Where you should buy the Breaking Dawn DVDs (Part 2 & Extended Part 1) ~We break it down + we list all the gifts with purchase!

Every year Twilight fans stress out about what version of the newest DVD to buy.  We all think we will miss some key scene, that is only available on a special edition, at such and such store, and that we need to buy 4 DVDs to get all the footage. This year it's different and it's simple!  Buy Target's special edition Breaking Dawn - Part 2 DVD.  It has all the footage, plus a gift with purchase! For those of you who need to sell your old DVD's for cash now would be the time to get that because this edition is outstanding! 

The Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Extended Edition is the same everywhere, EXCEPT when you buy the combo of part 1 & 2 at Walmart.  If you buy the Walmart combo, you don't get all the the extra footage.  But Walmart is giving out Twilight Saga mini posters at their midnight parties.

Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know.  Click the images for a larger look.

Let's start with National DVDs.  National means this DVD or Bluray is available everywhere.  There is no exclusivity to this version and it will be sold everywhere, even in grocery stores.

Walmart Exclusive:

At the Walmart Midnight release:

Target Exclusive and we believe the most comprehensive:

Great gift with purchase only at Target (we are hearing this might only be with pre-order):

Best Buy is the only store selling all 4 movies in one package.  Note:  This is only on Bluray, not DVD.  They also have the national DVD above with a gift with purchase.

Sam's Club for the first time also has gifts with purchase and tattoo stations!  Let us know if you get tattooed there!

Here are some other stores that are doing gifts with purchase:

We hope this lessens any confusion for you this year!  Have fun at the midnight parties and don't forget to post photos and you experiences in a blog so we can share with all the members here!

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Comment by Twilightdreamlover on March 1, 2013 at 8:36pm

I'm back!!   I've already pre-ordered the 3-disc collector's edition.  It will release on Monday (3/4), so I'll be getting the free poster, as well!!!!!   YAY!!!!!!!!

Comment by Krista on March 2, 2013 at 5:07pm
I'm a little ticked I got the target blueray and went to. Download the digital copy and it doesn't work in Canada I'm mad!!


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