I took a deep, calming breath, filling my lungs with the clear, island air as I heard her soft footsteps approaching quietly through the sand on the beach. I knew that she would be next to me in the warm ocean water in mere moments, and I’d never felt less sure of myself in my entire life.

I’d promised her we would try, and I fully intended to make good on that promise. She’d met her end of the agreement, after all. It would be in bad taste for me to go back on it now, I thought wryly.

I thought back to that day in the clearing not too long ago when my resolve had been focused and clear. I love you. I want you. Right now, I’d told her with the absolute certainty of my entire being. I’d been so assured in that moment. It had been so abundantly clear that from the very moment I’d first laid eyes on her across the Forks High School cafeteria that it would culminate in this; that this, somehow, was the very reason that her blood was so devastatingly potent to me.

I attempted futilely to reach back through the space of time and recapture some of that steadfastness, but it eluded me now – on our honeymoon of all times, when such a thing would naturally be expected of me, as her husband, even had we not struck a deal.

I tried focusing on the words of encouragement Carlisle had given me when I’d told him of the bargain I’d made with Bella. Ever more confident in me than I deserved, he’d told me that if any vampire had the control necessary to safely copulate with a human, I did. He had faith in me.

I wasn’t entirely sure his confidence in me was warranted, however. I was petrified by the thought that I could very realistically hurt Bella, even kill her, in my passion. Especially now I had difficulty imagining that I could possibly… touch her… in the most intimate way conceivable and still maintain the control necessary to avoid inadvertently crushing her bones and damaging her internal organs. I was scared beyond measure of that possible outcome.

These thoughts darted through my brain in a matter of seconds. I heard a rustle of fabric, and my breathing hitched slightly as I realized she had just removed an article of clothing – a robe, perhaps?

I concentrated on breathing slowly and evenly as my wife – my wife – stepped into the water. My sudden stirrings of arousal at knowing that Bella was approaching me in all her naked glory warred for dominance over my fear for her safety.

Bella’s intoxicatingly familiar scents engulfed my senses: her hair, her skin, her blood. She had showered, and the crisp, flowery perfume of her shampoo and soap intermingled enticingly with her more natural aromas.

I can do this. I will not harm my Bella. I can give her what she wants – what I want, if I’m being honest with myself.

She was approaching more closely now, moving gradually and steadily as her body’s movements sent little ripples against mine while I stood frozen to the ocean floor, as still as a statue.

I concentrated on keeping my breathing steady and even as I stared unseeing at the moon over the endless black ocean. Absently I placed my hands, palms down, over the warm ripples as I anticipated her approach.

And then she was there, her heady perfume overwhelming my senses as she placed her hand lightly on top of mine in the water. Just that one soft caress of her flesh against mine was like an electric surge. I inhaled and exhaled quite deliberately and evenly. In my peripheral vision I could see her, as ghostly white as myself in the moonlight as her gaze rested on the oval orb in the midnight sky over the island. I tried not to focus on the fact that she was as nude as I was, standing beside me in the waist-deep water. I didn’t think I would be able to handle the sight of her naked breasts in all their perfection just yet.

I had to prepare myself.

“Beautiful,” she said quietly from her place by my side, and it took me a moment to realize she was talking about the moon.

I laughed inwardly, slightly amused that she could focus on the scenery at this moment, when all I could think about was the heat emanating from her body in waves next to mine; she was like fire, delicious, enticing fire that threatened to consume me at any moment.

“It’s all right,” I answered, keeping my voice as nonchalant as possible. Slowly, I turned toward her, being sure to keep my eyes focused on her face. Her chocolate brown eyes gazed up at me as I twisted her hand up in order to twine her small, delicate fingers in my marble ones. How frail she was. How utterly luscious and perfect, with her creamy, soft, porcelain-colored skin. Her cheeks were flushed slightly with her sweet blood.

I was suddenly and inexplicably overwhelmed by how alive she was.

“But I wouldn’t use the word beautiful,” I added. “Not with you standing here in comparison.” I kept my breathing steady in an attempt not to give away my trepidation.

Bella gave a little half-smile, looking not the least bit nervous as she raised a firm hand and placed it over my heart. Again, her touch felt like fire, causing me to shudder in an intense desire elicited by the sensation of her palm against my marble chest. My breathing became slightly more labored as I felt unexpectedly besieged by what we had agreed to do.

The fear rushed over me, clawing its way to the surface of my emotions as it fought for preeminence over my very human desire for her. “I promised we would try,” I whispered, unable to keep the tension out of my voice now. Where had my confidence from the meadow gone? I tried uselessly to draw some strength from that memory as my imagination ran wild with horrifying images of her broken, mangled body.

I can do this, I repeated once again to myself. It had become my mantra. Keep Bella safe.

“If… if I do something wrong,” I continued, “if I hurt you, you must tell me at once.” This was of the utmost importance. I couldn’t allow Bella, with her self-sacrificing nature, to endure pain in order to give me pleasure. My own pleasure was of no consequence. This was about Bella. Keeping her safe, first and foremost, was my priority, followed by giving her pleasure.

She nodded solemnly, her wide, chocolate eyes gazing up at me in a combination of desire and anticipation. She took another step forward and placed her head against my chest. My hypersensitive nostrils were assailed by the perfume of her hair. “Don’t be afraid,” she murmured against my skin, her breath sending little tingles of pleasure across my chest. “We belong together.”

I took a deep, shuddering breath as I wrapped my arms around her frail, human body, drawing her fully against me. I could feel the soft round mounds of her breasts and the hardened peaks of her nipples pressing against me, causing a surge of desire to shoot straight to my groin. I ignored my body’s reaction to her for the time being.

“Forever,” I agreed, and I meant it. I no longer had any reservations about making her one of us. Just please let her survive tonight, I prayed to God, hoping fervently that He existed as Carlisle believed.

Her body still pressed against mine, I drew us deeper into the water, stopping only when she was submerged to just below the curve of her creamy shoulders. It had been my intention that the warmth of the water would help her with the icy feel of my skin against hers. It seemed to have worked, because she wasn’t trembling as the length of my body pressed against hers. She merely gazed up at me, an anticipatory expression on her lovely features as she awaited my next move.

I pulled away from her slightly, finally allowing my gaze to take in her soft, succulent curves, visible to my enhanced vision even beneath the inky blackness. Even slightly distorted by the water, I could make out the swell of her small but perfectly rounded breasts, and the tiny, rose-colored peaks that stood at full attention.

Bella swallowed in nervous expectation, causing the vein on her jugular to swell slightly beneath the perfect flesh of her neck. I swallowed back the sudden venom that pooled in my mouth at the sight – the first time that had happened in response to her in a long time. Still, it wasn’t a concern. My desire for her blood wasn’t a threat to her any longer. It was my ability to maintain my control over my body that commanded my attention now.

I groaned in desire as I stepped back toward her now, lightly cupping one of those tempting breasts experimentally in my hand as I leaned down to capture her lips. I lazily drew one thumb over the peak of her nipple as she gasped repeatedly against my mouth, her tongue delving against mine unapologetically.

I moaned at her extreme reaction to my touch, bringing my second hand up to lightly knead at her other breast, my caresses gradually becoming slightly bolder as she responded to me.

After several moments of my slow ministrations she began thrusting her breasts into my hands and all but panted against my mouth in frustrated desire. “More, Edward,” she gasped against my lips, sucking my lower lip into her mouth as her words and her actions scent a fresh rush of desire coursing through my body. My erection throbbed against the hot flesh of her taut belly, as hard as steel, and I felt her hips thrusting against me ineffectually.

“Bella, you have no idea of the effect you’re having on me,” I breathed against her when she’d released my lip.

In response her fingers threaded into my hair almost roughly, and I met her fevered kisses as I pinched and twisted her nipples yet harder, all the while gauging her responses carefully. It was very difficult indeed to ignore my persistent desire as she moaned against me unabashedly.

I struggled to concentrate on applying the right amount of pressure to her breasts. I dreaded to think what might happen if I were to inadvertently apply too much pressure to her pliant flesh, mistakenly taking her gasps of pain as gasps of pleasure.

I pushed these horrifying thoughts to the edge of my mind, trying to focus my concentration on her pleasure.

She had one leg hitched over my hip now as she ground her belly against my erection impatiently. Her tiny hands had ceased their assault on my scalp, having slid out from around my neck and were trailing decidedly downward. She pulled away from me slightly, and I allowed her to do so as I continued to plant open-mouthed kisses on the tender underside of her jaw. Her flesh was immeasurably sweet beneath my tongue.

One hand still fondling at her breasts, I glided the other down the soft, velvety planes of her back, hesitantly bringing it to cup the curve of her luscious backside at the same moment that her hands reached my arousal.

“Bella!” I gasped loudly against her throat as her small, warm hands closed over my erection. Involuntarily my hips began thrusting into her warm hands as she pumped me eagerly.

“Is-is that right?” she whispered throatily. “Am I… touching you right?”

I groaned in answer, beyond coherency as she continued to stroke me. Burying my face in her neck, I roughly hitched her second leg over my hip with one hand while the other bunched against her backside. Effortlessly I hiked up her body until her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist as her hands moved to clasp around my neck. The hot, enticing heat of her opening now nestled irresistibly against the hard length of my erection.

Reaching between our bodies, I found her slick core, open and ready for me; practically pulsing with life as she bucked erratically against my hand while breathy, lusty gasps escaped her lips. I pulled my face from her neck, meeting her lust-riddled gaze. I was suddenly, overwhelmingly amazed by the intensity of the desire swimming in her eyes. Desire for me. For my body. She nodded almost imperceptibly, gasping erratically. “Please, Edward, I want it. Now,” she said, her voice slightly strained. I knew that she was, without a doubt, beyond ready.

“Remember what I said,” I whispered as my fears resurfaced through my desire. I was surprised by the ragged sound of my own voice. “If I hurt you…”

I saw her bite her lower lip. “A little pain’s to be expected,” she whispered in warning, her own voice ragged with unadulterated lust. “But I don’t care. I love you. I want you.” Her words were an unconscious echo of the words I’d spoken to her that day in the meadow.

“Just let me know if it’s too much,” I returned, tightening my hold on her buttocks as her legs tightened around my waist impatiently. I could feel her pulsing heat against my length as I gripped her backside, trembling as I did so and fighting to maintain control of my senses. Control, I reminded myself. This is going to be unbearably pleasurable, but you have to maintain control. Bella’s safety is your priority.

“Edward, my husband,” she breathed against my ear, and I was lost.

One tiny, miniscule thrust and I was buried in her body, my senses positively overwhelmed by her tight, wet heat squeezing me from all sides. I gasped in pleasurable shock at the feeling. I didn’t know… I never knew…

In the space of a second I understood why Emmett and Rosalie locked themselves in their room for hours at a time. I never could’ve guessed what this was actually like…

Finally… Bella… so good…

Around me her trembling limbs were causing the water to slosh slightly against our joined bodies. Bella was gasping loudly, her arms and legs locked around me in a death grip as her fingernails dug ineffectually against the armor-like flesh of my shoulders.

Focusing on her face through the pleasure-distorted haze gripping my being, the sight that greeted me would have frozen my heart in my chest if it hadn’t already been dead: Her face was screwed up in an unmistakable grimace of pain. She was whimpering, her breath ragged as she breathed brokenly and loudly through her nose.

“Bella?” I asked, panic abruptly seizing me as fear for her safety completely overrode my own pleasure. I had a sudden, horrifying mental image of her wasted womb, torn to shreds by my cold, inhuman organ. Humans and vampires aren’t meant to mate.

These thoughts flitted through my mind in the space of a microsecond. I was on the verge of pulling out of her body, self-disgust that I’d ever agreed to this in the first place already seeping into my mind, when I felt her legs lock around my hips with a renewed vehemence.

“J-just give me a second,” she said in a strained voice. “Just… getting used… to you,” she gasped. “I told you… some pain is normal.”

I was unconvinced, but I held stock-still, my feet glued to the ocean floor as the water sloshed gently around us. Gradually, I felt her clenched muscles relax slightly. “O-okay,” she whispered, leaning in to kiss me reassuringly. “Please,” she added more firmly, breaking the kiss. “You can move now… slowly,” she whispered, her chocolate eyes wide.

“Are you sure?” I whispered. I was scared to move. What if she was wrong and this was more than the normal pain experienced by a human female during first-time sex? What if I’d hurt her more than she realized, or more than she was letting on?

“Yes… please.” Her legs had locked around my waist yet tighter, and she was nudging my backside impatiently with her heels while her hands clutched at the back of my neck.

I chuckled lightly at her impatience, forcing myself to relax as I placed my hands gently on her hips, and I slowly began moving her along my length. Lazily I guided her body up and down my arousal, marveling at the hot, slick, and overpoweringly sensual feel of her. This was exceedingly more pleasurable than I ever could have imaginably conceived. It was certainly worlds away from the solo pleasure I had frequently begun indulging in since meeting her. She was certainly more exquisitely, deliciously tight than my wildest fantasies had ever envisioned.

Bella was groaning, but this time the sounds issuing from her throat were decidedly different; they were undeniably moans of erotic pleasure, and just knowing that I was causing those sexy little gasps that were spilling from her lips was the most potent, heady aphrodisiac imaginable.

“Faster, Edward,” she moaned, throwing her head back in pleasure as she ground her pelvis against mine.

I gasped raggedly as I felt her tight muscles clench around me powerfully in her impatience. I complied more than willingly. Readjusting my hands on her hips, I practically slammed her body against mine while she moaned her pleasure. (A removed part of my brain, however, maintained constant control over the amount of pressure I was applying to her body.) The ocean water sloshed wildly against us now, but I hardly noticed.

“O-oh, Edwaard,” she was groaning as she pressed lusty, impassioned kisses to my throat, my chest, my lips. Once more she drew my lower lip into her mouth, this time biting down. While her bite had no effect on my impenetrable flesh it was nevertheless wildly erotic. Impassioned, I thrust her body against mine yet more vigorously and was rewarded by her high-pitched, increasingly loud gasps of pleasure.

I planted kisses against her exposed flesh erratically as the pleasure began to build in my body to a fever pitch. As I was completely inexperienced, I’d known beforehand that I probably wouldn’t be able to last very long. Emmett had had certain suggestions as to what I could do in advance so that I would be capable of ‘living up to her expectations,’ but I’d found the idea of masturbating in the bathroom while Bella waited in the next room to be not only grossly unappealing, but highly inappropriate as well.

I needn’t have worried, however. I watched her face as her mouth opened in a perfectly round ‘oh,’ her eyes going as wide as saucers in her lovely face as her legs clamped against my buttocks. And then she screamed my name; it spilled repeatedly from her lips as the muscles of her sex abruptly and spastically began clenching around my length, pumping me for all I was worth.

And then the sensation of her muscles contracting around me became unbearable. I growled loudly, my face once more burying against her neck as I felt my lower stomach muscles clench with my own impending release. A guttural scream ripped through the night air, and a removed part of my brain was aware that it must be my own. All I knew with certainty, however, was that I was violently, forcefully releasing myself into her body; my seed was filling her womb in thick spurts as I pulsed inside her while her clenching walls continued to milk me relentlessly.

And then my vision went momentarily black. I wasn’t aware of anything but the thrumming beat of her heart against me and the rush of blood through her veins as I continued to cry out my release. I was floating in a way that was completely disconnected from reality.

I’m not sure how much time passed, but suddenly, gradually, I became aware of Bella’s fingers in my hair, and I realized she was whispering something in my ear in a placating manner.

“It’s okay, Edward, shhh, it’s okay,” her sweet voice was murmuring against my ear.

And that’s when I became aware that I was whimpering slightly, and I knew with absolute certainty that if I were capable of crying that in that moment I would be. I was wholly and completely overwhelmed by the act that Bella and I had just performed; it was an act as old as time itself, but I felt like I’d discovered a secret, utterly precious and sacred treasure.

“Bella….” I whispered, snapping back to reality. “Are you… did I hurt you?”

“What? No, no, Edward, that was… you were…” – she took a deep, shuddering breath – “wow.” The expression on her face echoed the sentiment.

I blinked as I abruptly became aware of my surroundings again. Bella’s delicate arms were wrapped around me, and our bodies were no longer connected. She was standing on her own two feet on the ocean floor, dark waves rippling gently against her shoulders as she gazed at me, concern written on her lovely features.

“Wow, indeed,” I breathed.

“Edward, are you all right? You sort of… spaced on me for a minute there.”

I couldn’t help but smile in amusement at her concern. The fact that she was worried about me after what we’d just done…

“I’m fine, love. Decidedly more than fine, in fact. I think ‘ecstatic’ may be an appropriate sentiment, although I don’t believe it accurately encompasses all the intense emotions elicited–”

And then she was kissing me, effectively shutting me up as her tongue passionately delved into my mouth. Her arms were squeezing me with all their frail, human might, and in that moment I was suddenly, unbearably overwhelmed by the unfathomable love we shared. I had just made love with my Bella, and she was alive and evidently uninjured.

“Thank you, Edward,” she was murmuring against my ear now. “Thank you for that. You don’t know how much I… needed that.”

Oh, I think I could hazard a guess, I thought in amusement. “Beautiful Bella,” I murmured, placing a tender kiss against her plump lips, swollen from our kisses. “Absurd Bella. My wife, my love, it’s I who should be thanking you.”

“I love you, Edward,” she said suddenly, her hands pressed against either side of my face as she gazed intently into my eyes.

“As I love you,” I responded, tightening my arms around her body as I placed a warm kiss to the top of her tousled, wet hair. “You realize, of course,” I added, “it would be quite disappointing to Esme if we didn’t make use of the lovely beds provided specifically for our convenience.”

“Of course,” she replied, her eyes widening in innocent concern. “I would hate to disappoint Esme, seeing as how she was generous enough to offer us use of her island.” She indicated the beach behind us with a broad sweep of her arm.

In the space of a heartbeat I had swept her up and into my arms and was carrying her swiftly and easily through the water.

“I don’t think I gave you a proper… tour… of the house earlier, Mrs. Cullen.”

“Oh?” she asked, one eyebrow raised playfully. “And which portion of the tour was to your dissatisfaction, Mr. Cullen?”

“Hmm… I don’t think that telling you will suffice. I suppose I’ll simply have to show you.”

In mere moments we were inside the house, and Bella was tucked warmly beneath the comforter of the large, white bed. She was nestled in a plush terrycloth robe, which I’d wrapped her in to stifle her uncontrollable shivering that had begun the moment we’d exited the ocean.

I now lay next to her under the covers, making sure to avoid skin contact with her lest my marble flesh made her yet colder still.

“Edward?” she said lazily after several moments had passed.

“Yes, Bella?”

“I think I’m warm now,” she said with a teasing smile, bringing one finger up to lightly trace the curve of my bicep. In the moonlight her hand was just as incandescently white as my own flesh.

I shivered pleasurably at her touch, the all-too-recent memory of what it felt like to be sheathed in her slick, tight heat resonating in my preternatural brain. Now that I knew I was capable of making love with Bella without killing her I was eager to have her again.

However, I knew that complacency was a dangerous thing indeed. I couldn’t let my guard down no matter how secure I may feel. With a slight twinge of discomfort I remembered the momentary darkness that had enveloped me the instant I had begun to climax. I could very easily have injured her during that brief lapse of control.

“I’m still alive, y’know,” she said suddenly as if she had been following my line of thought. She had her head propped up by one had as she faced me, a teasing smile gracing her kissable lips.

I inched closer to her, craving the sweet warmth of her body as I reached out one finger to trail along the sloping curve of her flushed cheek. “Yes, I noticed.”

“So far so good, then.”

I returned her smile in wry amusement. “Yes, so far so good.” Suddenly her enticing lips were a mere inch from mine.

And then we closed the short distance. I was kissing her eagerly, my hungry lips seeking hers with an intense fervor. Having had her once, I was suddenly, overwhelmingly besieged by my desire to have her yet again. Her skin on my skin was the sweetest, most intense, passionately extraordinary feeling in the world.

I knew, in that moment, that there was a reason I had almost died in 1918; a reason that Carlisle had discovered me on my deathbed at the time when he’d most desperately needed a companion; a reason that until meeting Bella Swan the charms of no other woman had ever once commanded my attention; a reason that I had been so intensely attracted to the scent of Bella’s blood on that day our eyes had met across the cafeteria...

It all clicked into place in my brain. Bella had said it herself earlier: Don’t be afraid. We belong together.

The truth of those words were so blatantly obvious that I was floored by the idea that our meeting when we had had been no mere coincident. Fate, or God, had undoubtedly had a hand in these events, I thought almost hysterically. Perhaps Carlisle’s right, and we’re not damned after all. The thought gave me hope for Bella and her soul.

As these thoughts flashed through my mind our tongues began dueling with a newfound passion. My hand wandered up the decadent, silky curve of her hip beneath the comforter where the robe was parted. Her luscious skin was fire beneath my touch. I was abruptly riddled by an insatiable desire to explore her body in a way I had been unable to do before, when we’d made love in the ocean.

My hand traced its way up her ribcage, memorizing each ridge of bone beneath the creamy flesh; each tiny, sporadically-placed freckle of her flawless skin. My hand found the firm-but-soft mound of her perfectly rounded breast, squeezing gently and marveling at the way her rosy nipple responded to my touch, tightening to a hardened peak.

We groaned simultaneously. “I could get used to this,” she murmured breathily, and I couldn’t agree more. And here I’d thought that the taste of her blood must be like heroin to a human… it was nothing – absolutely nothing to this.

Pushing the comforter off her body, I reveled in the smooth expanse of velvety skin exposed through the opening in her robe. My hand trembling absurdly, I pushed the material off her shoulders, leaving her body bare and exposed in all its perfect, creamy glory beneath my lust-induced perusal.

Her skin was pure silk. Delectable, delicious, and ridiculously enticing. She was absolute perfection.

I saw her face flush slightly at my unapologetic scrutiny, and I could smell the perfume of her blood as it rushed in her veins.

I resumed my exploration of her body, concentrating on her other breast as she continued to pant and moan beneath my ministrations. She was squirming uncomfortably, the smell of her arousal permeating the very air of the bedroom as she lifted one leg, draping it over my hip as her hands trailed up and down my back.

I could feel the heat of her wet core against the most sensitive area of my body, and I responded to her immediately, my already-erect organ growing almost painfully hard. It would be so easy to pull her over my body, allowing her to slide her slick tightness over the steel of my erection.

However, I wanted to take things a bit more slowly this time. I wanted to savor this slow, torturous exploration of her body until the memory was etched irrevocably and permanently into my preternatural brain.

“You can’t imagine how many times I’ve fantasized about touching you like this, Bella,” I murmured, pinching one nipple and causing her to yelp in astonished pleasure.

She thrust her hips against mine in reaction, causing my erection to slide against her wet, hot folds. “R-really?” she stammered.

I chuckled lightly at her response. “Oh, yes. Most definitely.” My gaze trailed up and down her body before coming to rest once more on her breasts. Leaning over her, I enclosed one taut peak in my eager lips, my tongue swirling experimentally over that sensitive bud.

“Oh, God, Edward,” she gasped, gripping my hair as she thrust her breasts eagerly against my mouth while my tongue savored the sweet, indescribable flavor of her skin.

Suckling Bella’s breasts was definitely something I’d thought about doing on more than one occasion. All those nights spent in her bedroom at Charlie’s, watching her sleep… My mind had wandered in decidedly not-so-innocent directions as I’d watched her breathing evenly while deep in sleep, studying the way her nipples peaked beneath her thin camisole tops.

Many mornings after leaving her to attend to my ‘personal needs,’ I would most definitely attend to my personal needs.

Bella had no idea how much self-control it had taken for me to resist the temptation of her body on so many occasions – particularly on the night she had agreed to become my wife; the night she’d quite deliberately attempted to seduce me. What she didn’t know was how very little on her part it would have taken to break down my defenses entirely. With a little more persistence, she could very easily have gotten her way that night. I was a man, after all, and she was a ridiculously enticing, sweet-smelling female.

I pulled away from her breasts abruptly, the intoxicating aroma of her heavy arousal once more commanding my attention and drawing me to another area of her anatomy. Pulling away from her slightly, I gently drew her leg away from my hip as I slowly parted her trembling thighs. Eagerly, she shifted to where she was lying flat on her back as I leaned over her, my eyes hungrily seeking the alluring slit between her legs.

My lustful gaze consumed this particular area of her body that had starred in the majority of my fantasies.

Beneath me Bella was trembling, and the look in her heavy-lidded, desire-filled eyes told me she was both embarrassed yet eager to see what my next move would be.

Moving my gaze back to her center, I could see the heady, intoxicating moisture of her arousal glinting in the dark hairs of her folds. The distinguished scent of Bella’s arousal was one I’d caught on many occasions, always in response to me. It was a fascinating human reaction, particularly from my Bella.

Wordlessly I shifted my weight on the mattress, parting her thighs even further. I studied her sex more closely in the moonlight as her scent hit my nostrils full-on. I was beyond aroused, and the temptation to climb back up her body and thrust my length into her heat was bordering on irresistible.

I breathed deeply, inhaling her enticing scent. And then slowly I reached out one hand, brushing her pink little clitoris with my thumb experimentally.

She gasped my name brokenly, her hips thrusting up off the bed, and I smiled at this reaction my touch had elicited in her. “Mmm… you smell good, Bella,” I murmured.

“Smell good how?” she breathed.

I chuckled. “You are positively absurd,” I said as I took one finger and slid it languidly the entire length of her soaking-wet slit. She shuddered and moaned beneath me, her hips thrusting against my touch instinctively. And then, ever-so-slowly, I dipped my finger into her hot, wet opening. Immediately, her muscles clamped around me, and I was amazed that my organ had been able to fit into her sex as easily as it had. She was unbelievably tight.

Once more, her body arched up off the bed, one hand tangling in her brown locks while her eyes rolled back in her head. Her breasts were enticing mounds as they strained, and I watched, fascinated, as she brought one hand to her breast, pinching her own nipple.

I gasped, and I felt like I might ejaculate right then and there. She was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

Suddenly inspired, I withdrew my finger from her body, and very slowly and deliberately placed it in my mouth, savoring the juices of her arousal. The flavor was distinctively Bella, and not entirely unlike blood – delicious and sweet, but slightly on the tangy side.

For the second time that evening my mouth flooded with venom and the back of my throat burned. It was relatively easy to ignore, however. I had that part of me under complete control.

“Can you show me, Bella?” I whispered. “Show me how to touch you?”

Her eyes widened in surprised embarrassment as she gaped at me in shock over my request. I saw her face tinge with blood, and I could smell it quickening in her veins. “Are you – are you serious?” she sputtered.

“Very,” I assured her with a smile. “Please? I want to know exactly how you like to be touched… for future reference.”

I watched as her mouth parted slightly, her breathing increasing exponentially in excitement. Tentatively, she slid her hand down her flat belly, hesitating as she reached the apex between her thighs. Her eyes were locked onto mine, a mixed expression of arousal and embarrassment on her lovely features. However, she also looked eager to please me.

“That’s right, sweetheart,” I whispered encouragingly, leaning back to get a better view. “Do it for me.”

She parted her legs further still, affording me an excellent view of her enticing center as she pulled her knees up. Without further hesitation, her eyes locked on mine in an expression of utmost trust as she snaked her fingers through her dark curls. And then she began lightly stroking that pink bud nestled just above her opening.

The sight of Bella pleasuring herself for me was almost more than I could bear. It was the most exotic, not to mention erotic, sight I’d ever seen in my life. She was panting slightly as she increased the pace, and it was very obvious to me that Bella wasn’t new to pleasuring herself.

“Do you ever touch yourself while thinking of me, Bella?” I whispered, voicing a question that I’d wanted to ask many times in the past. Before this moment it had seemed… an ungentlemanly question to ask of a young lady. Now, however, it seemed more than appropriate.

“Yes,” she breathed, panting outright now, as her fingers stroked her clitoris at a rapid, expert pace.

Unbearably aroused myself, I reached down, grasping my own arousal in a firm grip next to her on the mattress. Her eyes were trained on me in lust-filled fascination as I stroked myself in time to the rhythm of her fingers on her clitoris.

“Does this turn you on?” I growled, my voice raspy with lust.

“Yes, Edward,” she moaned, her eyes wide as she stared at the tip of my erection where a drop of my venom-laced semen lingered. I watched as she licked her lips in evident lust and I groaned, stroking myself more rapidly. But I didn’t want to orgasm this way. I wanted…

“Edward…” Bella said urgently, now reaching her arms out to me in desperation, and I needed no further motivation.

In the space of a heartbeat I was on top of her, my erection nestled against her hot core as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I entered her swiftly and assuredly, and already I could feel her slick heat pulsing around me as she climaxed abruptly, her body stiffening as my name tore from her lips in a litany – “Edward, Edward, Edward,” she groaned loudly. Her face was buried in my neck as she continued to pulse around me, pushing me toward my own release.

I pumped into her pliant body rapidly while a removed part of my brain concentrated on applying just the right amount of pressure to avoid hurting her.

So much for a slow exploration of her body, I thought as I hitched my arms beneath her legs, hiking them over my shoulders. I pumped into her deeply from this new angle, capturing her lips roughly as I inched closer to orgasm.

Bella continued to pant and moan my name while throwing her head back against the pillows in apparent bliss. That’s when I once again caught sight of the pulsing blue vein in her throat; I growled lowly, overcome by my passion as I suddenly grabbed her forearms, pinning them securely above her head.

And then I was releasing my seed violently; it spurted into her womb for the second time that night. As I roared my climax the venom simultaneously pooled in my mouth, and unthinkingly I pressed my lips to that enticing blue vein.

I was groaning in ecstasy as I continued to spill my fluids into her body; my throat was burning with the familiar hunger for her blood that I hadn’t felt this acutely in a long while. Indeed, until this night I had convinced myself that I had been cured of it completely. My world tilted, my vision going hazy once again for an indeterminate amount of time.

When reality once more seeped into my brain and my vision attempted to refocus, I held my breath, fully expecting to see her lifeless, mangled body as she bled from a gaping wound in her throat. Or perhaps I expected to see her crushed and ruined beneath me – a broken porcelain doll, tossed aside and yet still beautiful.

However, when my eyes were finally able to focus, the sight that greeted me was that of a contented smile gracing her beautiful face. Feathers were everywhere – sticking in her hair and covering the silk of her skin, and I realized that I’d bitten the very pillow upon which her head rested, very close to her delicate throat.

“I love you,” she breathed as her eyes fluttered closed. The life pulsed through her very being, emanating from her in waves. Alive. She was so very alive.

“I love you, too,” I whispered into her ear, but I could tell from the even pattern of her breathing that she was already asleep. “So much,” I added quietly.

Gently, I pulled myself out of her body, repositioning her prone figure across my chest as I prepared to spend the remainder of the early morning watching her and contemplating the events of the past couple of hours.

As the morning sun began to rise over Isle Esme, so did my self-disgust and revulsion over the nature of what I was.

For when the first morning rays touched her fair skin I noticed the fresh bruises, purplish-blue and tarnishing her perfect flesh.


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Comment by Becky on December 19, 2009 at 12:42pm
whoa! that certainly sets the pulse racing
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okay... that was WOW! who wrote that??
Comment by Faviola Gabrielle Caldera on December 20, 2009 at 12:14pm
That was something....
Comment by ♥KittyLovesBlack♥ on December 24, 2009 at 1:08am
OME!!!!! that was hot, who would thought Edward did that, and Bella mastu...... wow


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