Lainey Gossips is reporting more Breaking Dawn script spoilers!  Vampire sex in the cottage, vampire Bella fighting Jacob and the wolves and the “battle”!   Granted, this is Lainey Gossips.   It’s not for certain, but Lainey has been right before.







Last week after Thanksgiving, on a sound stage in Louisiana, Stewart and Pattinson worked on the Vampire Sex Scenes that take place immediately after Bella gets turned. They’ve also shot some Christmas sequences. Pattinson’s had a few days off since last Thursday – today being the last – and Stewart had almost the same days off save one in the middle. Then they both resume shooting for the next week or so at the Cullen House where she’s pregnant and feeling like sh-t.

I like the tension between Bella and the wolves when she finds out Jacob has attached himself to her baby. She smacks him around. And then his wolf friends try to step in and she smacks them around too and everyone’s all like – oh Bella she’s so strong, roar.

You sappy types will enjoy some tender family moments between Bella and Edward and the child with the dumb name as they come together for the first time. Oh and backtracking for a minute, the movie is supposed to open with some loveness too as Bella “meets” Edward as a vampire and they bump hearts.

Read more after the break — and don’t say we didn’t warn you .. there is TONS of “OMG” after the break!!


K, so after the baby business they head over to the Cottage for what’s described as a “second honeymoon” with notes from the screenwriter that stress that this is to be VAMPIRE SEX and totally different from when they had sex before. Which basically means that they start mashing up against each other without restraint. Especially him. So there are a lot of accelerated motion quick cuts – him on top, then her on top, the camera’s speeding around them, they’re speeding around each other, like porn on 30x, legs and arms are whizzing by, at one point, a wall is smashed; she does it when she’s the aggressor, pinning him like he’s the weaker one, it’s his wrist that breaks the brick in the wall, until he throws her off, but landing on top of her, wildly and when I was reading this I kinda pictured mechanical monkeys but I think the close-ups on the face will make up for that. In between the quick edit speed sex, they’re supposed to zoom in on faces, all lusty and wanton and she puts her hands through his hair a lot.

Time passes.

Hours. Days.

Maybe weeks.

They’re so lost in the f-cking.

I like how it concludes. Limbs entwined on a chair in front of a fire. Specific instructions that they are not to look like human beings who’ve just had each other. Vampires do it like Victoria Beckham. Don’t mess with the makeup. No redness, no exertion, no flushing, no sweat. And then some pillow talk about how they can’t imagine how any other couple could be hotter and they could out jungle-sex Brad and Angelina. I may have made up the part about Brad and Angelina but that’s the general idea – that Bella and Edward think they’ve won the gold medal in f-cking. Then they f-ck some more. Now I’m told this was the intent. And the actors were all for it. They filmed it with this as their guide. But, well, there’s the issue of the author Meyer and whether or not she’ll agree to how erotic it is in the final edit.
Some people talk. Bella protects everyone. They talk some more. Then they make up and go away. Happily ever after.

You put that in a movie and you get eggs thrown at the screen.

There has to be more to keep the audience. And that’s what the audience will get.

This is a crucial spoiler. Be responsible with this spoiler when you post it on your own blogs. Please. And don’t yell at me about not wanting to be spoiled and reading it anyway. You were warned.


I’m told there will be a battle. You will “see” a battle. A vicious battle. And …


Some Cullens die. Wolves too. It’s total carnage.

If you know your sh-t, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how they manage this and what the conclusion will be. Good interpretation though, non? So that at least there’s suspense. We can talk about it some more on the LiveBlog next week. I’m happy to be more specific during the LiveBlog. We’ll open up the floor for 10 minutes to Twilight questions. See you then?



Thank You ;

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Comment by imalovinmyTaylor aka Mrs.Lautner on September 20, 2011 at 3:36pm
Well I have seen some leaks with Edward and bella in front of a fire after they were done and this might be right but Idk about the last part where she says some cullers die and crap....I sorta and don't believe her...
Comment by tricia newman on September 20, 2011 at 4:42pm

WHOA! Some Cullen's will DIE? I dont know if I should believe that! OMG I will die if CULLEN's DIE OMG

Comment by 1234 on September 20, 2011 at 7:30pm
LMFAO omg i was laughin my ass my off, ok anyways, wait, some CULLENS DIE....this doesnt seem i wont let that bother me because i mean there CANT be any cullen's dyin, only irina and shes not even a cullen but thats like bD part 2 or w.e, and yea theres some things i believe her on and some things i dont, so i wont let the things i dont believe her get to me
Comment by ashley ordiway on September 20, 2011 at 8:37pm

its a vision in the movie that alice and aro see so yes cullens die in the movie but thats old news. this was announced december 2010 lol keep up with the news peope here's a video of them talking about the death of bella edward carisle jane and aro

Comment by Amanda (Lady Starlight) on September 22, 2011 at 7:52am
Take it with a grain of salt... it may or may not be true. But why spoil the movie?


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