Next Movie’s "Confessions of a Male Twilhard is filling out a fantasy cast for the remake of "Twilight." Movie in the future...Check out his choices for who could play Edward and Bella, Jacob & The Cullens in a twilight reboot in 10 years or so.....


Bella Swan: Suri Cruise

This is the obvious choice, right? The offspring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will surely grow up to be beautiful... and no doubt weird and kind of anti-social. She'll be the perfect Bella!

Edward Cullen: Knox Jolie-Pitt

The only people on earth who have better beauty genes than Suri Cruise are the Jolie-Pitt pups. Bella has to be attractive but the man who plays Edward has to be even more beautiful to make Bella seem like "another girl next door" at first glance. Knox, get ready to follow your parents into acting.

Jacob Black: Mateo Bravery Bratt

His father Benjamin Bratt is half-Quechua, an indigenous ethnic group to Peru, so Mateo may be even more perfect to play a Quileute than Taylor Lautner, who seems shady of his "distant" Native-American ancestry.

Emmett Cullen – Cruz Beckham

Cruz will definitely have to take after his father more than his mother to pull this off. A waif-thin Emmett won't work out. His lineage definitely suggests he will be meaty though, even if he is British.

Alice Cullen – Matilda Ledger

Matilda's mother Michelle Williams has always had that "wise-beyond-her-years" vibe. With the tragedy of her father's death surrounding her early life, no doubt Matilda will have a deep emotional well to pull from. She'll be perfect as the all-knowing Alice.

Rosalie Cullen – Apple Martin

How can the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin not be a bit rebellious? She's already dyed her hair pink! So long as she doesn't start writing Goop Jr., she could be just what a Rosalie needs.

Jasper Cullen – Pilot Inspektor Lee

He's the son of Jason Lee, a Scientologist and has a name not even Frank Zappa would bestow on his children. Pilot Inspektor is going to have plenty of practice at looking strange and looming in the corner. That's priceless training for a Jasper.

Esme Cullen – Abigail Breslin

Between "Zombieland" and "Little Miss Sunshine," Breslin has already enjoyed a great run. But few child stars make it through the woods of adulthood and my money is on Chloe Moretz as the one who makes it from this generation. By the time this remake happens, Breslin may be stoked for this supporting role.

Carlisle Cullen – Jett Good

Look into this kid's pale eyes and just try not to get lost in the eerie serenity of them. I would totally buy him as a wise father of moral vampires.

Click hereto see his choices for the rest of the cast 


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Comment by Kristen Kimber Colichia on September 12, 2012 at 1:52pm

:p....isn't a pretty picture

Comment by BB Cullen on September 12, 2012 at 7:50pm
Haha!! No.... Lol but still No!! :p


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