Beyond Breaking Dawn : What Happens Next?

With all the books released, and just one film to go, i can't help but want to push the series further, because i don't think any of us want it to end! We've all wondered what would happen after breaking dawn - do Renesmee and Jacob end up in love? Do they (can they?) have children? Perhaps the other wolves proceed to have children too? And what happens to the other Cullens, and the constant looming threat of the Volturi? All these questions are left unanswered by Stephanie Meyer, so it's down to us to come up with our own conclusions about when proceeds breaking dawn.

I've written fanfictions before about the enxt couple of years of Bella's life, but I thought it'd be a pretty cool idea if everyone could give their own ideas about happens after the series ends? It'd be so interesting for everyone to see other people's perceptions, or what they hope could happen and perhaps any changes they would have made to any of the books.

So I'll start off haha. I definitely think Sam and Emily would be the first couple to progress, and I always imagined them having a daughter - Leah Belle Uley. It's obvious throughout the series that San feels regret about the way he's treated Leah, so I could see him and Emily calling their child after her as a way to show her this regret. I also think 'Belle' could be a reference to Bella, and the worry they caused during her pregnancy, and as a peace offering to the Cullens. I Don't know, just an idea. I also perhaps saw them with a son, Harry Levi Uley, Harry after Harry Clearwater, and Levi after Sam's grandfather.

Secondly, Renesmee and Jacob! The question of whether they can have children is debatable - on one hand, Renesmee is half vampire, and once she reaches maturity her body freezes, therefore seeming as though her body can no longer change to have a child. However on the other hand, Sam's theory on imprinting is that wolves imprint on the girl that is likely to produce the strongest child to carry on the tribe, suggesting that Jacob would not have imprinted on Renesmee unless she was suitable to carry children. Personally I believe that she can have children, and that her body would adapt accordingly even though her age is frozen. It also fits with Sam's ideas, as a part vampire werewolf is sure to be powerful and strong. So in my opinion, this also doesn't restrict them to one child in the way that Bella was, as Renesmee would be strong enough to complete the pregnancy. Personally I imagined them having a girl, and copying Bella's idea of merging two names of people she loved, i thought perhaps Elarie, joining Edward's mother (Elizabeth) with Bella's grandmother (Marie). As werewolves and vampire hybrids both stop aging when they reach maturity, the family would all live forever.

I think the coven would have to stay in Forks, both for Charlie's sake and for the pack, however I reckon the Volturi would definitely visit at some point as an attempt to gain Renesmee.

That's pretty much some of the things I'd love to see if Stephanie ever writes another sequel, as I think the idea of taking the family to another generation would be brilliant! Leave a comment with your ideas for beyond breaking dawn, and I'd love to hear your thought on mine :)

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Comment by Beth Paige Cullen on December 2, 2011 at 5:07pm

looove this!! love jacob and renesmees baby name u came up with, that was actually going 2 b my name, my mom wanted it 2 b mine but when my dad died my mom named me beth kuz it was the name he, yeah. love it, thanks for sharing! <3robsten4eva!<3

Comment by Neher on December 2, 2011 at 8:28pm

I would like Stephanie to describe what it would be like for Renesmee to grow up with parents that will very soon look to be the same age as she is and a father who can read her mind.  Will there come a time when she will want to go to high school?  Edward tends to be over protective.  Would she be forced to go to high school with her parents so Edward can be sure no one suspects she is different.  How would Renesmee be able to deal with this?  Will there be a love triangle with Renesmee, Jacob, and Nahuel (the only male half human half vampire)?  How would Edward and Bella be able to deal with that.  Also, when will Charlie finally figure out what Bella has become.  He will eventually realize Bella isn't aging and he is dating a member of Jacob's tribe who knows the truth.  There are just so many possibilities.  

Comment by J Stocking on December 3, 2011 at 6:44am

Stephanie addressed the procreation aspect of the wolves. While they are in shape-shifting form they cannot bare offspring. They are in their own form of frozen state so to speak like the vampires. In order to have a normal life they have to be living in a non threatening environment.  As far as Renesmee- she will be barren also. The book said that Nahuel's sisters cannot have children. Renesmee is a combination of a vampire and human. Just because a shape-shifter imprints doesn't change the rules. Charlie clearly states he does not want to know what is going on- especially after Jacob shifts in front of him. Charlie wants to live in his little happy bubble. The Cullen's will move away as they always do in order to keep who they are quiet. It is the law of the vampires and Dr. Cullen is not going to do anything more to bring down the wrath of the Voltari. He is not power hungry or confrontational. If Jacob goes with them one of two things could happen depending on Stepahnie's rules. Jacob could no long shape shift if it has to do with the reservation's history and location, or if it is because he is in the company of the vampires. The last comment is on the Volturi. They do not want Renesmee. Her gift is to show truth. Aro is a power hungry control freak. He doesn't want the truth- he wants power. He wants Alice who can see into the future, he wouldn't mind Edward who can read people's minds of distances (Aro can see everything in a person's mind which Edward cannot, but Aro has to touch the person) and Aro suspects Bella's shield power, but doesn't know how strong it is until the confrontation. Bella nullifies Jane and her brothers powers- making her an even better defense weapon.

What could possibly be considered is that Renesmee may as a young baby/child be able to show truth, but also have a gift from her dad that wasn't introduced. She might also have the gift of reading people's minds from far away AND take what Aro has being able to read everything about that person from far away. If that were the case Aro would not want her unless he had total control- other wise he would be bent on destroying her because she could well be his demise. Now THAT would be an interesting story! ;) 


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