Bloody Kisses By: Elizabeth Luna Volnuri {chapters 5 and 6}

***************CHAPTER 5***************
"Stop it you guys!!!!!",Jalissa screamed.She was pulling Vladimir off of Chris. She was now in between the boys with her arms spread out between them. As the boys were trying to get hold of each other to kill each other their distance was getting smaller and Jalissa's arms were getting weaker and weaker by the second. If she won't move at the right time then she would get hurt. She felt someone pull her away,it was Tyler.Jalissa tried fighting her way out of the firm grip of his arms. She had never wanted any of this to happen.She felt like it was all he fault.

"Jalissa get out of the way before you get hurt!!!",Tyler demanded. Tyler finally got hold on her middle and gently pulled her away into his chest.Tyler held Jalissa until she cooled off and just gave up trying to break up the fight and Tyler's grip on her."There's nothing you can do about it,it's not your fault.It's no your fight to fight.",he whispered in her ear.That's what immediately made Jalissa completely still and it kept her calm to hear Tyler's calming voice.Nikki caught up with Jalissa and Tyler in the hallway a few feet away from the fight.

"Hey guys I heard that there was a fight going on!!!Who's in it?What happned?",Nikki yelled above the crowd so that Tyler and Jalissa could hear her.

"Chris and Edward",Jalissa said shaken.Tyler was still holding her now,she was crying into his coat. Nikki's eyes got huge as soon as she had heard who it was.

"Their fighting over Jalissa 'cuz they both want to take her to the dance this Saturday.And they hate each other .Chris thinks that Vladimir doesn't deserve to take her.He told Vladimir that he should just leave Jalissa alone and go with one of those popular girls. He told Jalissa that Vladimir was just gonna use her and that he really didn't love her.But that made Vladimir angry.Vladimir threw the first punch. Then they just started throwing punches at each other.",Tyler yelled over the crowd to Nikki.

Then from down the hallway came 4 muscular security guards to break up the fight"All right now break it up!!everyone get out of the way!!Nothing more to see here!!Get to your classes!!!".They yelled from the megaphones.Immediately students started to run down the hall in the other direction; some students tripping while getting away.Jalissa and her friends walked around a corner away from the fight, and sat on the stairs.The boys were still fighting around the corner.Then Jalissa heard total silence.

"Are you okay,Jalissa?",Tyler whispered in her ear.He was still holding Jalissa in his arms,waiting for her to answer.

"Yeah......I can't believe that happened, it all happened so fast that i could barely do anything. I dont like seeing Chris getting hurt. I know that he was protecting me but, couldn't he just walk away? Just for me?For his sake? We've been friends ever since we were little kids and we always looked out for each other. We would never let each other be in pain",Jalissa pulled Tyler closer to her so she could hug him."Thank you Tyler,your a great friend. You and Chris are the best guy friends anyone could ask for."She was looking into his green eyes now, smiling at him.

Tyler was lost in her daze and her beautiful smile."Y-Your welcome.........can I walk you to class?",he asked.

"Yeah Tyler,I would really like that",Jalissa answered while getting up from the stairs and out of Tyler's arms. Tyler's arms fell to his side.

Then the homeroom bell rang and Tyler and Jalissa walked to class together.Tyler spoke first to break the awkward silence between them. He wanted to know what Jalissa was feeling and was she really fine over all of that drama. He wanted her to know that he was always there for her, no matter what.

"Hey Jalissa are you really okay about all that drama back there?"asked Tyler.

"Yeah,I mean the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding."answered Jalissa. Alot of the kids in the hallway were obviously eavesdropping on her and Tyler's conversation.Alot of them giving Jalissa and Tyler glares and scowls while passing them. Jalissa was getting irritated by the whispers that were coming her way from every direction. But she didn't want Tyler to see her angry or sad because he didn't want him to worry about her.

"How was it a misunderstanding,Jalissa.They could of really hurt each other if security hadn't shown up to stop it.",Tyler whispered quickly. He grabbed Jalissa's hand and turnt her towards him so that they were face to face. "So don't say that it was a misunderstanding 'cuz it wasn't. What if in the end Vladimir was going to just use you then what Jalissa, then what would you do?Huh? would you just run to Chris and tell him that he was right and that you were wrong? Answer that question."

"I'm so sorry's all my fault."whispered Jalissa.Tears were now streaming down her face.She looked up at Tyler,his face was in shock at how guilty Jalissa's expression had looked.Then he frowned. He felt bad for being so hard on her about the whole thing.

"I know that you are Jalissa,and I'm sorry for being mad at you about the whole thing" Tyler squeezed her hand to let her know that he was sorry.

"I know you are.Let's just try to just forget about the whole if it never happened"Jalissa wiped away her tears and tried to smile.She let go of Tyler's hand.

"Okay,I will if it will make you feel better",Tyler smiled.He saw Jalissa's face light up with joy, that was all that she needed.

As they walked in homeroom all eyes were on Tyler and Jalissa. She walked to the back of the room -without making eye contact with any of the students- to her assigned seat next to Naomi.Naomi said nothing to Jalissa 'cuz she had already known about the whole fight from this morning,and she knew that if she asked Jalissa a question than pretty soon a bunch of other students will want to too.The class' attention was immediately turned to Mrs.Tanner as she walked in the room.

***************CHAPTER 6***************
For Jalissa, homeroom felt like an eternity.She couldn't handle the eyes of the students who would often at times turn around to just give her a curious look or to just to glare at her.Jalissa had to get out of the classroom before she was going to loose it.She had just the plan of how to leave at a time like this,she had to lie. She hated lying to people. Just like when she was little she'd never gotten away with a lie 'cuz later on she would end up telling the truth. Lying made her feel dirty and secret and she didn'tlike that. But for all this attention she had to for her sake and for the of other students.She walked up to Mrs.Tanner's desk,with all eyes on her throughout the whole time.All of the staring made her nervous and angry, she felt like she was going to unleash her inner vampire any minute on the next person who would send her a glare or a scowl her way.She smiled at the funny and clever thought.

"Mrs.Tanner can I go to the nurse,because i don't feel very well,I think I might have a fever", lied Jalissa while she faked checking her forehead.She started to fake moan.

"You can go if you sign out on the clipboard",Mrs.Tanner answered while pointing to the door.

"Okay",Jalissa moaned.She signed out on the clipboard and took the hall pass the teacher had made out for her.

In the hallway with her vampire hearing she tried to hear for Vladimir or Chris but she couldn't.She really wanted to talk to Chris and thank him for trying to protect her from Vladimir.She feels really bad that he had to take a beating from Vladimir for protecting her.But Jalissa still had a decision to make,to go to the dance with Vladimir or with Chris,or just don't go at all but she had already picked her dress yesterday.This whole day was the worst day of her immortal life,it was so frustrating just to think about it that it really did give her a fever; more like a headache.She was now at the front door of the nurse's office and on the other side she could hear the nurse talking to someone.The voice was very familiar to Jalissa,she smiled at the sound of the voice.The voice on the other side of the door was Chris ^-^.Jalissa calmly walked into the room and what she saw stopped her in her tracks.

Chris was lying on a bed with an ice pack on his right eye. His left hand was banded up, the bandage covered in blood. The smell of the blood made Jalissa's mouth water. But she didn't want to make Chris' life anymore worse than it is now.Chris had sat-up in the bed when he saw Jalissa,he smiled at her.

"How bad does it look?",asked Chris.He removed the icepack so she could see.When Chris moved the icepack Jalissa saw a light shade of purple and blue covering the outside of his eye.She frowned,she felt bad for Chris but he didn't recognize it. He frowned as soon as he saw her face. "Does it really look that bad??"

" No its just....well.....just forget about it. I don't want to talk about it.It looks bad,does it hurt?"answered Jalissa.She walked over to the bed to sit beside him with a worried look on her face.

"Whats wrong Jalissa? Don't tell me to forget about it because I won't. We were friands ever since we were kids we shouldn't be keeping secrets from each other.",smiled Chris.

"It's my fault that this had happened to you,Chris!"She cried as she lunged at him,she held him tight.Chris was confused at the emotion.

"No it isn't,it's my fault.I should of just stayed out of your buisness with Vladimir.I should've just stayed away from you,it's just that I have heard so many rumors about Vladimir hurting girls that I didn't want any of those things happening to you,Jalissa.You deserve much better. i didn't want to see you get hurt."

Jalissa's cheeks went a rosy red when Chris said that.Chris saw her cheeks burn with red at the way he was now looking at her.Now Jalissa really had a temperature now^-^.Chris smiled,showing his glorious white fangs.Jalissa's eyes popped open at the sight of them.A shiver went down her spine.

"You're one too??",she asked,her eyes still adjusting to the sight of his fangs.

"One what?",asked Chris. His face looked worried.

"A did you.....but it can't be....can it??",she couldn't even finish her sentence.Jalissa put a hand to her forehead.She felt hot from how she was feeling.But she could hear the air conditioner in the room,it was on. She'd be fine as long as it was on.

"Yeah I am.Why?Is something wrong?",He frowned at her.He reached over to take her hand. He thought that it would be too much but he wanted to get closer to her. Jalissa was shocked at what Chris did, she smiled at him.He smiled back.She squeezed his hand in her's.Then she turned her whole body toward Chris.

"No,nothing is wrong.It's just that we have been friends ever since pre-k and I'm surprised that I didn't know about it."She frowned at Chris."How long have you been a vampire,Chris?"

"Well my whole life. My dad said that i will stop growing once I hit 19.How long have you?",he asked.

"My whole life too!!!",Jalissa smiled."So......."Chris cut her off.

"So what?"Chris smiled.

"Do you know how to control your powers and your strength,duh!!!" she smiled.

"Well yeah,I can.My father had taught me everything I know"

"Do you know if you can teach me?"Chris' face lit up when she asked.

"Yeah!!!I would really like too help"

"Great!!So how about tommorrow after school,is that fine??"

"Yeah thats okay.",he smiled.Jalissa hugged Chris thank-you.Then the nurse walked in to check her temperature.After all she did have a temperature^-^.

After she got checked up she was headed off to class. She felt alot better now that she knew that Chris was going to be okay. She felt like floating to class. Her heart felt alot better and it was beating a slow beat, after all she has a date with Chris^-^. She was excited and she couldn't wait to see him next. She felt like it was her job for now on to help him bak to his health. She would now do anything for him.

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Comment by Gabbi_Cullen_89 on October 9, 2009 at 4:52pm
WOW that waz great ithink your an AWESONE writter I need more of this book even more than blood right now
Comment by Elizabeth Luna Volnuri on October 9, 2009 at 5:51pm
thx for the comments!! i don't mind if u guys will give me any ideas for the book, really i dont!!u guys rock thx for reading!!i will also need another title for my next book,k?and a cool cover!so if any of u guys wanna help then just go to my page and give them to me!!ok sooo thx love u all!!!!
Comment by Inês Lautner on October 11, 2009 at 1:44pm
vampires get fevers? lol
you're a really good writer!!! =)
Comment by Elizabeth Luna Volnuri on October 11, 2009 at 4:33pm
well my vampires get fevers
Comment by SoulessInnocence on October 16, 2011 at 7:52pm



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