Best analysis on the new Breaking Dawn 2012 calendar promo shots

Searching through tumblr, I found this blog post on opinions towards the new breaking dawn 2012 calendar promo photos. I felt like I had to share this with you guys because I agreed with everything this person wrote about the photos, and maybe you guys will too. I found this to be quite funny and right on! I did not write this blog and it belongs to it's rightful owner , so here it goes enjoy and feel free to leave your comments.


Okay so I’m pretty upset about the breaking dawn 2012 calendar promos that have been leaked. Some of the characters look good, some look okay and some just look like WTF. So to express my feelings towards these promo’s I decided to put my opinion out there and see who agrees with me! Now my opinion is just based on the promo’s we don’t know if this is how they’re actually going to look in the movies as sometime they may look bad in the photos but really good in the movie, so hopefully that’s how it goes.

So I’ll start with our Protagonist, Bella:







We all know that Kristen Stewart is a beautiful and amazing girl but what have they done to her in these promo’s. First her hair look fake and we all know that this time Kristen used her real hair with extensions to film breaking dawn, so why on earth does her hair look this way!? Second, we all also know that Kristen has a beautiful smile so again why on earth does her smile look bad in these photos. Also she look too plain in these photos and now that she is finally a Cullen, why couldn’t they make her look like she belongs. Hopefully we get other photo’s of Bella where she look’s way better then this and shows her real beauty! I just have to say with these photo’s she goes into my WTF category.

Now on to are male lead, Edward:







I actually think Edward is looking one of the best in these promo shot’s. I personally think Rob looked best as Edward in Twilight but I’m satisfied with how he looks in Breaking dawn. He looks young again, like he can actually be 17 his hair is red how it’s SUPPOSE to be, as described in the book and it’s neat as well. He look’s lean and built. He no longer has the long and bushy side burns and eyebrows, Thank God! I just wish they could have shown him smiling since he’s actually married with Bella, what he always wanted, But thumbs up for the Edward shots, he falls into my looking good category!








There isn’t much to say about Jacob, he looks good and pretty much the same as always, just looks a little more built, but he falls into my okay looking category since there isn’t nothing different about his look.





I would have preferred Alice looking the way she did in New Moon, but I’m loving the pixie cut, she look’s beautiful and as described in the book and we know summit had it right with Alice this time because of the sketch that was shown of Alice in Stephanie Meyer’s illustrated guide. She looks like a real sexy vamp. So I must say Alice falls into the good looking category.





Well Jasper is one of my fave’s for these promo’s. He look’s like a bad ass Vampire and I thank God his hair is short again, it’s darker but still blonde and it looks good. Jasper fall’s into the good looking category.





I have mixed feeling’s about Rosalie’s look in her promo shot. I think she look good but at the same time weird, maybe it’s because of her pose and the way her mouth looks so hopefully we get other promo shot’s for her as well. Rosalie falls into my ok looking category. I just feel that they could have made her look even more beautiful, as we all know that she is suppose to be the most beautiful women on Earth and Nikki Reed is a beautiful girl as well so they could have pulled that off with the right make up, and Could I just say couldn’t they make her eyebrow’s lighter!? Sheesh, bleach those puppies lol





What could I say about Emmett, they always make him look good in the promo’s, I personally like the flat hair better but he look’s good with the curl’s too and he got the dimples as described in the book, and he also looks like a bad ass vamp, so he fall’s into my good looking category.





God, Esme what have they done to you!? I’m not saying she looks bad, she look’s pretty good but she looks older and more like a witch than a vampire in this promo so I say she fall’s into my okay looking category.





And last but def. not least Carlisle. I just have to say it now, Carlisle fall’s into my WTF category. I mean just look at this promo, doesn’t it scream to you WTF! Why on earth would they do this to Carlisle, yes he look’s younger but his pose looks sort of like Frankenstein, and his hair is darker shorter, it just looks all wrong especially the hair. Why couldn’t it be kept to the back as it always was and blonde, the hair just screams wig as well. 

So there you have it, that’s my opinion on the promo shot’s for these characters in the Breaking Dawn 2012 Calendar, I’m just hoping and praying that way better promo shot’s of these character’s come out and not even worse ones in the near future!



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Comment by sarah cullen on July 15, 2011 at 6:03pm
they alll looks good for me..oh my !! Emmett and jasper !! look veryyyyyyyy hot...but i dont like wht rosalie looked like ...alice , Esme looked sooo pretty but wht they did with carlisle's hair ??????? he looks horrible ...but no one can say a word about edward , bella and jacob...iam dying to see this movie
Comment by isabella m. cullen on July 15, 2011 at 6:03pm
i agree with most of these.....bella does need to look a lot better, not neccesarily like a vampire though. i dont think they would show her as a vamp before the movie, i hope they keep that a surprise. i liked Alice's look better in New Moon as well. it was exactly how i pictured it in my mind. Jasper looks hot, but i think he looked hotter in Eclipse. Emmet also looks good,his hair looks better. And i also agree that Carlisle would definatley fall into the WTF category!
i hope they look good in the movie!...cant wait!
Comment by Maggie on July 15, 2011 at 6:15pm

I think bella looks horrible (no ofense bellafans), it just so wrong i mean she is the happiest woman on earth and supposed to b all this fancy cuz she's a cullen, and she's not living up for the name. But Kstew looks lovely but bella nop. But i do like her long hair i mean it looks fake BUT at least is long.. we cant have it all so 

I like all the other pics except Esme, i agree she looks like a witch ..and carlisle ...WTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF JUST HAPPENED THEREEEE!!!

Comment by laquever on July 15, 2011 at 7:16pm
i actuly love them all to me edward n jazz looks the best
Comment by Tricia on July 15, 2011 at 7:21pm
They all look kinda comic overly photoshopped! I don't like this calendar at all
Comment by emilykate! on July 15, 2011 at 8:00pm
if you look close Rose has a new cullen crest!
Comment by Dezyree baby! on July 15, 2011 at 8:03pm
Ehh... -_- the calender is alright :p not the best but alright
Comment by Patty M on July 15, 2011 at 8:04pm

I thing thay needed to do them my birth months especially edward and bella

Comment by Twilightfever on July 15, 2011 at 8:51pm
Great promo shots but what's wrong with Carlisle ?
He looks so weird .
I almost didn't recognize him !

The best shots are Edward, Aliceand
Jasper . 4 movies to finally find the right haircut ! bravo
Comment by Twilightfever on July 15, 2011 at 8:51pm
Edward is so hot !!!!


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