The other day I was reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, I was curious about the Red Eyes or the human drinking vampires,Suddenly as i looked through the Red Eyes of the young vampire I found Myself,A proud member of the team jacob community drifting off into team volturi.I have been a solid team jacob fan since before twilight became popular.But the amazing story of betrayal,terror and trepidation, had me mezmerized but after i regained sanity i realized i found the cullens pathetic for going against nature and hunting animals. But my reviews on the book,The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner are great it shows that vampires are like humans in so many emotional ways. The love Bree felt for diego was tremindous, There arn't many books where the main characters die which normaly makes me upset to know the ending.But this books was full of bewilderment,and kept you pondering on the inexplicable Fred's,dissolution.I give stephenie's short novella two thumbs up.

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Comment by Melissa Connelly on August 23, 2010 at 3:35pm
As a member of Team Switzerland before Twilight became popular, I have to disagree with the Cullens Are Pathetic thing.
Carlisle's trait is him being compassionate. He knew that there was another way, a humane way, when he was a newborn because when he was changing, Carlisle hid until he was done transforming. When he woke, he was thirsty. The closest form of blood nearby was a deer's and so he drank it dry. He then realised that this was the best way to go and a Christian way, too. I'm not meaning to bring religion into this, but in his human life he was the son of a priest who probably had strong morals.
Esme is a lover, a mother. When she drinks human blood, she feels instantly bad because that human is someone's child. Emotions overcome thirst.
Jasper can feel the pain of his victim. He can feel the white-hot venom running through his victim's veins through his power. That's a turn-off when drinking blood.
Edward, obviously, can hear the thoughts of his victim. Once again: turn-off.
Alice is Alice. She can see the future and she knows of the problems beforehand that might come if she drinks a human.
Rosalie is constantly trying to prove herself because she didn't meet her goals in her human life. She wants to know that abstaining can show how strong she really is.
Emmett is like Rose, except his human life was probably decent.

Each of the family members are doing this for Carlisle because they don't want to disappoint him.
They aren't pathetic.
Comment by Gillian Lee Black on August 24, 2010 at 4:07pm
I didnt mean that as a insult to the cullens i think carlise is cute but if u think like a vampire i mean a red eyed vamp you think that is stupid because it would be so much easier just to hunt humans and a proud member of team jacob i think back to twilight when jake said that carlisle's coven was bigger than ephraim's pack and if carlisle wasnt compassinate as he was he and his coven would have killed the pack leading to NO JACOB!!!!!!! thats enough to make my chest hurt i meant no offense and its nice to meet another fan that was a fan before everyone else. friends?


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