Breaking Dawn Casting Ideas - For Every Character


So obviously everybody has their own ideas and images as to what all the characters should look like in their heads, but i think it would be awesome if we could get opinions from as many twifans as possible for who should play who. I've spent the entire morning on google images and going through random indie films trying to find some actors that i think could live up to our ridiculously high expectations. These two films are going to be so massively anticipated, that if i had it my way i'd have actors and actresses from all of the previous films that Kristen, Rob and Taylor have done - like some huge reunion. They've all worked so well with each other in the other films, that i think this would bring such amazing chemistry and acting to the screen. But it doesn't really work like that, although i've tried to get a couple of actors from the trio's past into my castings. I have a couple of strange ideas that could possibly work - how about Emily Browning joining the saga as Carmen? - but obviously these are just my ideas, and i'm sure a lot of you will think i'm being completely ridiculous. But i'm going to give it a go anyway.

I have my Breaking Dawn Vampire Index by my side, about a thousand internet tabs open with various images and videos from different actors, and New Moon playing in the background. Let's get to work!

First of all, i thought i should probably address the most important casting of them all - Renesmee. This kid has been tough on us all, and it's near impossible to find anyone even close to the Renesmee in my head - for such a small child she has remarkably big shoes to fill.

However there are a couple of young girls that spring to mind, the first being Gemma Devine. She seems to be the favourite amongst most people, seeing as when you type in 'Renesmee Cullen' into google it's her picture that you seem again and again. I've been following her mum's blog (she's a photographer, which is why the photos of Gemma are so beautiful and high quality) for over a year now, and considering they live in Austrailia, and Gemma is a model, not and actress, i think it's fairly unlikely that she'll get the part. Saying that, you never know how much money Summit would throw at them if they wanted her. Another problem is she's five now, so may be a little too old for the part.

Another girl is Chloe Jones. I found her while looking around on Flickr, and i think she'd be pretty perfect. She has the soft bronze curls, chocolate eyes, and is also the right sort of age. But she too is just a model and not

an actress, so i don't know if it would work.

There's also this picture that is all over the internet naming this girl as Renesmee.

This girl seems to be the ultimate Renesmee. So i was looking around trying to find some more pictures of her, and found the original plus two more pictures. I'd already seen the original (named Peace, Baby on deviantart), but it was interesting to see the other pictures of her. I really don't think she makes a great Renesmee after seeing the other pictures - the one of her above is so edited that she looks completely different.

There's also Suri Cruise. I know she's not technically an actress either, but she could pull off the looks and personality of Renesmee easily i think. Kids can wear contacts, right? And can have their hair curled?

Well i think that's Renesmee covered for now, if you know anyone that you think could play her, leave a picture (and name, if possible) in your comment.

I think i'm just going to work my way through the index, so next up is Kachiri.

She was really tough, because i couldn't find any actresses that matched with the Kachiri in my head. But them i thought ( and this may be one of my 'strange ideas'), but i was thinking maybe Beyonce. She's tall, obviously beautiful, and has the right complexion for the part. I think she'd do the part very well.

Next is Senna, and this was pretty easy for me. I'd always pictured her as Judy Reyes (she plays Carla in Scrubs). I don't know why that's who i pictured her as, but i think she fits the part well. Her Latina heritage makes her perfect for Senna in my opinion.

Okay, so next is Zafrina. She too was hard for me to choose, so i resorted to google for some answers. And again and again people said Tyra Banks. I was completely unconvinced at (does she even act? I don't know...) but i'm coming around to the idea after searching through images. She has a slightly fierce exterior, but as we saw in the Taylor and Rob interview a long time ago, she's fairly sweet and loving. This seems perfect, as she can show her sensitive side when she's around Renesmee. There's also something distinctly feline about her face, which suits the character perfectly.

Okay, so that's the Amazon coven done, now onto the Denali coven. These were all relatively straight forward for me, and i hope you agree with my suggestions.

For Eleazar, i imagined someone fairly young, with dark hair. So for me, it was always going to be Raoul Bova. He has that sexy edge to him, while still being beautiful. Do you agree?

So now we come to Carmen. This definitely is a slightly strange idea, but i think Emily Browning would be amazing as her. As most of you know, Emily was the original Bella. Everyone thought she had the part, and i remember being really disappointed when it turned out that she wasn't going to be portraying Bella. Don't get me wrong, i LOVE Kristen with my whole heart, and the saga wouldn't have been half as good if she wasn't in the middle of it all, but i always wondered what could have happened if Emily had got the part. Would there be such a hype for the franchise? One thing's for certain, her chemistry with Rob wouldn't have us needing a change of pants like Kristen's does (WOH! I didn't just say that), but would the film be so massive and incredible if she'd been involved? There's no question that she could pull off being a vampire.

Anyway, i thought it'd be a cool little twist to have her involved in the franchise, even just as a small part. I know loads of her fans were, and still are, gutted that she didn't get Bella's role, so maybe this could satisy them as Kristen satisfies us.

Next up - Irina. She was also quite tough for me, because there are a lot of actresses that suit her looks, but i didn't know if any of them would be able to do the part well. I eventually settled on Maggie Grace. She has a fierce edge to her face, which suits the character, but is also immensely beautiful, which is essential considering she'd be playing a vampire.

For Kate, i searched through a lot of pictures and blogs. She seems key to breaking dawn, as i think that fans will fall head over heels for her and Garrett. She needs a kind face, but also should have that wild side that Garrett falls for. It was difficult finding the right actress, but i think i'm happy with my choice of Kristen Bell. She's becoming more and more popular, and i think the viewers would warm to her instantly.

Tanya was difficult for me as well. The strawberry blonde that falls for Edward. She needs a big presence, but also has to ooze seranity. In the end i went with Elisha Cuthbert. She seems graceful and beautiful, and someone that fits the part. With a little red in her hair, she completes the Tanya that i have in my mind. I also imagined her with shorter hair, but i can't remember if she was described that way in the book. She seems like someone that Bella would be envious of, but someone that Edward would not be drawn to.

Now onto the Egyptian coven. Because of where they're from, their skin isn't the usual paleness - they have an olive complexion.

So we start off with Amun. I imagined him as being extraordinarily sexy, so Antonio Banderas was who sprung to mind. Although he's older than the Amun in my head, i think he'd play the part extremely well, and would be able to pull off the classiness and slight jealously of the character with ease and clarity.

Okay, next is Kebi. I've searched and searched, and i can't find anyone that i think even remotely fits the part. So if you have any suggestions - i'm all ears!

For Benjamin, he needs to be boyish, but still have that maturity that makes him stand up to Amun. I therefore think that Logan Lerman would be perfect. He's young, but has been in some big films (he starred in Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief), so i think would be able to bring the contrasting features of the part to the screen well, and with a little bit of make-up, he'd match the Egyptian complexion.

Tia was again a no-brainer for me. I always imagined her as Monica Raymund, and the dark hair and olive skin matches with the description in the book.

Okay, so we've now reached the Irish coven - i didn't realize there were so many vampires! First up is Maggie, the red-headed lie detector. I immedietly thought of two people - Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood and Emma Roberts. I think they'd both be able to bring a lot to the part, but i can't decide which one to go with. What do you think?




Siobhan is described as having an 'immense prescense'... does that mean she's large? I have no idea, so i'm going to let you decide on this one!

Liam isn't described much either - just that he doesn't talk much - so i didn't have a whole lot to work with.

Anyway, i think that Matthew Bomor would be good for the part, but i'm only going on his acting experience and good looks.

The Romanian coven. What stress you have caused me. Every time i tried to imagine them, all i got was Michael Sheen. And unless he fancies playing two parts - it just won't work. Soooo.. again i had to resort to blogs to see what other people thought, and try to get some ideas from them. And i eventually ended up with Ralph Fiennes as Vladimir (pictured on the left) and Ian Hart as Stefan (on the right). This is another one of my weird ideas. There are quite a few connections between Harry Potter and Twilight, to some people's joy and some people's disgust, and i thought this could be another tie. For those of you who haven't read the book, or just don't remember, Vladimir and Stefan were strange vampires that everyone else seemed wary of, and they didn't seem to fit in with the other vampires present at the gathering. Bella considered them to be sort of evil in a way, and they seemed to know exactly what the other were thinking - almost as if they were one person. Hence my brilliant idea (sense the sarcasm), what if the actors had both played the same person - and what if the person they'd played was someone evil and sinister and someone that fit in nowhere. What if it were Voldemort? Now for those of you who haven't read Harry Potter (i'm sorry, but there really is no excuse. if you can read twilight, then you can bleeping well read Harry Potter), Voldemort is the evil wizard that seeks revenge on Harry. Ralph Fiennes played him from book two onwards, and Ian Hart was the voice of him in the first book (he also played Proffessor Quirrel). So obviously this won't make sense for the people that haven't read Harry Potter, but if you have, what do you think?

So to be honest i'm going to miss out the Volturi coven wives - for the amount of screen time that they'll recieve i really don't think it's worth the effort. They'll probably miss them out entirely. I'm also going to skip through the Volturi guard - most have been cast anyway, and the newbies won't get much screen time either.

So we're down to the American Nomads (partial). First of all - Garrett. There are so many suggestions as to who should play him, but i'm going to go with my initiative on this one. I think it should definitely be James Franco. He has that rugged, boyishness about him and has a wealth of experience (not to mention he smokinnnn' hot), and dont you think he resembles Rob in the right-hand picture? He's kind of a mix between Heath Ledger, Rob, and Johny Depp. Sounds like my kind of guy!

So, that's all the main-ish breaking dawn vampires covered. I think i'll sleep for a week now. Shoot me a comment with your ideas on my choices - or any changes you'd like to make. Maybe even some recasts of someone from eclipse?

Source - Google Images mostly,and lots of random blog sights that fueled my ideas.

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Comment by Pip on July 19, 2010 at 5:23pm
personally, I think I would be really upset as would a great deal of the other fans if the casting directors got lazy and picked really famous or already well known actors/actresses onboard.
Famous people make sense for this task - to get a feel of who or what the characters look like, but i think for twilight - there is this expectation to keep uncovering great talent - I mean, before twilight: rob, ashley, xavier, taylor, jackson all these people and many more were nobodies. The only really famous cameo's they've picked up were Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning.
I feel like if they got all well known actors for the last instalment, it would feel like one of those cameo movies, like nine or valentines day, or love actually where there are just TOO many well known actors.
And honestly, I don't know that well known actors could do it justice, they would probably have the frame of mind that it is going to boost their popularity etc etc where as an unknown actor would be so appreciative and put their heart and soul into their performance.
I mean - look at the performances between riley (xavier samuels) and jane (dakota fanning). While I think dakota is great in this movie, she knows there arent many lines or much for her character to do, same as xavier - but xavier being unknown put on his best performance - demanded the screen, captured the attention of others and director RAVES about him. I'm not bagging dakota out, i am just saying, she has openly admitted to wanting to be in the movies because she likes the books. Liking the books, being right for the character and a breathtaking performance are seperate things. Its like free publicity - she knows she doesnt have to do much as an actresss, but she gets to be apart of a worldwide phenomenon. And i think thats more appealing to actors than the actual story
Comment by Pip on July 19, 2010 at 5:25pm
Also, i think renesmee is really hard, if they use a young say 3 year old, it limits them immensly..
I think the best idea would be to use an older actress, and model renesmee off her - it would have to be cgi though - the expressions as a newborn, the growth rate..I'm not sure about this one.. It will be interesting to see though.
Comment by Marina Flourentzou on July 19, 2010 at 5:43pm
I think there is not gonna be a real baby playing renesme..because babies.. likee babies babies cant make the expresions of an adult as renesme does.and she is groing up reallyyyy i think they are gonna make something like they did in'' The Curious Case of Benjamin Button''.. I AM NOT REAALLY SURE BUT THATS WHAT I HEARD ;D
Comment by Gloria Evans on July 19, 2010 at 5:50pm
Please none of these peoples. First Summit is soooo cheap that there is no way they are going to cast everyone in this movie. They will combined some of the characters. I think the Denali Clan will make the cut but not so sure about the other ones. They will be unknown actors for sure. As for Renesmee, i think they are going to have to make a few changes on this one and since Ms. Meyer is on board as producer i think they can do it. They might have to just show a baby hand sticking out and touching everyone faces and not really show her face. I also think they will have to aged her a little more then what she was in the book. Maybe to 4 or 5 and that way they can get a real actress to play her. It is really going to be tricky.
Comment by Dawn Fleming on July 19, 2010 at 5:55pm
When I read Breaking Dawn the first image that popped in my head for Garrett was Taylor Kitsch.
Comment by LoveRobward!!! on July 19, 2010 at 5:56pm
I think it is interesting to see everyone's opinions on who should play who. I actually wouldn't mind if there were a few famous faces throughout the "visitors/witnesses". Even the Queen of England herself couldn't take the limelight off the stars from the saga. Obviously all the vampires won't be famous people/established actors (and probably none of them will be), but it's fun to imagine. The choice of Tyra Banks as Zafrina actually wouldn't be a bad idea...she's gorgeous, has a great presence about her and I think her cameo would be kind of cool. Good pick on the choices...very interesting read! I should make a list of all of them and see who I can come up with. Thanks for posting the interesting article!!!!
Comment by TwiTayfan123 on July 19, 2010 at 6:06pm
beyonce and tyra definetly play kachiri and zafrina
Comment by Melissa Connelly on July 19, 2010 at 6:12pm
I want natives of Egypt to play in that coven and the same goes with the Amazon, Irish, etc. Your first Maggie was pretty good, though I'd be worried some non-fans would get confused with her as Victoria. I'd always thought it'd be a funny thing if Stephenie played Siobhan. She's absolutely beautiful and has curves like Siobhan does.

PIP, I 1000000000000000000000000000000% agree with you about Nessie.
Comment by Alina Cipriano Cullen on July 19, 2010 at 6:51pm
for the part of Maggie...the girl that did Posey on Ballet Shoes could be perfect!
And the Nessies are sooo cute!!
Comment by Jezebell Sangre on July 19, 2010 at 7:19pm
thanks for doing this =) well, emma roberts got the looks, but all twifans will totally storm her ass off if she got the role. lol =)


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