Breaking Dawn a Wrap, how about Robsten ?

Now that the last scenes of both parts of Breaking Dawn have been wrapped – except for some re-shoots – and all the actors go on with other jobs, what will become of Robsten? Will that duo also become a “wrap”?
The true test of any relationship is it's ability to deal with adversity, and long distant romances are difficult at best. Robert has already stated many times that he feels homeless and I think he'd love to have a place he could go back to after the movie shoots are done. Kristen, I don't know about her – she's stated several times that she's only 19 or only 20 and has a great many things she'd like to accomplish.
I keep thinking that these two beautiful young people have so many basic differences, but then depending upon the individuals up bringing will have a great deal to do with what, if any, future the couple can have. I keep hoping that they'll be able to over come the odds of Hollywood Life and make a go of it, but I suspect that it ain't that easy, though the pair doesn't seem to have much desire for a great deal of the material items most young people go for when they have oodles of money to burn.
I'm very hopeful for the couple that things will work out for them, but I can't help but feel that Robsten is going to be a wrap also. Sorry, but that's just what I'm feeling. Please don't be angry with me.  I can only judge from the experience I've had over the years.  Those relationships that have worked are only those who have true trust in their partners and trust within themselves.
A year or so ago Kristen was asked if the public would ever know if they were a real couple or not and she said something along the lines that yeah, the World would know when the Saga was complete. I hope that's still going to be the case.
So, those of us who've been so involved with the Twilight Saga and Robsten, what will we do now that all the movies are made?
In November BD Pt 1 will be released and the year after that BD Pt 2 – then what? Well, I for one shall continue to follow Kstew, and hopefully Rpatz as well, though I have to admit since she's proven to be the better actor – so far at any rate – I'll be monitoring her career more. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be watching the two of them together.
What are your thoughts?

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