk to you." she admitted. "Talk about what?" I asked hoping she wouldn't want to talk about the whole not being able to see me issue.

"About who is after you Edward told us about who was in your room yesterday. We now think that who ever it was that they are after you. And for some strange reason I couldn't them you weren't even in here when they came in here. If you would have been here then I wouldn't be able to see them. But you weren't here you were with us in the forest with werewolves. And they weren't here either. So why couldn't I see the person that was in here?" she admitted again but this time in whispering voice. "Maybe who ever it was in my room has something to do with the noise we heard yesterday when we had that meeting in the forest with the wolves. Did Edward also tell you that the smell found in my room is not the same as the you guys and the werewolves found and chased into Mexico?" I asked.

Alice looked at me like I was right everything. Maybe I was right and I just didn't know it. "Yes he did say that. That brings us to think that whoever it was that came here was sent by someone else who is after you. Obviously they clearly knew that I wouldn't be able to see them if they were a werewolf. But Edward said the scent wasn't werewolf, vampire or even human. So what is it? I just wish I see what it is. It's so frustrating not knowing who and what they are. And I think you might be right about the sound we heard in the forest thing." she said it like as if she was talking to herself.

"It's not your fault that you can't see who it was." I pointed out. She looked at me like as if she had forgotten that I was here.And I could see that she could see the worry in my face. "I know. Taylor don't worry about all the chaos that is going on right. We cant handle it. And I have a feeling that Jacob won't let anything happen to you. So don't worry about anything."she said sounding just like Edward and Jacob. That was really annoying considering that they both said that every time that something was wrong. Like when the Volturi was going to check up on me, and Jacob for the 3rd time.

That was the same day they found out that they found out I was pregnant. That made the Volturi furious.The worst part was that the Volturi stayed until I gave birth to what they called "the evil forbidden child." But lucky the Volturi didn't have to stay for the whole 9 months. Thank god that Jacob Daniel the second aka "the evil forbidden child" inherited mine and Jacob's growing jeans. Then 3 years later the Volturi came back to check on us. That was the same day that they sent me here.

But this time being here was different. Because no one knew who I really was or anything about me. Well the real me any way. People only knew me as "Taylor Elizabeth Swan" or sometimes I would known as "Bella's younger but older looking sister." And this time I was warned that the Volturi was after me by a unknown source. And Alice couldn't see who it was. I completely forgot that Alice was here until she tried to get my attention. "Taylor are you alright?" she asked in a worried tone. "Ya." I said

But suddenly Aunt Alice was the one that looked like something was wrong with her. She was as white as a ghost. Her face was blank. "Alice are you ok? What do you see?" I asked while touching her icy cold hands. "Bella! Get in here now. I think there is something wrong with her or she is seeing something. And she won't tell me what it is." I called out to Bella. She was in here in a second with Edward beside her. "What do you see Alice?" Bella asked in a worried tone.

This time Alice answered. "I'm not sure. It looks like 2 sets of the Volturi. But that is impossible. The Volturi don't have twins. And they are coming here. That's all I see. It doesn't make sense. How can there be 2 sets of the Volturi." Alice admitted in a confused tone. I admittedly froze. Now I would have to leave Forks before the Volturi could find me. "Two sets of the Volturi. Are you sure you saw that Alice? If you are sure that you saw that is it possible?" Bella asked in a curious voice. "Yes I'm sure I saw that. I don't know if it's possible for the Volturi to have twins that we don't know about.It must be something else because I that the Volturi wouldn't hide something like that.Unless they don't want us to know. Or they didn't know that they was twins. But it doesn't make sense." Alice said "But why are they coming here?" Dad asked "I don't know." Alice answered.

I decided to to get out of the house. And think about whether or not to leave Forks for good,or maybe until this Volturi thing was over. And should I do about this whole mess that I was in, and everyday getting my family more involved in it. And they didn't even know what was going on. I was almost out the door when Charlie saw me and notice that I was in a hurry to get out of the house. "Why are you in such a hurry Taylor? And do you look like you're going to run away, or nervous about something?" He asked. Why did he have to be so observant today. Today of all days. Before I could say something Edward was here. I bet he was wondering where I was going. But I ignored him. And answered Charlie's questions. "Um. I going to study for a test. That's why I'm in a hurry. And I need to get to the library before it closes."I lied but Charlie looked convinced. But Edward was another story.

But I still ignored him, and got out of the house. "Going somewhere Taylor." Edward asked "I'm going out for a while Edward. Stop following me. Go back to Bella and Alice and keep talking about the Volturi and their twins siblings." I told him. "Bella was wondering where you were going. Do you want someone to go with you to where ever you are going? Just in case something happens to you. Or if you find something. Where are you going exactly?" he asked. "No I don't want anyone to come with me. I don't know where I'm going. I might just do what I told Charlie I would do. If I find something, or if something is wrong I'll call you guys. Ok?" He nodded once and went back into the house.

I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing. But I knew it was something that I had to do. I was running away. Out of the blue I heard someone talk to me like if they knew me. "Finally you get the message. I was starting to think that you nuts or suicidal, or something. But not a good something either." they said from somewhere in the forest. "Who are you? And what do you want from me?" I asked start to get uneasy, and starting to get ready to run if it was the Volturi. "Boo! I can't believe you didn't know it was me that took your stuff that the Volturi gave you. I mean who else knows about that stuff. Didn't you get the note I left you on your bed. Didn't you hear the warning that I was giving you when I was making that noise from yesterday when you,the rest of the vampire side of the family, dad, and the rest of the pack had that meeting. And when grandpa and dad said said the smell in your room wasn't werewolf, vampire, or even human. That's because I'm all 3 things." he pointed out.

Once he said the that last part I knew who it was. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked and starting to get mad at him for coming here. What was he thinking? If the Volturi is after me they most be after him too. He is insane to come here when the Volturi is looking for me. Now they might look for him too. "Um I'm warning you about the Volturi duh. They already checked up on me.So you don't need to worry about them finding me mom. Now they are coming to check on you. They didn't say that but I read their minds. I got the mind reading genes from both sides of the family. So come on lets go." he hurried me. "Does your dad know you're here? Does anyone know that you're here right here? Or did you sneak here? And did anyone come with you here?" I asked.

He sighed "No I didn't sneak here. But I guess I have because Great Grandma Esme is worried sick about us. Which you know I hate doing that. Yes everyone knows I'm here. They also know why too. No one came with me. But cousin Sam, Paul, Seth, and Emmet and oh ya dad wanted to came. But grandpa Edward and Grandpa said no because you might not want to runaway if you knew. So I'm here alone." He sounded confident about what he said. But a bit to confident. I wondered if Leah was here with him. And he didn't want to tell me. He and Leah were inseparable since he born was and they laid eyes on each other. And imprinted on each other. He imprinted on her, And she and imprinted on him.

"Maybe they would have been right. But with the recent turn of events they are wrong. We are running as far away from here as possible, and as soon as possible. How about Leah is she here? Wait a minute I hope you aren't the that is killing all those humans, and who is on the killing spree. Are you the one that is doing that? If you are the one that-" he cut me off. And laughed first. "Mom I'm not the one that is doing that. It's the Volturi. They are the ones doing it. I was following them until dad caught their scent. That's when I stopped following them. And decided to watch over you until now. I haven't hunted since I got here. And the Volturi haven't hunted since they sent you here. And that was 3 years ago. They just started hunting again. And Leah isn't here. She wanted to come. But I wouldn't let her. Wait what recent turn of events just happened?"he asked.

"You do know that you don't have to hide from me. And I'm not saying anything else until I see your face. You starting to make me think that you are the Volturi Jacob Daniel Cullen Black the second. Wait how long have you been here in Forks?" I asked while getting to ready run in case it was the Volturi. "Wow that's the first time you have ever said my full name. Ok, but I have to warn you that you might think it's dad. But it's not dad it's me your son. Not dad ok." he laughed when he said that. I wondered I would confuse or mix up my own son and my husband. "Ok. But why do you think that I would think you are Jacob aka your dad. Not you." This was confusing me. "Oh you'll see. And I've been here in Forks for at least a year and 5 months or so. But not more than that."he told me

He suddenly sighed and came out. And then I knew what he meant by that I might confuse him with Jacob. He looked just like Jacob. He could be his twin brother. The only difference was that Jacob was 16 years old and looked like a 20 year old and Jacob Daniel was just 3 years old but he still looked like a 20 year old man. Which was insane but he did inherited the insane growing genes from me. I felt my mouth fall open.

"Wow. Ok now I know what you mean. What are we going to do if someone sees you they are going to think that it's your dad that is running away. And Jacob might start snooping around if he sees you. Because you two like identical. I don't think that anyone could tell you two apart. It's a good thing that we are running away as soon as possible. Especially since Aunt Alice saw 2 sets of the Volturi coming here. Which means that one of them is our Volturi from the future. And the other one is from here." I starting to think of all the problems that having my son, and the future Volturi with the present time Volturi here would cause. And what I came up with was exposure for me and him.

"Wait Alice saw the Volturi coming here. 2 sets of the Volturi? Ok we have to run. Our Volturi don't know that I'm here. But it doesn't mean that they don't doubt I'm here. They are checking on you. I don't know if that is all they are going to do. I do know that they aren't here to punish you or anything. I bet the Volturi from here found out about the future Volturi coming here. And wondering why they here,and get information from the future." he sounded like he was talking himself. I was already running away. I wasn't going to take any chances for both of the Volturi to find me. Until my Daniel finally caught me running away.

"Ok weirdo are you sure about the Volturi not coming to punish me thing? Did Aunt Alice see anything before you came here?" I asked but he was gone. "Jacob Daniel Cullen Black the second where are you?" I called out. "You must be really mad or worried to keep on saying my full name. Incoming mom. It smells like both that wolf pack ,and the vampire side of the family are coming. But they are just coming to get you, Great Aunt Alice, Grandma, and Grandpa for another meeting. At the Cullen's house. Don't worry mom I'll be hiding, and looking around to see if I find something. Oh I almost forgot that Alice did see something. She said that the Volturi were after you. But you already Know that. She also said that they are deciding on what they are going to do. If they are just coming here to talk to you, just check up on you, or are they going to just send you back home to the future. Which I doubt that they'll send you back to the future. They sent you here for a purpose. And that purpose is unknown for now. Mom stop worrying about all this. It'll all be fine. I don't think that the Volturi from here will do anything. They do know anything about us. So what are they going to do? They'll do nothing unless the Volturi from the future says something about us. Then the Volturi from here might do something. If Alice from the future sees something she'll call me."

He sounded super confident, and like he was hiding something from me. But what was it? But the confidence in his voice made me more worried. I guess my wryness was so obvious in my expression that my son had that stop worrying look on his face. "What can't I be worried about you when a clan of vampires and a pack of werewolves and oh ya the Volturi is after you. So isn't it obvious that I would worried about you weirdo. And what are you hiding from me?" I didn't realize that was I yelling like Bella sometimes did. I have to stop hanging out with her. "Yes you do." Daniel answered my thought even though it wasn't a question.

"Ok I now seriously have to hid the family is coming for another meeting. Just remember I'll hiding be around. So if something goes wrong I can get you and run. And you stop calling me weirdo? Why are you calling me by my middle name?And what I'm what I was hiding from you was that the Volturi want me to join them and become a member of the Volturi. But I denied. They won't stop asking till I say yes. And that will never happen. You are a weirdo too." he pointed out.

I froze when he said that the Volturi wanted him. I had a feeling that the Volturi were going to ask him to become a member of them. But not so soon. "Ya but I'm not one that was born as dog, then 2 years later became a human. And who has every single special ability that the whole vampire world has. That's probably what the Volturi want you to join them. Because of your special abilities and you have a great potential in your future, and a great future ahead of you as Aro would say. But I'm surprised that they asked you. Because you are half werewolf and they hate werewolves. And don't hide near the house go hunting. If I need I'll call you. Ok. An I'm calling you by your middle so I don't get confused with you and Jacob." He looked like he hadn't hunted in a while.

He laughed when I was talking what Aro would say. "Ok. When you put it that way I am more of a weirdo than you. My middle name will be my fake name until we go back to the future. Then it'll go back to my middle name. And that thing you said about me having a great potential in a my future and all that other stuff about that subject is exactly what Aro did say when he checked on me. Why do I have to go hunting?"he asked as if he didn't already know the answer, and like the thirst for blood wasn't killing him or driving him nuts.

"Um because you look like you haven't hunted in a while. Yours eyes are a darker shade brown almost black. And you look like you are about to attack a lion. How long has it been since you hunted?" I asked "It's been a year and 5 months since I hunted. And the thirst for blood is killing me. I stopped hunting when the Volturi checked on up me and they about checking on you. I've been living on human food since that happened. Ok that I think about it I am going hunting. But I'll keep a eye on you. Remember if there is any trouble, or Alice sees something you have to call me.Even though she can't see us because we are mixed breeds so there will be trouble because of that. Oh and before I forget I'll be in your room to see that I didn't forget anything when I took your stuff that the Volturi give you when they sent you here. Ok?"

I totally forgot that about the missing things that he took from my room. I wondered where he put them or dug them. I was going to ask him but I could smell the wolf pack getting closer. And that meant that Daniel had to leave before the wolf pack saw him and they might kill him or start snooping around then exposure. Which was not good at all. "Ok now get out of here. The pack is getting closer. I can hear and smell them specially your dad." I told him. "Ya I know. I can hear and smell them too. Bye mom." And he was gone.

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Comment by Mizz Pattinzon on October 4, 2009 at 11:08am
''Don't be afraid," She murmured, "We belong together."

I wrapped my arms around her, holding her soft body against mine.

"Forever." I agreed, then I pulled us gently into deeper water.

My arms still wrapped around her waist, her arms came up and locked themselves around my neck. I had to remind myself to keep gentle, she was so breakable. I leaned down and brought my lips to hers. Everytime my lips crushed hers it was like they burned, but this was a fire of pleasure. While our lips moved against each other, and my hands holding her face now. Her right leg came up by my waist and instinctively my hand grabbed her thigh and held it there. Then my hand slid down her body to her left leg so that now I was holding her up in the air. Our lips more urgent on each others. She moved her head up so she could breathe, and my lips just moved down to her throat. Here I had to remind myself to not lose control, to not hurt Bella. Then suddenly my body started changing. While Bella brought her lips back to mine and her fingers were twisting in my hair and I was still holding her up in the air, my body changed. Then I had no idea what to do. But thats what I thought, Then for the first time in a 108 years I thrusted my cool body against Bellas. I have never felt anything like this before in my life, i've felt pain, physical pain, anger, sadness. But when I thrusted upwards into Bellas body it brought pure pleasure. I had to remind myself to be careful, to not get to excited. But this thought was overshadowed by Bellas Expression. She looked shocked, then a flicker of pain, but that only lasted for so long, then she leaned her head back and let a low moan. My lips found hers again. I thrusted again into Bellas body, the pleasure was indescribable, and Bella moaned in response. I thrusted more and more into Bellas body and her moans seemed to motivate me. It seemed like she wanted me to keep going. So thats what I did. I got tired of staying in the water, I wanted to be on top of Bella . . . So I scooped her up into my arms and ran to the big white bed. I threw her on the bed. I can't be to hasty, be careful . . . I flew on top of her. Our lips moving against each other and I thrusted into her body. She moaned out my name. " Oh Edward . . . " My thrusts must have been getting quicker because Bellas moans came out faster. I grabbed at her waist to pull her body closer to my own. My Hands went to her shoulders so I could get a tight grip and thrust again. Then my left hand slid down her body, touching her breast in the procsess, to her thigh and lift it up and thrust again. Bellas moans started getting intense. Like I was going to fast, or maybe to hard . . . But Bella didn't stop me from tearing into her body again and again and again . . .

theres mine please suport it!
Comment by Aisha Flores on October 4, 2009 at 12:46pm
that chapter was really good i loved it i cannot wate until the next chapter


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