Bored at work and this came out of it....PLEASE READ

OK so...I was soooo incredibly bored at work with nothing better to do so just started writing and a little story thing seemed to come out of it, tell me what you think:D There aren't any titles or chapters or anything yet but there will be soon!

The smell of it, the taste, the way it races around the body inviting you in. I never thought much about it until I met him. Nothing is more thrilling or exhilarating than his blood. No one can hear it quite the same as me, it draws no one in as much as it does me. I am the only one that looks at him like I do, others just cower away from him. I am the only one that has the desire in my eyes, the urge to have him to myself, the knowing it will soon be around me forever. Although he does not look at me the way I look at him, he has never acknowledged me, keeping to himself. Who could blame him?
I am very much like the man I lust over, keeping to myself, staying mystical and wanted. I am every mans dream.
Dreamy, drifting blonde hair, tanned, long and toned legs, mysterious eyes that draw you in, full, pink lips, perfect complexion and a fantastic sense of style. Who would ned to look twice at me? You take one glance and you're hooked.
Even so, I have only ever been admired from afar. I am no longer surprised by this, it has been the norm ever since I was changed. This is the simplest way, admiring from afar, it would be far too dangerous for my admirers to have me alone. I know this because it happened before, long ago. However, this is not about me and my mistakes, it is about him, his perfection, his beating heart and his extraordinary aroma.
I have now spent four hundred years in this life and twenty two years before this constant existence found me but I have never come across someone as magical as him. I have never been drawn in by anybody but feel it should be the way for us.
We have three classes together, phys ed, spanish and biology. Phys ed is the hardest for me as I have to try to not succeed. I am, because of my nature, incredibly fast, have lightening reflexes and the power of a mountain lion which would shock most people. I am glad however to be able to compete with the man of my affections. He is strong, athletic and loves a competition especially with a woman like me, not once has he ever beaten me though, I would never let him. I hope that he still wonders how an amazing woman like me has all that power but he never asks. I wish him never to ask anything like that of me.
I must break the silence between us if I ever want me meaningless life to have a purpose. I must talk to him, to save me from myself, to help bother of us outlive a life of loneliness.
His name? Joseph. He is a perfect 6'4 and has even more perfect muscles. His features are very pronounced and has chocolate brown hair. Who could not lust after him the way I do? Especially today when he's wearing tan jeans and a tight, short sleeved white t-shirt. Our names seem to fit as perfectly together as our looks, Joseph and Anna-Maria.

Walking slowly to phys ed, I try to drown out his smell with the elss irrisistable smells of the animals around me. They must have a predator, prey sense because as soon as I get to the school boundary of trees, the sounds disappear just like a television being muted. I bound softly up the steps to the PE block and silently skip through the door. Getting changed seems a bit of a farce seeing as I do not need energy to excert myself therefore always looking perfectly coiffed in whatever I wear.
We all packed ourselves into the gym ready for our game of the Team captains were picked, a girl called Claire who was the girls basketball captain and the objet of my desire, Joseph. Claire picked first and went with the captain of the guys basketball team, James who so happens to be her boyfriend. Joseph deliberated for a moment loking us all up and down seemingly weighing our strengths and to my utter amazement he picked me. I sprung over to where he was stood and went to introduce myself. Before I could he gripped my hand and pulled me close to me whispering warmly in my ear,
"I know who you are Anna-Maria, you trounce me every time we are head to head. I decided against my better judgement and I picked you, don't make me wish differently. After all, these boys can't stop staring at you, this game will be easy to win, yeh?"

Thats all I've got at the moment peeps, hopefully it is good, please comment with what you think, I don't mind what you put tbh, I need an outside opinion to know if it is acually any good! Leanne xx

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