Breaking Dawn – Movie Review


Yes, folks I am still hyperventilating into a paper bag.

Let me kick this off by saying the movie was Epic. Anything less would be an understatement.

This will contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read.

First of all let me say that Summit did make a lot of changes, but most of them were for the better. Bill Condon really does deserve a pat on his back for this. It was spectacular.


Likes... okay, FLOVES

The pacing was close to perfect.

As a couple Edward and Bella seem so much more mature.

A sequence was added in the beginning, where you see into Edward’s past. That was surprising and very well executed.

Someone finally tamed Jasper’s hair… well it only took four tries.

The wedding was pretty awesome.

Charlie and Renée, oh dear, they were so sweet. You just can’t hate Charlie. Not possible.

Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton… so much fun.

Nice cameo for Stephenie Meyer.

The honeymoon… oh that honeymoon. Let’s just say that Summit gave us a bit more than Stephenie Meyer did.

Headboard humping Edward, loved it, but perhaps they did go a little overboard trashing the room.

Pregnant Bella. EPIC. The make-up was stellar and she looked like a freaking corpse. I kid you not. They added scenes that really showed the depth of her starvations. It was creepy, but oh so great.

Edward and Bella argue, it brought an awesome depth that I personally think the book was lacking.

The ending of the movie. They changed quite a bit, but it was all for the better. Bella’s transformation, Jacob’s reaction, Edward’s desperation all merged well and it was an emotional ride that I did not expect.

In general the CGI was pretty good, especially when it didn’t involve the wolves.

I don’t think it adapts to the book step by step, but overall I think they managed to capture what was essential to the story and leave the unnecessary stuff behind.



Alice, Alice, Alice… I just don’t like her. Besides now, they’ve changed her hair, but I’m sad to say that it’s not for the better.

Rosalie’s hair… as always.

The wolf talking to wolf… it’s kind of lame, but I never liked it in the books either. I think Condon did his best with what he had to work with.

He killed the talk Edward and Bella had on the night before the wedding. I would have loved to see them cuddle, but that wasn’t happening.

The Denali clan was supposed to be beautiful… to me that didn’t happen, they just looked freaky.

When are they going to learn to control and match the contacts to their level of feeding… they messed it up again!!!!! Emmett says… I’m starving, but his eyes are a buttery golden brown. Black, I say BLACK!!!

Besides that, there wasn’t much I didn’t like.


Lastly, I just want to say thank you Summit and Bill Condon for giving us Breaking Dawn, part one that was so nicely done.

These were my thoughts, what did you think about the movie?


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Comment by Amanda (Lady Starlight) on November 16, 2011 at 12:56pm
I haven't seen it yet


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