Bella's Secret Sister from the Future Chapter 5

After Daniel left I wondered where he went off to. And why did he leave? What did Daniel see that made him freak out the way he did? All these questions ran through my mind like crazy. "Seth do you know anything about what is going on? What's Daniel up to?" I asked. "Ya I do. but I can't tell you. You'll find our sooner or later." Seth mumbled. "Ugh. Fine. But I'm not going anywhere tell I know what it is that is going on. No matter what." I said. "Oh we'll see about. That you know how Daniel is." Seth said. "Ya sure whatever." I replied.

10 minutes later Daniel came back. But not empty handed. He and Leah were in Edwards Volvo. And behind them was Paul in Emmet's jeep. What the hell were they doing? Is this what Daniel left to get the Volvo, and the Jeep? Are they nuts? If the Cullens were that the house they would track Daniel's smell. "You stole Edward's Volvo, and Emmet's jeep. Are you guys out of your minds? I asked. I could feel my eyes widened. They were clearly nuts. "We didn't steal anything. We borrowed the cars. And we also took money from the Cullens. And besides they won't know it was us. They'll think it was someone from the wolf pack." Daniel said.

I didn't get it. What did he mean by that. "Why would they think it was the werewolves?" I asked knowing that Jacob that was probably involved considering he knew everything and we needed his help to keep our secret. But that's if he hasn't spill guts by now. Daniel had a look that said [i]'Get in the car. Hurry up I'll tell you everything once you get in. Now hurry up. Jeez.'[/i] So I got in the back seat of the Volvo. Seth went to the jeep where Paul was. Then Daniel started driving, and talking again. "Because I didn't steal the cars technically. Dad did. I was heading to Forks when he caught my smell and followed me. Until I got near the Cullens the house that's when stopped me. I guess he got the idea of what I was about to do. He was surprised to see Leah, and Paul. So anyway I told him what I needed and why. Meaning he is more informed than you. He knows what I'm not I'm telling you." Daniel said

"And what did you tell him you needed?" I asked "I told him I needed a car. He told me and I quote [i]'You can't go. Because of your scent. Remember everyone but me is looking for your scent. If you go they'll track you down. I'll steal the car for you. I'll get in trouble. Don't worry about it.'[/i]" Daniel paused then continued talking. "I told him fine. Then 20 minutes later he showed up with both cars and $40 thousand dollars." Daniel said. Was Jacob insane stealing $40 thousand dollars and 2 cars? What was he thinking? Did he think that the Cullens won't find out that he took that amount of money that the 2 that are mostly used are missing? I felt my mouth pop open, my eyes widened. I couldn't believe that Jacob did this. Daniel laughed at my expression. And so did Paul, Seth, and Leah.

"Jacob must be insane. The Cullens are going to notice everything. you shouldn't have gone there. Now we're in more trouble. What else don't I know?" I asked. "Ha! You have no idea of the amount info you don't know. And some would piss you off." Leah said. "The Cullens won't notice anything. They weren't there when I was there. They were hunting, and Bella was at school. I thought it would be hard to do but since the Cullens weren't home well it was easy for dad to sneak and out. At least my I wasn't the one who stole the cars or the money. If I did you now that my scent would be all around the house. And everyone expect dad would be tracking me more than they are now. They have stopped looking for me and now they are looking for you. Since you ran away Charlie, and everyone else in Forks and Lapush have been looking for you. Expect for dad because he knows what's going on. So he isn't participating in the search. And Charlie, Bella, the pack, and the Cullens are really upset because of that.I owe dad big time for helping me out." Daniel said.

I started wondering what he saw that freaked him out before. And how he knew what was going on back home. I also wondered what else was Daniel hiding from me? "Ok. How did you know what was going on back home? And its time to spill your guts. Tell me everything. Especially what you saw, and Leah told you that got you pissed off."I demanded. Daniel didn't seem like he was in the mood to talk about it. But I wasn't going to let that from letting him not tell me. I was going to find out one way or another. "It was nothing. Just a plain nothing. Ok? Just let it go. What's important now is to get back to Forks." Daniel said. He ignored question. He always did that when he was hiding something. And this time I could easily tell that whatever he was hiding was bad news. Bad enough to freak him out. And it's not easy to freak him out.

It was harder to make him spill his guts. "Fine then if you won't tell me. Then I'll just get out of the car. I don't care that you are driving I'm getting out. I'm not going back to Forks, or to La push."I said. Then Daniel started to drive faster. But I didn't care. I opened the door ready to jump out. But Daniel grabbed me arm and pulled it back inside. "Are you nuts Nessie? You can't just jump out of the car. Just because you want to. We are going back to Forks. And you coming with us rather you like it or not." Leah said.

"Where do you think you're going? I'm not letting you jump off. I can't tell what I saw, and what Leah told me. Because if I do tell you then you'll find a way to runaway from it. But you can't run away. They aka the Volturi are after you. Even without the things that they gave you. They'll still find you. We aka Leah, Seth, Paul, and me are safe from them for now anyways."Daniel said. I knew it something to do with the Volturi. "Why did you say that? Tell me what you saw now Daniel. What ever it was it freaked the hell out of you. And we all know its hard to freak you out. And it even harder to make you confess to what it is that freak you out. So just tell me what you saw." I demanded. I wasn't going to bugging him about it it until he confesses. He sighed after that thought, and started to talk.

"Ok. You wanna know what I saw? I saw the Volturi. The future and the present day Volturi. They were coming to get us. All of us. The present day Volturi have decided what to do with all of us. They are not going to kill us. They are way to fascinated in what the Volturi from the future told them about us. The Volturi from here want to talk to us. Ask questions about us. About the future. Both Volturi clans expect us to be in Forks at the clearing. But when they don't find us there they get pissed off. They look all around for us. But they can't find us. So both the future and present day Cauis, and Demetri decide that they want to go after the packs, and the Cullens that's just we weren't there. That's why I got so freaked out. And what Leah told me was that she thinks that they are following us. Because when she, Seth, and Paul were following us they ran across their scent. That's why we are going back to Forks. Rather you like it or not." Daniel said. And kept driving.

I tried to read Daniel face. But I couldn't read it. He just kept it as a poker face. That's when the phone rang. I bet it's Jacob. I looked at the number and it was Jacob's number. I didn't know what to tell him. "It's Jacob do you want me to tell him about what you saw?" I asked. "Ya. If you want. But here's a heads up on what he is calling about. Leah is refusing to pretend to be you. Sam is extremely pissed off because apparently you left before dad aka Jacob could ask, and confront you about anything. That's the story that he is sticking to. That's the lie that he is tell everyone. And they are pissed off. They keep asking why couldn't he have gone after you? And more questions. Jessica the gossip queen is the one that won't stop asking questions. She is starting to get on dad's aka Jacob's nerves. But he cools himself down enough so he can't explode into the wolf; and expose all of us. And I mean expose the pack by revealing the beast aka werewolf within." Daniel mumbled, and laughed.

"Ok so since you told me what Jacob wants to tell me should I answer the phone? Or is there more to it?" I asked "Oh ya there is more. More drama, and as always more chaos surrounding you. But I'll leave dad tell you about that. You can answer the phone if you want. Tell dad that we are going back to Forks if you answer the phone." Daniel muttered Ugh! More drama. The last thing I wanted was more drama. But I guess I caused it. And now I must deal with the consequences. "No way. Why should I tell him that we're going back to Forks? He already knows to much. We'll surprise him by coming back to Forks." I said mumbled, and laughing. "Oh no you won't. I already know what you going to do. But you're so not going to do it. Not if I can help it." Daniel said sounding confident about it. Ugh! I hate when he knows what I'm about to do before I even think of whatever it is.

"How? You can't go anywhere. And neither can Leah, Paul, or Seth. Unless you guys want to be caught. Especially you Daniel remember you are the one that the pack, and the Cullens are after." I reminded him. "I can always call him. Or tell him when we to Forks, No on will notice me not if the chaos is still going on there. Trying to find you." he said. I wasn't going to let that happen. "So you are going call Jacob and tell him that you are taking us to hell. Into the Volturi's all to willing killing hands." I said sarcastically.

Daniel laughed "What do you by that?" he asked. But Leah answered for me. I almost forgot she was here. "She mean that you are taking us to the Volturi. They want us in Forks. And instead of running away further away from them you are take us to them." Leah said. "Are they coming to Forks yet? Or they taking their time?" I asked in a wondering tone. "They are not coming yet. But maybe in a month or two they'll come." Daniel replied. I finally picked up the phone to talk to Jacob. "Hey Jake. Daniel told me about most of what you wanted to talk to be about." I told him.

But he didn't seem to be listening. Jacob seemed to be talking to Bella or Renee I think. I could hear their voices, and others in the background trying to get Jacob to give them the phone so they could talk to me. Or at least trying to get Jacob to convince me to come back to Forks. I could mostly hear Renee telling Jacob to convince me to go to Jacksonville like she wanted. More drama was heading my way. I could feel it. "Did he tell you that Renee is here. Once Bella, and Charlie told that you ran away, that you were missing she took the first flight from Jacksonville to come here and look for you. And once you were she'd take you back to Jacksonville to live with her and some guy named Phil. Umm...Hang on Nessie Bella, Charlie and Renee really want to talk to you." he said.

I sighed and gave up. I decided to tell him that I'd talk to them. "Put them on. I already know that I'm major trouble. Because of the running away thing." I told him. "Are you sure about that Nessie? If you are sure then when and if you come back to Forks I'm not letting Renee take you with her." Jacob said. As if I even wanted to got to Jacksonville. I didn't to go neither Forks or Jacksonville. "Yes I'm sure. Can you do me a favor and not say my real name when anyone that doesn't know about the future is around. Unless you want them to know about the future." I asked. "Relax. No no heard me. Because I'm in my room. Hang on let me see if I can find Renee, Bella, or Charlie. That's if anyone is still in the house." he said.

I admittedly started wondering what he meant by that. "What do you mean by that Jacob?" I asked nervously hoping it wasn't what I thought it was. "I mean that the whole La Push reservation, and most of Forks Washington is looking for you in the forest. Where I found the scent of a bunch of bloodsuckers. And I don't think they are like the Cullens. I mean that I don't think they hunt animals like the Cullens. I asked the Cullens about those bloodsuckers, and they confirmed it so the Cullens are making sure that the bloodsuckers don't go hunting for humans looking for you. You can blame Sam and Charlie for the search to find you. Sam told Charlie that he'd thought he'd heard, and saw you that day in the woods when you spilled your secret to me. So then Charlie went like crazy try to get people to him look for you. And now they are all out there in the forest with a ton of bloodsuckers roaming around." Jacob informed me.

I admittedly froze. It was worse than what I thought it was. I knew that Charlie would get a search party out to try to find me. But I didn't think that there was going to be a clan of vampires out there. Jacob continued talking. "Charlie, Bella, and Renee just came to check if you called. Or if I'd heard anything from you. I lied and told them no. But they're probably gone by now." Jacob said But I wasn't listening much. I was still thinking about what he'd said before about most Forks, all of the La Push reservation was out there looking for me with a clan of vampire out there. That's all I could think about.

After a long while Jacob tried to get my attention. By calling my by the name that the Volturi gave me when I was sent here from the future, and by my real name, and nickname. "Taylor Elizabeth Swan. Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Nessie are you there?" Jacob asked in a worried tone, and sounded like he was going to have a panic attack at any second. So I answered him, before he a panic attack.

"Ya. Jake I'm here. Are they insane? By they I mean everyone out there looking for me. There are vampires on the loss." I said starting to panic. Jacob knew exactly what I meant. "Ya they are. But you're blood sucking leeches aka the Cullens are trying to keep the other disgusting blood suckers away from Port Angles, Seattle, La Push, Forks, and wherever else the people are searching. But the bloodsuckers here aren't the Volturi, they're friends of the military Cullen I think their names are Peter and Charlotte,and another clan of bloodsuckers are here too. But the bloodsucking Cullens don't know them. So you are safe to came back, because it's not the Volturi that are here." he blabbed on. Great what more was going to happen? Jacob sounded like he was begging me to come back again. 'So are you guys coming back or what?" Jacob asked.

I was about to answer him, but Daniel beat me to it. I guess he knew what I what was going to say. Or maybe he was listening to my phone call. "Yes." "No." I said no again, and Daniel said yes. "Still undecided. Nessie I think you should listen to Daniel. And come back to Forks. or even better come back to La Push." he begged. That was getting on my nerves but it was cute. "I don't know Jake. But can you keep a eye on things for me? Especially on the vampires in town. I don't want anyone near them. So we don't get expose we meaning the vampires, werewolves. Just until I figure something out. Ok." I said. "Sure. Sure. I'll keep a super close eye on those blood suckers. I won't let anything happen."he promised. And I hung up the phone. "Why didn't you tell him that we are going back?" Daniel asked in a serious and mad tone. Which meant was pissed off.

"He doesn't need to know anything right now. I'll tel him after get to Forks. I know what I'm doing." I answered while staring at window and thinking about the large amount of trouble that was waiting for me at home. "Oh ya. Sure do you. Little miss trouble maker. If you knew what you were doing we wouldn't be in this mess. Now would we?" Daniel growled. "Ok what are you so mad about?" I asked. I totally forget about Leah because she hadn't said anything in hours until now when she answered for Daniel. "He's mad about what you're going to do when we gets to Forks. He saw it when he deiced to go back so those bloodsucking Volturi won't hurt the Cullens." Leah said "What did he see?" I asked

"Don't tell here Leah." Daniel mumbled. "It involves you in a motorcycle jumping in midair off the highest cliff in La Push and jumping off it before landing in the icy cold water." Leah mouthed. That was good idea. I was going to respond back to Leah but I was tired. So I decided to go to sleep. And figure out how I was going to pass Daniel when we get to Forks, or La Push.

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