Bill Condon Gives ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Spoilers, Music and Getting Inside Bella’s Head





Let’s begin at the end. When the credits roll in this movie, what must every moviegoer know, Bill?
“That Bella is a vampire, I think. That’s the big news.”

There’s something else that happens in the credits.
“Stick around, I guess, is the point. Because of the little tease for the second film. You get to see the Volturi again.”

You have fallen in love with music, I think, in this movie more than any other and I want you to tell me why.
“It’s so true. It was set up by the first ‘Twilight’ movie because so much of the story is told through songs. this one continues that tradition but really, really makes it more prominent. For example, there’s a moment where Bella finds out that she’s pregnant and falls in love with her baby. And its just a series of shots of Kristen looking at herselfpregnant in the mirror. But it’s a beautiful song that we play for 90 seconds that really, really gets you inside her head.”

The one person I felt you wanted to make sure had his moment is the character of Sam.
“Yes, that’s true. He’s very important in this film. Both in human form and in his magical wolf form. But Chaske Spencer – he’s the foil for Jacob. Jacob’s not part of this triangleanymore. But it’s more about him breaking away from his pack and becoming his own man.”

So you know people are already going to be asking you about part 2..
“The thing about ‘Part 2′ – it’s different. It’s like an epic movie. This is vampires fromaround the world, it’s global. You’ve been watching vampires for four movies now. Now, Bella’s a vampire and you get to experience what that’s like. What it’s like to hunt. What it’s like never to sleep. What it’s like to have vampire sex. You get that too.




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