Well, overall this movie was the best out of the series! It was the closest out of all the movies to the actual book.  First, the positive message and role models are shown through Edward and Bella staying abstinent until marriage and the whole sense of family and belonging throughout the movie. There were only two bad words, the d-word, and the h-word, so the language was the least out of all of the movies. There were some very graphic scenes particulary in the birth scene with blood all over the place. The sex scene is not as bad as it was played up to be. I did not see any man or woman parts; the closest part I saw was one side of Bella's breast, but it was primarily covered up my Edward's arm in the water scene so you don't see anything. Both do jump on top of each other, move back a forth a little throughout the honeymoon scene and you see Edward's back and then he breaks the head board. In the second sex scene, Bella is in scimpy lingerie, wakes up from her dream where they passionately kiss, then gets on top of Edward, then it cuts to the next scene. Basically imagine the "almost" sex scenes from Twilight and Eclipse together, except the scenes are longer and they are naked. Most of the time you see Bella's head, legs, or stomach. Oh yes, if you do go, stay after the credits. There is an extra scene. :)
I think that although the "sex" scenes can be explicit.. many youngs ones will not een understand what is happeneing. therefore they will most likely over look them. The "sex" scenes only feature some skin and are not very detailed!

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