Carter Burwell emits “Love Death Birth” on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN Pt.1



Check out this cool article that Soundtracks Examiner posted about Carter Burwell and  “Love Death Birth”.


Ever since he was confirmed to return to the TWILIGHT film series after a near three-year absence, the rumor mill has been aflutter as to how Carter Burwell was going to attack the score for the BREAKING DAWN dual-film conclusion.

Will he continue what he started with TWILIGHT? Will he take into account the amazing work his successors Alexandre Desplat and Howard Shore achieved with NEW MOON and ECLIPSE respectively? Or will he evolve into a new beast entirely?

Arranged as a three-movement suite, “Love Death Birth” is a cascading aural autobiographical sketch of Bella’s growth through the series. It is at once a coming-of-age modal poem and a resolution that anchors the past while reaching toward the future.

Piano and gentle strings are the mainstay instruments through the track, though others make guest appearances, which speaks not only to the genius of Burwell’s minimalism but also confirms that the roots of the original TWILIGHT score are ever-present (without the ominous weightiness that consumed tracks like “Humans Are Predators Too,” “The Skin of a Killer” and “Nomads”). It is simple, concise, and deeply romantic.

The first part, which we will call “Love,” kicks off with a mournful, hesitant piano lick that becomes enveloped with strings, as though fearing what would happen if/when Bella plunged full-bore into the pool of love. The tumult of passion, frustration, and animalistic passion is heightened by the addition of percussion, and low-end, Zimmer-ish strings, as she becomes awash in the good, bad and ugly associated with the diamond-like facets of love. However, the storm soon settles into a soothing, warm embrace of piano and violins.

The passage sways into the “Death” segment with the mild pop piano sensibility previously associated with “Take My Hand” from the end credits of the 1984 sci-fi film DUNE (but only for a few seconds). As the acoustic guitar accompaniment arouses an earthen communion with nature, it quickly becomes apparent that “Death” in this sense is not closure, finality, or something to be dreaded.

Rather, it is a transition, or metamorphosis from one state of being to another; representing the choices Bella has made in life and coming to terms with her own “spirit path,” so to speak. It is a celebration of finding one’s self and knowing that, although change can cause a bit of pain, one must continue to look forward and never dwell in the past.

“Birtharrives with the familiar descending piano riff previously indicative of “Bella’s Lullaby,” as heard throughout the first TWILIGHT score. The cue begins gently and yet with an air of uncertainty (accentuated by nomadic chimes), questioning whether or not she has made the right choices, though it is now too late to change them. It is a dark means of introducing a piece called “Birth,” but like “Death,” there are several ways to view the term.

“Birth” can be the concrete introduction of new life, or it can imply the ownership of a “new skin” or a new direction/outlook on life. The piano mingles with the strings as the track progresses, indicating an emerging strength of character, resolving that Bella is a better person for having made those decisions. She has learned from her mistakes and grown out of pain and holds her head high as the music whispers to a close with a sustained, single-note, sublime fearlessness, edging toward the unknown future.


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Comment by Sarah Anaya aka Cookie Monster ! on November 9, 2011 at 6:40am

Oh shi*

I hear Bella's Lullaby there towards  the end of this. I guess it become's more of Renesmee's since the score title is Lovedeathbirth . I love it all the same a bit haunting and romantic. I loved alexander desplat's score but Carter's Lullaby always stuck with me <3

Comment by Debi on November 9, 2011 at 6:45am

When the FB page for BD 1 had the free soundtrack weekend, I first heard this song and just fell in love with it!!  The addition of Bella's lullaby (the melody tht ALWAYS make me feel "Twilightish") makes it simply fantastic!!!!  Love Carter Burwell.  I am so glad that he is scoring the last movies!!

Comment by ClumsyVampireGirl on November 9, 2011 at 8:54am

Nice! I hear Bella's Lullaby at the 4:54 mark.. Lovely piece as always..


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