Breaking Dawn box office prediction thread

2 years ago Twilight released.At that time no one expected it to become a box office hit.But it surprised everyone by opening to a huge $69.6Million dollars.It sustained over the holiday period collecting a life time total of $192 million.Worldwide $384 million.It was an extraordinary figure considering its low bugdet of$37 Million BY TODAYS STANDARD.The following year Newmoon release.It opened to an extra ordinary $142 Million.However it didnt sustain well wrapping up with $296 Million.worldwide it was excellent collecting a whopping $710 million.

In 2010 eclipse broke away from its home turf to a june opening date( following Harry potter pattern).However Eclipse fell shorf of newmoons opening day collecting $68 million.It collected over $175 million over 6 day  weekend.It wrapped up with a series high score of $300 million.(unlike hp).The series final novel Breaking dawn was split into two movies(again remiscent of harry potter).Now ecilpse despite a huge box office total of$690 million was less then new moon.Despite  continuing its increase over new moon in states,it slowed down internationally. Eclipse was not as profitable as New moonin terms of profit to budget percentage.The profitability percent of the three:

Twilight-10.3 times its budget

New moon-14.1 times 

Eclipse -10.6 times

Now had eclipse release on a 3-day weekend eclipse would have collected $136 million if it would have followed other twos pattern.Now the two part split really didnt help harry potter .My predictions

Midnight: $30 M

Opening day: $75 M

Opening weekend: $150M

Final total: $315 M

Worldwide-$750 M

Now this is undoughtedly a huge figure but might not reach Harry potter 7-part level since it is in 3D.But really it is difficult to predict since all twilight movies outperformed expecations.Breaking dawn part 2 will surely break all records but it is coming 2 yrs later so it is difficult to predict.Well i certainly hope breaking dawn outperforms my expectations.What say Twilighters?

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Comment by imaGINAtion on February 11, 2011 at 12:09pm
~WoW!!! Hmm...Interesting, VERY Interesting! When put that way.....YES  Twilight rules the Movie World :D


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