Everyone is all up-in-arms about the supposed possibility of Disney actors auditioning for New Moon. Yeah, maybe a couple of them are, but in my opinion, I doubt they're even being considered.

I'll admit it. I like Brenda Song. She's perky and adorable. Yeah, I'm not a kid anymore, but I tune into the Disney channel every once in a while, and I really like watching her host Disney's 'Pass the Plate'. But COME ON, PEOPLE! Brenda being considered for Leah? The CD is smarter than that. If you go here (where Lana Veenker talks about the rules of NM casting), you'll notice that she mentions a company that was hired to cast Native Americans. A separate casting company has been hired to cast NATIVE AMERICANS. And heck, if their Native American resources end up getting tapped out and they STILL haven't found the perfect actors for a few pack roles, then they'll go on to people that look Native American. Now, look at Brenda Song. Beautiful, lovely, chipper Brenda Song. Does she even look remotely Native American? No.

So on to Vanessa Hudgens, shall we? She's darker skinned than Brenda and doesn't have the Asian eyes (though she's part Filipino). To anybody that's either indifferent about authenticity or is just ignorant, that might put her in the running for Leah, right? Can't argue with that. Maybe if the casting company gets desperate...

Don't even get me started about Selena Gomez, who was suggested as being the next target in a tounge-in-cheek article that I'll have to find when the argument calls for it...

A while back, when Twilight had been in theaters for a few weeks and people were beginning to set their sights on the excitement of New Moon, somebody made a good point about the casting: Would anybody more famous than Robert or Kristen be given a part in New Moon? I mean, c'mon. Ben Barnes and Johnny Depp are two EXCELLENT men to consider for Aro, right? Yum. But the poster didn't think either would ever genuinely be considered.

Twilight isn't a movie that NEEDS cameos from famous people. It doesn't need the excitement of Johnny Depp. It doesn't need the brilliance of Gary Oldman. (No rumors have been directed at him, by the way. I just would love to see him in the franchise. :D) Twilight, in itself, has ENOUGH fans to pack the theaters for weeks on end. How many times could the stack of Breaking Dawn books reach Mt. Everest in its so many first weeks of US sales? Hm? Five? Eight? I can't remember, but that is STILL a lot! (It was probably three or something, knowing my luck.)

Catherine, though she won't be returning for the subsequent films, started a great thing that I hope Weitz, Rosenberg, and the casting agents will continue: she hired people that weren't incredibly well known. That gave Twilight a fresh feel, and I don't think they'll be selling out to big name actors anytime soon. After all, they only added 20mil more to their NM budget. Summit's being stingy.

Bringing this entry back full-circle, a lot of the casting possibilities that are popping up on the web are RUMORS. Remember how just a few days before the official announcement, everyone was so sure that Michael Copon was going to be cast as Jacob? Even he thought his fate was secured. EW (whom, I've heard, is VERY reliable) said that his rep admitted they hadn't even been approached for the role. As for Brenda's and Vanessa's NM fate, Yahoo!News has covered that, saying that reps for both have claimed that they've not been contacted. I'm not sure how reliable Yahoo!News is, but I'm rather inclined to believe the statement.

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Comment by Joanne on January 9, 2009 at 2:46pm
Thank you for posting this blog, for two reasons. 1. Due to living in England, not getting Disney Channel, nor liking the HSM films, I knew practically nothing about Brenda Song and Venessa Hudgens - and therefore didn't really have much of an opinion on them. Now I do know more, and what you say about them seems pretty right to me. 2. I never really thought of it, but you're right, they wouldn't cast anyone too famous, it just wouldn't fit. You've made some good points, and I agree with you :)
Comment by Amber Pederson on January 9, 2009 at 2:57pm
Haha. Thank you. I think I spent all of my rumor tolerance on the Michael vs. Taylor panic. xD It just doesn't seem logical that they'd cast or consider Disney stars.
Comment by Alison Genet on January 9, 2009 at 4:01pm
Comment by Aimee on January 9, 2009 at 7:47pm
"The Not So Sweet Life of High School Musical Does Forks"
Comment by Amber Pederson on January 9, 2009 at 7:57pm
LOL, Aimee! Vanessa breaks out into song as Leah and whines about possibly being infertile.


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