Breaking Dawn My Movie Experience **Possible Spoilers!!**

This piece is my opinion and a small review of the movie Breaking Dawn Part 1.  There are some maybe spoilers so if you haven't seen the movie I suggest wait to see before reading. That's not saying that most of you know what happens anyways  ;p   I'm up for discussions about what you guys think about my points i've raised and the movie in general.....











Ok so went to see the movie last night...  There were so many good points about the movie, however i hated the music!!!  It was disappointing that in some of the scenes the actors were doing such as good job and then the music came in and made it a bit cheesie.....   mmmmm

Other than that I was very excited that SOoooo much happened in it.  Kristen did such a good job. I think this is the best she has acted in all of all the Twi films!  I found this movie was very different from the others as there is so much conflict.  We are used to seeing the characters being united as friends/allies etc and there's just a feeling of tension between everyone.  The dress was simple and elegant and was a good match for the illustrations from Stephanie Meyer Illustrated guide to Twilight. 

I think some of my fav parts were

-When Bella was about to walk down th aisle her nervousness and the finality of it all and the wedding kiss

-wedding speeches

-1st time scene

-Taylors acting with a bit more emotional maturity throughout the movie

- the turning of Bella by Edward after the birth of Renesme

-Bellas transformation


On saying the last one we now have to wait another 12  months to actually see the newborn Bella in full!!!

I'm looking forward to getting this movie on DVD with the extra scenes and having a Twilight Fest :))

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Comment by susan on November 18, 2011 at 2:22pm

hi bueno en mi opinión creo que tienes toda la razón yo leí el libro seis veces antes de la película porque bueno yo esperaba muchas mas escenas que estaban el el libro mas sin en cambio los lobos ahora se vieron muy falsos me fascinaron muchas escenas pero si le falto muchísimo la música estuvo muy bien ya que pues en el beso de edward y bella en la boda pusieron mi favorita jajaja que le falto la escena donde edward come pastel siiiii. cuando le dicen a charlie que se van a casar bueno pero esta muy buena me enamore mas de jacob su actuación de taylor lautner fue fantástica renesmée esta linda las instalaciones de grabación fueron como me las imagine. espero que el próximo año la segunda parte este mejor...!!

Comment by belle on November 18, 2011 at 4:36pm

@Susan I would love to read your comment but sorry can't read it :( Anyway someone can tell me how to translate??


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