Bill Condon Talks Breaking Dawn with Today is your first time at Comic Con , and your first exposure to the Twilight fandom at large. What was going through your head on that dais?

Bill Condon: I was praying that nobody booed at the clip, that they would be accepting of it, because that’s like crazy.  I’ve been in the editing room, and it’s so cocooned. We haven’t had any test screening. So to show scenes, six to seven minutes of the movie, my heart was beating definitely. But it felt good. I thought it went well. In the Hall H panel, you talked about how you feel that there is no bigger Twilight fan on the set than Kristen Stewart. Can you expand on that?

Condon: Right from the beginning she was a real collaborator. When I sit down with her with and a draft of the script and she says, “God I miss this part not being in,” most of the time we put it right back in. I think she never loses sight of what it was like for her the first time she read Breaking Dawn. She’s reading it as a fan, but also with the responsibility of giving and living up to what is expressed in the books about what Bella is feeling. She becomes an important voice to listen to in all of that. As I said we’d talk about it, then we’d rehearse it, then we’d block it, then we’d come to the day and we would still find some nuisances that we’d want to explore having reread it again the night before.


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Comment by Gloria Evans on July 23, 2011 at 8:26am
I am a little worry about BD now and how it will be accepted by the fans. I heard the honeymoon scene that they showed at Comic Con and it SOUNDED uncomfortable. I know i have been in the theater watching these movies and have laugh out loud at something that probably was not suppose to be funny but came out so bad that you could not help but laugh. The part where Bella is going thru her suitcase and pulling out all the naughty stuff that Alice has packed and being nervous and flustered should not be a LAUGH OUT LOUD moment. People should be laughing with her not at her but i bet it will not turn out that way.
Comment by Pennybug Cullen on July 23, 2011 at 6:59pm
@Gloria Evans: People aren't laughing at Bella it's w/Bella. It's supposed to be uncomfortable she's very nervous about the night & being intimate w/Edward. Did you read the whole interview?


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