Billy Burke talks being the most "oblivious" Dad in Twilight and explains why Charlie respects Bella's decisions

Billy Burke knows he might be the most clueless father in history. As Bella’s pop in the “Twilight” saga, he never really has noticed that his daughter is, oh, dating a vampire.

Hello! The luminous skin? The piercing gaze? The jumping on treetops?

“I know, I know,” says actor Billy Burke. “He doesn’t know. My character Charlie does have to resign himself to being oblivious.”

Especially now. In the two upcoming “Breaking Dawn” movies, Bella and Edward will make it all public. The “Twilight’ers” now are filming the last installment of the hit franchise. “He finds out and his entire world gets cranked upside down,” says Burke.

As for a vampire son-in-law, he opines, “The way Charlie explains it away is that he understands his daughter is her own person. She will do what she wants to do. She will go after what she loves. He respects that.”

Filming will conclude in April. “This is it,” Burke says. “There are no more books. I’m not sad. It’s been a good ride. It can’t go on forever, even though I’m sure in the hearts of the ‘Twi’ fans it will. I’m just proud of be part of Hollywood history.”

Read more about Billy's new movie Red Riding Hood that releases March 11th at Sun Times.

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Comment by Bella Black+LHJake on March 4, 2011 at 11:06am

Boy, is he correct: he is a part of Hollywood history now. The Twilight Saga is anchored as one of Hollywood's biggest icons now, right up there with Star Wars (sorry, George, but you couldn't stay the Emporer all by yourself forever!!). So congrats, Billy. You'll always be a part of the enormous, global, iconic Twilight universe!!

Comment by Katina Mae on March 4, 2011 at 2:27pm
I kind of wish more parents were like Charlie. I don't think oblivious is the right word for him.
Comment by Pennybug Cullen on March 4, 2011 at 2:38pm

I love love love Billy as Charlie. He made me love Charlie more than I did just from reading the books. 


Comment by J.E.B. (Jacob Edward Black) on March 4, 2011 at 4:12pm

yes he him as charlie


Comment by Eclipse on March 5, 2011 at 1:36am
@Bella Black + LHJake totally agree with you about Twilight becoming iconic on the level of Star Wars.  Unlike SW however, and George Lucas (the last 3 SW's were horrendous and just made to rake $$ in!), Stephenie Meyer has not sold her soul.
Comment by Bella Black+LHJake on March 5, 2011 at 5:20pm
Thanks, Eclipse, and I agree with you on 2 of the last 3 SW movies.  :)  JarJar Binks?? What the hale!
Comment by imaGINAtion on March 6, 2011 at 5:32pm
~Papa Swan will always Rock it!! Luv him 2 pieces :)


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