Bella's Secret Sister from the Future Chapter 4

1 Year and 5 months later....

I was running away from my problems by running from Forks. I didn't know where we were going. All I could think about was Jacob. I had told him everything, and even showed everything about the future I came from. Showing him every thing made him realize that what Daniel and I was telling him the truth about every single thing. He might have already told the pack about what we told him. Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was Jacob. The expression he had after I told him my secret. He looked upset but also relived to finally know what was going on.

But one thing was for sure he was mad at what he saw in the begging of what I showed him. Because it was the part where Bella was all bloody and almost dying because of me. And the part where Bella looked like a corpse while becoming into a vampire. Jacob almost flipped out and almost turned into a werewolf when he saw that. I completely forgot that Daniel was here until he was trying to get my attention. "What are you think about? I'm reading your mind. But you are thinking about so many things at the same time. That makes it confusing. And I can't decide which one you are really thinking about. Which means that I can't help you figure out whatever it is that is bugging you. So will you tell me what it is that is bothering you? Or I will start bugging you till you tell me. All your other thoughts are giving me headache. You think too much." That made me laugh.

I was about to answer his question when he looked like he was about to explode into a werewolf. "Hold that thought." he said. And looked to the east. "What are you guys doing here? I know that Sam, and dad didn't send you here. They only sent one of you here to check up on things. Even thought I told them not to send any one." he said to someone. But I couldn't see them. "What are you talking about Daniel?" I asked in a confused tone. "It's Leah,Uncle Paul, and Seth. They are here. They came from the future." he grumbled. "Jeez did you really have to rat us out to Nessie? She would have found out it was us when we showed our shelves to her. Duh." It sounded like Seth talking.

"Will you 3 come out from where ever the hell you guys are hiding?" I asked, and trying to avoid Daniel's question about what I was really thinking about. If he knew I was really mostly thinking about Jacob I would be forced to talk to him. Even if I didn't want to talk to him. Finally they came out. But Leah was as always in wolf form. "Why are you guys here? And which one of you is actually supposed to be here?" I asked. "I'm supposed to be here Leah, and Seth just tagged along. Leah wanted to come because she knew I was coming here and knew that Daniel was here. She missed him. And Seth didn't want to miss the action that he thinks will go on while you 2 are here. And both packs Jacob's and Sam's packs, plus the bloodsuckers were freaking out. We all thought are 2 were dead. Since we hadn't heard from you in years. So we came to check up on you guys." Paul said.

"Ok back to my question. What are thinking about?" Daniel insisted on the question. I took a deep breath and sighed Before I answered his question. Even thought I didn't want to. "Ok I was thinking about Jacob. That's all I can think about. The other stuff is just to try confuse you. And to make you stop reading my mind. And you don't help. Considering that you look, and act just like Jacob. Which makes me think of Jacob more." I moaned, and started to wonder when Paul, Seth, and Leah came from the future. And where all were. How long were we away from Forks? I had totally lost track of time. Thinking about Jacob. Since we ran away from Forks. "Wait when did Paul, Seth and Leah get here from the future? And how long have we been out of Forks? When did you stop running? I'm totally clueless about everything everything that has happened." I asked.

The 4 of them Daniel, Leah, and Seth, Paul all laughed like I was missing a huge part in all this. "I just stopped running. It's been a year, and 5 months since we ran away. It's the 23th of November. And we are in Itlay. But don't worry the Volturi aren't here in Itlay. They decided to go hunting. So we all are safe from them. For now anyway. Till they catch us here. Then they might do something. Especially the Volturi from here the present Volturi. I don't know when Paul Leah, and Seth came from the future. They'll tell you later, after I stop talking. You were were so out of it in the last year and months, and 5 months that we were here. All you said was and I quote 'Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!!....'" he said as acting like me. That made me laugh. He continued on tell me everything. But Paul interrupted and continued telling everything. That happened when I wasn't myself.

"You kept on saying that like crazy. You wouldn't say anything else but Jacob. Daniel has been trying to get your attention since you guys ran away from Forks. It was like you were a zombie. It was like you weren't even here. Well only body was here. But the rest of you wasn't even here. You were starting to freak us out. All 4 of us." Paul said in a serious, and creeped out at that memory tone. I wondered how he knew that happened. "How did you know that happened? Even thought all of that is strangely true." Daniel asked Paul in a wondering. But Leah was the one that answered.

"We came from the future the minute you left to go hunting. And left Nessie in the forest. That's when Jacob came in, and almost killed her. We have been following you guys this whole time. But we didn't get super close to you because you might have known that we were here by Daniel reading our minds. We mean both in human, and wolf form. And we didn't want you to know that we were here. We planned on not telling you we were here until as Seth thought a fight began. But after you 2 spilled you guts about being from the future we decided to just step in this whole mess that you 2 made. So we close got close enough that Daniel could read our minds. And we saw everything that happened in the last year, and 5 months. That's how we know everything." Leah mumbled. Daniel eyes were wide with shock, and his mouth hang open. I guess he was surprised at what he had heard, and was maybe wondering why did they hide or as he would say spy on us.

"And Leah forgot to say that we've been reporting all of this to both Jacob, and Sam. And Sam tells the Cullens everything too. So they aren't left out in what's going on here. While they freak out, and wonder if we are still alive or dead. Considering that Alice can't see anyone of us she can't tell what is going on. If we are dead or alive." Seth grumbled it was almost a growl. Leah growled at Seth once he said that.And she was glaring at him too. "I didn't forget that. I just didn't want to tell them that. It's none of their business. Why we are here."Leah said. "Oh yes it. If we didn't know that you were the Leah, Paul, and Seth from the future then we thought would have runaway again. Because we would have thought you were the present ones." I pointed out.

"And considering that Dad and Sam even told them to tell us any way. And before I forget both of your cell phones have been ringing unstop. Since we ran away. Mostly it's dad calling. Sometimes it's Charlie, Bella, Renee, the wolf , or the Cullens. But sometimes they would all call at the same time. But I only picked up when it was dad calling. And sometimes it be would be some else calling you on dad's phone. So I just acted, and talked like you. OH and Charlie is furious. He said and I quote ' Taylor Elizabeth Swan where the hell are you? When you come home you are soooo grounded! I mean forever grounded. For the rest of your life. Even when you die you'll be grounded. You are only allowed to leave the house for school with Bella driving you. So you don't run away again. Come home now! And I mean it.'" Daniel said acting and sounding like Charlie. Yikes Charlie was pissed of times 10. I was dead if I ever went back home. It would be like being in jail with the amount of trouble that I was in.

Daniel continued talking. But not like Charlie anymore. " Charlie also cussed at you. He's that pissed because you didn't leave him any info, you are gone a year, and 5 months, and for other reasons too. You are going to be locked up in that house for years, and years. We are going back to Forks. Rather you like it or not. We are all still going back."he whispered. A lot had gone on when I wasn't myself. And I had apparently gotten into a lot more trouble than I thought. But I couldn't go back to Forks there was way to much chaos that I already caused there. I couldn't bare to see Jacob's face when I told that I was never going back to forks. Even if Daniel said that we were going back. I would find a way out of it. No matter what.

Suddenly the phone rang. And this time I was fully aware of it. But Daniel was more aware of who was calling. Maybe he saw them calling. Because he right knew away who was calling before looking at the phone. He laughed. "Speak of the devil. And the devil shall call." he said still laughing. I didn't get it. What did he mean by "Speak of the devil. And the devil shall call." I had a feeling it was trouble, and had something to do with Jacob. Which I so didn't want to talk to him. "What are you talking about?" I asked.

"He mean that it's Jacob on the phone. And I'm just guessing here but I think he wants to talk to you." Leah said. I knew it was trouble. What was I going to say or do? How was I going to get out of this? "Don't you dare answer that phone Jacob Daniel Cullen Black the second! You know I don't want to talk to your dad." I was pissed off at him. "Ya I know you that you don't want to talk to him. That's why you are going to talk to him. Rather you like it or not. Mom you and dad will talk one way or another. To late now talk to dad." he opened up the phone, and held it out to me. He was beginning to be pushy, and acting like the parent. I was sure that I didn't want to talk to Jacob. Daniel starting talking on the phone with Jacob. Was he nuts or something? What part of I don't want to talk to Jacob didn't Daniel get?

"Hello? Ya she here." Daniel told Jacob, and laughed at something that Jacob said, then was was serious again. And he continued talking. "No she's not a zombie anymore. If she were still a zombie I would told you that she wasn't here." I wondered what he meant by the zombie part. So I asked Seth. "What does the zombie talk mean? I'm lost again." Seth, Paul, and Leah looked at me like I was missing a obvious part. "Ummm... isn't it obvious he is talking about how you were, and looked after you guys ran away. Duh. Remember we told you that you looked like a zombie." They pointed out. We continued to listen to Daniel's chat on the phone. "Dad I think that she is avoiding you. No I actually know that she is avoiding you. She has been trying to get out of speaking to you." There was a short pause. "Ummm... she will probably kill you, or run off to some where you if came here." There was another pause. Daniel was dead on about me probably running if Jacob came here. That gave me a idea and I started to leave without telling them. Then he started talking again. "Ok. But you have been warned about her. Hang on she is at it again. She is trying to run away. She really doesn't want to talk to you." he said.

Shoot I was so close to getting away with it. I guess Daniel told Leah to get me before I did something crazy. Like get myself into more trouble than I was already in. Because she grabbed me with her mouth, and flung me on her back. Then took me back to Daniel. Damn it. "Time to talk to dad. And I'm not going to stop bugging you about it till you resolve whatever it is going with you two." he said, and by his tone I knew hew meant what he said. I might as well get it over with. Daniel held out the phone. I finally gave up, and took the phone. And started to talk to Jacob. But before I talked to him. I decided to warn Daniel that Jacob might have spilled his guts to the pack.

"I don't want to talk to him Daniel. He probably told already told the pack about us. About the future." I told him. But Daniel kept on insisting for me to talk to Jacob. Even though he already knew that I was giving up on trying to avoid Jacob. So I against my own will and took the phone from Daniel. He smile like victoriously knowing that yet again he got it his way. "Hello Jacob?" I asked in case it was someone else. "Taylor!" he sounded relief to hear my voice. And he continued talking. "Come back to Forks please. I swear I didn't tell anyone that you are from the future. I didn't even think about it. Again I swear." I hated when he begged me to do something that I didn't want to do. Ugh. I sighed, and stated talking. "Jacob I wish I could but I can't. Specially since you know, and saw everything about the future. If I did go back to Forks I would be locked up in my room like if I were in a jail cell. Because Charlie is insanely furious with my running away. Because he doesn't know anything, and he is worried sick about me. So I'm doomed if I go back. And I' doomed if I stay here too. So what's the point if I'm still doomed anyway?" I pointed out. Jacob started laughing.

"Ok. How did you know that Charlie is furious times 10, and that is worried sick about? Even thought that is totally true. And by the way he isn't the only the one that is worried sick about you. Like Bella, Renee, the blood sucking leeches, and the pack, and even I are worried sick about you. Sam is pretty pissed at you and me. He totally doesn't trust you. And he think I'm hiding something from him but don't worry he doesn't know anything. I swear. Where are you guys exactly? And what did you when you said that you are doomed if you come back to Forks. And that you still doomed if you stay where ever you are. You know that you don't necessarily need to go back to Forks. You can come here to LaPush instead. Don't worry about telling the bloodsuckers, or Bella that you are here instead. I'll tell them that when and if you come. Unless you want me to lie to them and say that you are here even though you aren't. Then if they come over to see you I'll tell Leah to pretend to be you."

"No way!! Not going to happen. Over my dead body." Leah said. They must have been listening to the conversation all this time. But I ignored that, and kept listening to Jacob on the phone. "Plus if you come back to Forks you can sneak out like you do when you go hunting. Or I can kidnap you. There are other ways to sneak out of the house so no one knows you did." he sounded so convening, and confident. But there was still a major problem,and Jacob only knew part of it. Jacob only knew about Daniel. But he had no idea that Leah, Paul, and Seth from the future were here too. How were they going to hide? "Umm... Charlie called on your phone. And Daniel pretended to be me on the phone. Then told me everything. We are in Itlay. I said I was still doomed if I stay here, and if I go back to Forks because of the Volturi. They can find us anywhere. And you are forgetting one major problem." I pointed out. "No there isn't Taylor. My plan is solid. If there is a problem we'll find a way to get out it. One way or another."he said sounded like he knew his plan would out.

"Jacob your are forgetting about Daniel. And now Leah, Paul, and Seth are here. From the future. How are we going to hide all of them? They look just like the Leah, Paul, and Seth from the here the present. Remember the no aging part about being wolves. And Daniel looks like you. That is the problem I was talking about." I said. "Whoa back it up a bit your Leah, Paul, and Seth are there. Yikes that is a problem. Why didn't I know about this when you told me what was going on? he asked but I wasn't listening much. My eyes were on Daniel, and Leah they were talking about something that was getting Daniel mad. I wondered what it was. But I could tell it was something serious, and more trouble. So I had to ask Paul, and Seth about what it was. I bet they knew. "What's going on over there with Leah, and Daniel he looks pissed, and so does she. And I know it's not good when either of them is pissed off. What happened back home before you guys came here?" I asked wondering like crazy.

Paul, and Seth looked at each other and then shook the heads. "Umm... Because she just gave him some bad news. About those bloodsuckers that you 2 are trying avoid. The Volturi?" Paul said "Ya what about the Volturi? What's the news that Leah gave him? That's got him so upset." I asked "Don't tell her. She'll just runaway to somewhere else. And then we'll have to chase her down. We are going back to Forks. Rather she likes it of not." Daniel said "Oh no we are not. You guys can go back if u want but I'm not going back to Forks. Over my dead body. Unless I know what is going on I'm not going back to Forks or to La Push." I told them. "You don't have a choice mom you are coming. Rather you like it or not." Daniel said. "What's going on Seth? I'm out of the loop here. And I hate not knowing what is going on. What's up with the Volturi? Come on please tell me." I begged "Sorry Ness I can't tell you. I wish I could but I can't. Let's just say that it's better to get out of here. Because of Daniel's scent." Seth said "Fine. Don't tell me I'll find out one way or another." I told him. "I'm counting on that. Then you'll get why we have to go back home." Seth mumbled

I had totally forgotten that Jacob was on the phone until he somehow got a bull horn and blew it in my ear. "Taylor what's going on? What's wrong" Jacob asked in a serous tone. "Umm... nothing's wrong Jacob. You didn't know about Leah, Seth and Paul being here they just told us that they were here. Neither Daniel or I knew about them. You and Sam only sent Paul to check on us. See if we were still alive but Leah, and Seth tagged along. Daniel and I just found out that they are here a few minutes ago. Ok so what are we going to do about them and Daniel? What's your plan about that problem?" I asked

There was a long pause. Jacob was probably trying to figure that part out. Like I was. But Daniel was the one that figured it out. He was probably eavesdropping like always. "Umm... That's easy when one of us is around the other and we sense that someone is coming one of us hides. And about Leah, Paul, and Seth well they will just hide. Even if it bugs them to hide. What other choice do we have but hiding? I can't pretend to be someone else because of my smell. But maybe Paul, Leah, and Seth could pretend to be someone else. If they rather prefer that. Instead of hiding." Daniel murmured "That sounds like good enough plan. I say we go for it. So are you 2 coming back? The whole pack, all the Cullens, Bella, Charlie, and Renee have been all wondering, and asking me about where you are Nessie. It's driving me nuts. And your runaway act has been the top story here. You are in all the headlines. Don't worry Bella, the pack or anyone else coming to check on you when I tell them that you're back. Because I'm not going to tell them until you give the ok to tell them that you are here." Jacob assured me.

"Ok. Hey can you do me a favor?" I asked "Ya sure. What is it?" Jacob asked I that what I was going to ask was going to be a task for him to do. Because Leah was involved in what I wanted Jacob to do for me. But I still asked him. "Lie and tell the family that I'm there. This is going to be the hard part because I need you to ask Leah to pretend to be me only when the Cullens, Bella, the pack or anyone comes over to check on me. But if Leah says no which I'm betting she will say no you know how she is. Then I'll come up with something else." I told him. "Hell no. Leah from this time hates you. What makes you think that she'll say yes to you? She'll flat out say no, and maybe cuss." Paul said. Jeez do they have to eaves drop on my conversions always. That was starting to get on my last nerves. I hate when they eaves drop on my conversions. It's back enough that I have 2 mind readers in the family. I don't need eaves droppers too.

"Ok I'll try to convince Leah. But it'll be hard to. You know how Leah is both future Leah, and present day Leah. So does that mean that you 2 are coming back to Forks or to La push? With Leah, Paul, and Seth too." Jacob asked. He was begging actually. "No!" "Yes!" Daniel and I shouted out at the same time. I shouted No, and Daniel shouted yes. "I'll let you guys figure it out. But please come back Nessie, and Daniel." he begged. "Umm... Jacob hang on.I think that there somethings wrong with Daniel." I said.

I noticed that Daniel had a frozen look on his face, and his eyes were blank. "What's wrong? Taylor what's going on? Tell me now." Jacob asked. But I wasn't quite sure what was going on. Jacob sounded like he was ready to come out here. "I don't know Jacob. But there is something wrong with Daniel. I can see it in his eyes. He is seeing something. And it's freaking him out. I see can it." I told Jacob. Daniel was starting to creep me out. "We have to go back to Forks. Or go to La Push. Now lets go mom." Daniel said. "No. Why? What did you see? I'm not going anywhere. Until I find out what is going on. And maybe I might go. It depends on whether or not I think we should leave." I told them.

I didn't want to go back. I wanted to stay here where there was no chaos, no problems, no nothing. "Jacob I'll call you back later. When I have more information. Ok?" I asked "Ok. Hey can you do me a favor and keep me posted on things?" Jacob asked "Ya sure." I replied. "Thanks. Be safe all of you guys. Ok. And please please come back. Love you Nessie." Jacob said. I giggled after he said the last part. And the eavesdropping wolves aka Leah, Daniel, Paul, and Seth starting howling like crazy. They were laughing or something because the howling didn't sound like bad news. It sounded like they were making funny comments and laughing at what Jacob had just said. "I know you do. We are married in the future.So I already knew you love me. And love you too Jacob. Bye." I hanged up.

The howling got louder after what I said. "Looks like someone has been bitten by the love bug." Seth commented and howled more. "I was afraid that you'd say and I quote 'No. Why? What did you see? I'm not going anywhere. Until I find out what is going on. And maybe I might go. It depends on whether or not I think we should leave.'" Daniel said, and continued talking. "I'll explain on the way back to Forks or La push." Daniel finished. "Why can't you tell me now?" I asked. I had bad feeling about this. "Because we don't have time. And unless you want them aka the Volturi to go after the family which I doubt you do. So we better hurry up. We don't have time to loss." Once Daniel said that I was ready to go. Even if I didn't want to go. But how was he going to tell what was going on while he was in wolf form, and running.

"How are you going to explain what is going on, and what you saw when you are in you wolf form." I asked. "I won't be in wolf form." he replied. That confused me if he wasn't to be his wolf form then how were we going to get back to Forks? "What do you mean aren't going to be in you wolf form?" I asked. "Oh you'll see. Wait here. I'll be back in a minutes.Ok?" Daniel asked "Ya. And what about Seth, Leah, and Paul?" I asked "They stay or go." Daniel replied. Then he was gone. Leah and Paul followed him.

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Please continue...I'm intrigued...I need to know what is going on and why.


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