Bill Condon Talks About Franchise and the Fansites!


In an interview with, Director Bill Condon wht what it was like shooting two films at once ans well as why we took on this project.


Did the fact you're taking on a franchise with so many passionate fans who will watch your every move run through your mind when you first signed on to helm Breaking Dawn? It's difficult to satisfy them all.

Bill Condon: "Totally. [Laughing] You never can satisfy everybody, I know that well having doneDreamgirls or Kinsey, right? I think what you want to do is you want to be absolutely aware of the fact that this means so much. That’s the great excitement of it too, that it means so much to so many people. Every decision you take seriously because when you do feel like, 'Oh my god, I feel we do have to make this adjustment from the book,' because it just isn’t cinematic or something - or a different way to tell the story - you really ponder it."

Did you visit fansites to help figure out what you could change without angering the diehard Twilight fans?

Bill Condon: "I wouldn’t go and ask people. Then I'm surprised because it turns out I thought that it was important that the Denali sisters, who are originally from the steps of Russia, have a real, real white blonde look to them. In the book, one of them had a strawberry blond hair color and I didn’t think that was right. I liked the way the actors look together with this hair. When that was in the first trailer, there was an image of them and there were a lot of people who were like, 'What has he done?!'"

You've ruined the movie by changing the hair color!

Bill Condon: "Right, and that did surprise me because I hadn’t thought of that as being a big adjustment. It just felt like visually that worked better."

There are a lot of new actors in Breaking Dawn, but the main cast was in place before you came on. How do you adjust to that, because that's a big change from the norm?

Bill Condon: "It is, but it was true of all the directors who've done them. But that’s about getting in and I think they are all very welcoming actors, which I really appreciated. I think because they have worked with different directors too, I think they kind of looked forward to, 'Well, what’s this one going to have to say about this?' It's sort of like the first day of school, it’s a little scary and then you just settle in to work and you have your relationships with them."

But your main core of actors know these characters so well, was there ever a butting of the heads over how things should turn out on screen?

Bill Condon: "I don’t think so. They know it well. I was often, often, embracing ideas of theirs because they do know it so well and so many of them are so smart."

And they do know the fans. Did you have to deal with many fans on the set for this one?

Bill Condon: "I did. I had little interchanges with them, and then you get so busy, it's like you don’t have that much time to check in on all that. But we had a set visit I believe. Certainly in the editing room, it was a great day when the major blogs came in. That was fun."

Did they give you any input?

Bill Condon: "They did actually! Someone caught a misspelling on the invitation, which I won’t tell you about, that not even Stephenie Meyer had seen. So that was cool. It was interesting. It was impressive because they were completely like hawks and they could see everything."

How do you take on a franchise that already has had three directors and make it your own? You are still making your own movie.

Bill Condon: "You totally are. That’s the thing, and that’s why I was open to it obviously because the other three had been so different. I had proof in front of me that there was room for each director to make his or her own movie. I think if there had been a more kind of dominate tone, a dominate approach that you were trying to fit into, I would have been probably less interested."


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Comment by Jamie Giffin on November 18, 2011 at 3:41am

You did a great job Bill!!!



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