Bella's Secret Sister from the Future Chapter 3

After Daniel left I could smell the wolf pack getting closer. I hoped that Daniel was far away from here so that none could see him. Suddenly out of no where a huge russet wolf came out ready to attack. It took me a second to realize it was Jacob. He was ready to attack me. But why would he want to attack me? Then it hit me that Daniel's smell was here. Aka the smell that was in my room. Jacob must think I'm Daniel because Daniel's smell must be around. And Jacob would attack Daniel if he was here. But I was the one here with Daniel's scent around me.

Jacob was running like a bullet try to attack me. So I decided to run. Jacob was chasing me like crazy. So I climbed up to the very top of the tallest tree in the forest. Then jumped off and landed on Jacob's back. He started circling around like if he were trying to catch his tale, That gave me a idea. I grabbed his tale and yanked it extremely hard. Which made him whine or scream bloody murder. And made me giggle a bit. "Jacob calm down. It's me Taylor. Calm down Jacob ." I repeated that over and over again. But he didn't listen. It was like talking to a brick wall.So I leaned forward to his face. To show him that it was really me. "Jacob see it's me." I told him when I was sure I was blocking his view.

Finally when he was convinced it was really me he changed back to his human form. I was hanging on his back. Like mom did whenever dad had her on his back. The difference was that Jacob was werewolf, his temperature was at least at a toasty 106 degrees, he tried to attack me because of my smell well Daniel's smell actually. And as always Jacob was shirtless. "Ouch! Damn it Taylor I think you almost ripped off me tale. Umm... Taylor where are you?" he asked. I guess he didn't notice that I was hanging on his back. "Um... I'm hanging on your back. Sorry I yanked your tale. You were about to attack me. What was I supposed to do? Just let you attack me or worse kill me. Sorry but there was no way in hell I was going let that happen." I told him while he was swinging off his back.

"Oh sorry. I thought you were-" I cut him off. "I know you thought I was the visitor that was in my room. Don't worry about it. Ya I know I stink. Well to you anyway." I told him while starting to walking away. Jacob was following me closely behind. Probably wondering where I was going. "Ya you do stink. The smell from your room is here. That's probably why I almost attack you. How did you know that I was going to say that? Are you here in the forest alone? Or is someone here with you? How did you climb up that tree so fast? Then jumping off it. And landing on my back with out falling on your butt. Like Bella would have. If she did that." he said. That made me laugh picturing mom doing that. Specially while was she was still human.

I can't believe he noticed the tree climbing. Now how was I going to explain the tree climbing thing to Jacob. "I'm a good climber. Yes I am here alone. Even thought Bella wanted to come with me. Or at least send someone to come along with me. But I said no." I didn't answer the question about how did I know what he was going to say. I was afraid to say something about Daniel. Because it was his smell that almost got me killed. "Ok. But how did you know it was me coming? You haven't answered my question about how you knew what I was going to say. And I really don't want you here in the forest alone. At least till we get who ever is after you. Ok? Sorry about almost attacking you."he said. "It's fine. I knew it was you because of your fur." I pointed out. He didn't seem convinced about that. This was going to be a problem.

"You sounded like you knew it was me before I got anywhere near you. You also sounded like you were talking to someone. I heard the whole conversation, and so did Paul and Sam. What was that all about Taylor? Who were you talk in to to? Do you know who was in your room? I want the truth Taylor. Nothing but the whole truth And I want it now. This is important.What secrets are you hiding? And Sam, Paul, and I saw him. The guy you were talking to. Who is he? And why did he look just like me?" he demand. He was furious. His whole body was shaking like crazy. I wanted to tell him the truth. But I couldn't. Now I was in big trouble. Because Jacob had heard everything that Daniel and I had said. And now Jacob wanted to know whole the story. But I couldn't tell him.

I didn't want him to be involved in all the trouble and chaos I was in. Or all the trouble that I was going to be in. I hated lying to him. And keeping my secret away from him. But what other choice did I have? That was a easy question. The answer was none. I had to do something. I had to run. Before this conflict got any deeper than it was happening now. Jacob was going to closer making me spill my guts. Even if he didn't know it.

Jacob sounded like Sam with he was furious or serious about something. Or like a alpha. And I was part of his pack. Jacob had his own secrets that he would never tell anyone not even me. And I have my own secrets that I would never tell anyone not even him. But one thing caught me off guard. And was that Sam and Paul heard my conversation with Daniel. Why aren't they here with Jacob bugging me by asking me all the questions that Jacob was asking. Maybe they went to tell everyone about what they heard. Or maybe they were hiding and hearing the fight that Jacob and I were having.

But I decided to tell some of the truth. Even if he asked me more questions that might make me tell him everything. Which I was determined to not make that happen. "If Sam and Paul were also listening to my conversation too then why didn't they come with you? Ok ya I was talking to someone. And I do know who was in my room. But I can't tell you. You have your secrets. And I have mine. So stop questions about what is going on. Ok? Plus if I told you me secrets you would probably tell the whole pack. Then probably hunt me,or kill me. Trust me you don't want to know any of my secrets. I'm not the person you I think I am. Or who you thought you imprinted on . I'm way different. So stop trying to make me confess, Because that won't happen. And I mean it. I won't let that happen. Not for I as long as I'm here."

I had realized that was I was yelling. And that I had said a bit too much. Now Jacob would really want to know everything and won't stop till he got the whole story. That was going to be another problem to add to my long list of problems I had being here. "Taylor if you know who was in your room you need to tell me. So I tell the pack and tell the bloodsuckers. Then kill who ever is after you. What do you mean by when you said that you aren't who I think you are? All that other stuff you said. Why would I kill you? Taylor please I'm begging tell me what you know please. And Sam and Paul left to tell the pack and the bloodsucker what we heard in your conversation. I stayed behind because Sam wanted me to talk you and find out what is going on. And what secrets you are hiding. He said and I quote 'Taylor ins up to something. She is hiding something very important. That we need to know. I smell trouble. Jacob find out what it is. The whole truth. And who she is talking to. We need to know everything she knows. Everything she is hiding from us. All her secrets. Don't let her run away with out her telling you everything. I don't trust her. And I keep a close eye on her. Don't let her out your sight. Not even for a second. She is major trouble. Paul and I will go tell the rest of pack and the vampires about what we heard. After you she tells you everything you tell us what she told you. Find out who was he. The guy she was talking to.'And why he looks like just you?" Jacob said mocking Sam's voice.That made me laugh.

Then he continued on with the begging. "But please I swear that I won't tell the pack any of the secrets you are hiding. Just tell me." he promised. But I still didn't tell him. Even if he promised not say anything to Sam. Even thought Sam ordered him to. And he would be nuts to disobey Sam. If he did disobey Sam I bet Sam would do what he ordered Jacob to do. Jacob was now trying to reading my face. "I can't tell you. I want to but I can't. I don't want to put you in the same amount of trouble and the mess I'm in. Ok Jake so stop trying to help me. Because it's not working or helping. And if you kill the person that was in my room I won't forgive you." I meant what I said. "But why can't I them. Sorry but I will kill them. No matter what. They are still after you." he said and by his tone I knew he meant it too.

"They are not after not me. The guy that was in my room came to warn me about who is really after me." I told him. "Are you sure? How do you know it's not the person that was in your room? Do you know that person?" he asked. I realized that I was start to spill me guts, and that I had said too much already. Which was not good. Some I would be telling him all about me and the future. "Yes I'm sure. 100% sure. I was just talking to him. Before you came and almost attacked me. And I do know him. I'm not saying who it was. And I'm not saying anything else on that subject. I've said too much already."

I was about to run when suddenly out of no where something came out and pushed me down. It took me a while recognize what it was. It was a werewolf that looked like Jacob. But it wasn't Jacob. It was Daniel. What was he doing here? Was he insane? If changes to his human form Jacob will be asking a billion questions. As if I didn't have enough problems to worry about. And now him. "What are you doing? Are you insane? You going to get us exposed. Leave now. And I mean it. Get out." I was furious at Daniel. I wanted to yell at him. Did he want to expose us? What was he thinking? But Daniel just laughed, and grabbed me with his teeth and swung me on his back.

Before Daniel started to run Jacob grabbed my hand and pulled me off. Of Daniel's back. "Stand back Taylor. Before you get hurt. I'll take care of this." Jacob sounded like he was ready to kill the werewolf that he thought was going to attack me. Jacob was now in his wolf form. Ready to attack. I had to stop Jacob from doing that. "Jacob no stop! He's not going to attack me. He is the one that was in my room. The one I was talking to. He's the one that came to warned me about the real threat. Jacob stop!" I yelled knowing that he was just ignoring me. But he still stopped. I wondered why.

Then I realized that now he was the only one in hi wolf form. Daniel wasn't in his wolf. He was in his human form. That only meant one thing exposure. "Don't worry mom he isn't going to do anything to me. Dad is afraid of me. Well my smell anyway. He isn't going to attack me. Oops I think just said too much. And I just got us exposed. We are so dead. We have go to now. Let's go mom now." Daniel hurried me.

Once Daniel said that and and exposed us Jacob turned to me. "What the hell is going on Taylor?" Jacob now shaking like crazy. I didn't have a choice but to tell him everything. And with my special ability both Daniel and I showed him that all we were tell him was the whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Before Jacob could say anything I jumped on Daniel's back and left.

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