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BRAVO: Hey Kellan, did you know what your last name Lutz actually is a German prename?
Kellan: For sure! That’s because I’ve ancestors in Germany!

BRAVO: Really?!
Kellan: Cool, isn’t it? I’m sort of a German Hollywood-Star [laughs]! I were born in the USA – in Dickinson/North Dakota. But my
grandparents are from Munich. That’s why I was there often as a little
child. But I was pretty little and can’t remember much.

BRAVO: Do you still speak German?
Kellan: Oh sorry, by now I totally forgot everything. Anyway I have still an especially connection to Germany!

BRAVO: That means you’re feeling right at home here?
Kellan: Kind of. Everything seems familiar. I’m feeling secure here. I love Germany and its long history! I went for some sightseeing: I
visited pieces of the Berlin Wall, went to the museum mile and I
visited Castle Sansoucci in Potsdam. I’m very interested in this

BRAVO: But you’re living in Hollywood – through “Twilight” you became a Worldstar! Did your life change much?
Kellan: Of course. My role as Emmett opened so many doors for me! But I never wanted the fame and money. It was just the fun by
acting. It was very important for me to keep my feet on the ground in
spite of all of that. It’s the same for my “Twilight”-costars.

BRAVO: How’s the mood of the vampires?
Kellan: We’re like a family. Nobody has changed through the success. The “Twilight”-guys are clubbing together or we’re going out
with the girls. And my buddies Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone are
starting often some rocking jam-sessions with their guitars. But my
best friend is Ashley Greene.

BRAVO: What makes your friendship out?
Kellan: We met each other six years ago, after I stopped with the college to become an actor. She had the same dream. This putted us
together. And now that’s extremely great, because we both made it!

BRAVO: Do you give each other advice?
Kellan: For sure – in every regard! I’m here for her if she has trouble with guys. And she for me if I’m lovesick! We’re like siblings –
inseparable. Ashley and I are tuned on the same wavelength.

BRAVO: What do you do together?
Kellan: We play night after night board games, barbecue together and party with friends cool pool parties at my home. We’re a
real fun-clique in Los Angeles! I’m in a crazy shared apartment with
three friends [laughs] …

BRAVO: But you are able to afford to live alone now …
Kellan: But I like it like this. My housemates are my best friends. I believe them blind. They’re watching after my house, when I’m
on the go, and of course they’re taking care of my dogs, the half-breed
“Kola” and the Chihuahua puppy “Kevin”.

BRAVO: Don’t you miss them when you’re away?
Kellan: I do! I haven’t seen them for a month and I can’t wait to cuddle them! To relax with them in my bed or to jog through Hollywood
is for me the best of the world!

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