As mentioned in a previous post, by my room mate, MrsMonkeyMan, I work at Walmart and they rock my world. Why? Because when I walked into my store last night, I was slapped in the face with all things Twilight, INCLUDING the bonus features DVD playing on repeat. That's right! I said it. You can go to your local Walmart and view said DVD. Some are playing the actual movie, some are playing the bonus features. I cannot promise you what the Walmart near you is playing.

So, I literally spent my lunch hour watching this DVD and it was worth EVERY SECOND! Ok, I spent an hour watching the 7 part behind the scenes making of thing and STILL didn't get through it all. I will be going up tomorrow on my day off and viewing all of (i'll even try to sneak a few photos)

Anyway, here are some tidbits for you about the disc. When you first pop it in, you have 4 things to choose from.

Deleted Scenes
Making Of (can't remember title)
Comic Con Frenzy
Promotional (can't remember either.. sorry)

The deleted scenes are PHENOMENAL. The ones that stick out in my head are these..

Emmett, Edward, Jasper- "She's not one of us Edward.."... (Emmett). I was SO hoping that this was going to be on there and believe me, it is worth the wait to see. Yummy.

Esme and Carlisle discussing how wonderful it is that Edward has found Bella, but also the danger. Esme takes control by saying "Bella is what Edward wants" she playfully pushes him into the wall and they exchange a couple more lines before Carlisle kisses her lovingly. (AWWWW)

The HUGE kissing scene between Edward and Bella. Let me explain this one a little. Catherine couldn't decide how she wanted to play the whole "that was the first night I dreamt of Edward cullen" scene, she shot a couple different ideas. One of them, was Bella waking up and seeing Edward and when she turned on the light, he was still there. Thenshe gets up (in her sweats.. YES!!!) and pulls him onto the bed. The scene is a good 15-20 seconds long before they show what ended up in the film, in its longer version.

There is a part where Victoria meets up with James and Laurent after she leads the police away from their trail. She looks at James and says, "I love when men chase me". She then throws him up against a tree (in a hot kinda and proceeds to make out with him. Now, when I say make out, I don't mean just kissing. She is pullin his shirt open and biting him. It is REALLY..... hot. Except for one part. Laurent is standing there watching them..

In the 7 part making of, there are SOOOO many things that I want to talk about, but I feel like my fingers will fall off if I talk about all of them. lol. Anyway, I will just list the big moments I remember. They show a little of the flash back scene when the Cullens first came to that part of the country and Peter is talking about the story of that and this is how he describes what happens when the Pack descends on he and his family...

"They say, 'What are you doin on our property dude?' and I say, 'slow your roll'. Then we sign a contract and the treaty is set."

I laughed hysterically at that..Moving on. There isn't really a Gag Reel, but they show a lot of bloopers and funny things that happened during filming. For some reason, Rob falls a lot. The 2 that I saw were hysterical. 1 was in the baseball scene when they all run up to 'hiss' at the bad vamps and Peter completely smacks into Rob and Rob takes a big nose dive. SOO funny. The other one happens at Prom when they are talking to Rob about dancing with Kristen. It looks like they are talking to him about how to dip her properly and Rob completely keels over backwards and does a flip. When he gets up he is laughing SO hard and is completely embarrassed.

The baseball scene.. is actually it's on featurette. LOADS of behind the scenes goodies there. Including Kellan, Robert and Nikki on wires, not feeling to good on them (wire burn and such). They talk about how Ashley had to really learn how to pitch and that she got so good at it she could be a pro. Well, they show them taking test shots in a parking lot and she TOTALLY beams the camera straight on. You hear her scream and start laughing. SOO funny again. But the whole baseball scene is broken down so well and there is a lot of fun behind the scens stuff there including Peter having too much fun learning how to slide and Jackson missing playing baseball (and knowing how to twirl a bat like nobody's business... HOT)

There is a lot of talk with every major scene in the movie (which is like every scene). So, you really get to see the process on the entire movie. It was really awesome to watch. I also learned that absolutely ZERO green screen was used (that's right, all stunts were 100% authentic) and some of the additions to the film, that weren't in the book, were the ideas of Catherine AND Stephenie. So stop In the ballet studio they break down the whole thing stunt by stunt. Talk about hard work, but loads of fun. Whew!

If you love music, enjoy the little featurette on the making of the Score for the film. It's REALLY cool to see how that process was done.

The last thing I am gonna tell ya (unless you ask) is about the Comic-Con featurette. It is amazing. It was shot at the convention before the movie was released and it is the FUNNIEST thing ever. You finally get to hear the correct pronunciations of Edi and Cam's last names and also Rachelle's. One person asked Stephenie and Catherine why they cast such hot guys in the roles and Stephenie answered, "Becaues that's how I wrote them..." HA HA.. well done!

There are load and LOADS of bonus interviews and really awesome moments between the cast and fans, the cast and crew and the cast amongst themselves. It is at least an hour and a half to two hour watch. WELL worth the little bit of extra money.

That is all.. if you have any questions.. or wanna shoot me for talkin to just let me know..

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Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on March 15, 2009 at 10:51am
glad you all enjoyed it :)
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on March 15, 2009 at 10:51am
OOH NOOO!!!! IE.. that sucks!! I am sorry you made that trip for nothing...

and now I feel
Comment by rosalie09 on March 15, 2009 at 12:23pm
omggg thnks so much
Comment by SherieheartsRob on March 16, 2009 at 6:36am
Exactly Claire..
Im waiting for the DVD...
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on March 16, 2009 at 8:09am
Rosailie09- You're welcome

Sherie- lol..
Comment by Princess Alie~♥~ on March 21, 2009 at 2:27am
Claire, I'm going on youtube until I get the DVD.


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