Bryce Dallas Howard On The Tonight Show!

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Comment by imaGINAtion on June 27, 2010 at 9:52am
~Even tho' I still am a HUGE Rachelle "Victoria" fan, I still can't believe she will not be completing her character in what would have been her 3rd and final spotlight. And thanks to Summit we were never going to get her back for Elipse. So, I do kinda feel bad for Bryce.....Who on this earth was ever going to really be able to fill Rachelle's shoes completely? -NO ONE, period. So I won't judge until I see the movie, but from what clips we have been able to see so far, Bryce's action scenes look great, I just don't like the big red hair (wig) on her face it's gonna get some taking used to I think!!
And as for a person/mother/wife/daughter Bryce seems so cool and down to earth, poor thing to be thrown to the wolves like she was so quickly for this movie...[no pun intended wolfpack!!! well, mayyybe just a little!] :)
~Pretty good interview with Jay I'd have to say!
Comment by WillyNilly on June 27, 2010 at 11:21am
I think Bryce is ten times better then Rachelle!
She is an amazing actress!
Comment by LoveDrunk4RobPattz on June 27, 2010 at 12:35pm
Though I was sad to see Rachelle go.. I think that Bryce is a beautiful replacement for the role. I don't think she has to fill Rachelle's shoes & its really sorta insane for people to expect that. Why are we still throwing tantrums over the replacement of a character that said so very little. I have said this time & time again.. the 1st movie was the only reason Victoria had a bigger part.. because she was only in the story towards the end of the book. In the movie she had like 3 lines.. and New Moon she had none.. come on ppl.. Bryce brings a lot to the character. I think that she is so graceful and sensitve to the situation when asked about it. PPL need to start giving her some credit & GET OVER IT! GOOOO BRYCE HOWARD!


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