It has been said that the final chapter of Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn will be divided into 2 parts which I think is AWESOME. On the other hand, as a Twilight Fan, I'm a little more concern of the idea that they will not show what really happened in the book, considering that the book does not really promote Sex, Sex and Sex. I've read the book (Breaking Dawn) not just twice and I don't see any explicit scene that will drive (no offense) Ms. Rosenberg's to not stick to the story.

Please, please Twilight Fans around the globe are the ones making the movie and the whole franchise successful and for producers and screenwriters or directors to change or cutoff the best part of the story is really a BIG MISTAKE.

I'm seriously protesting they should stick to the book story. Bella's Cesarean is one of the BEST part it really gives your imagination a boost to imagine what it's like being in that situation, and for them to cut that off screen???? OMG it's a DISASTER!!!

Even the beach scene or the honeymoon scene, in the book, it didn't state any sexual malicious thing, just plain pure love that in-love people feel. I really don't see WHY they can't stick by the book.!!!!!

This is what Twi-fans, Twi-hards, Twi-Lovers,Twilight People wants to see on screen since this is the last book, it should go with a please please please you have to do the right thing...

I haven't logged in to Twifans for so long because of my busy work, and up to now I'm working on a Tender that closes on the 24th June, but I can't just shut up and say nothing when the book that I can't wait to see on screen will not be the same as what i imagined it to please just...stick to the story in the book.

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